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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers -- Minor 49er

2/1/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers didn't always have green and gold running through his veins -- some revealing yearbook pics prove he used to be a fan of the San Francisco 49ers!!!

We've obtained photos of Rodgers from his Pleasant Valley HS (Chico, CA) senior yearbook -- where he was naturally voted "Most Athletic" ... and also got one of those embarrassing, yet heartwarming dedication pages from his family.

In one of the photos -- young Aaron is decked out in San Francisco 49er gear and proudly holding up his team pennant.

Fun fact -- SF passed over Aaron Rodgers in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft ... and picked Alex Smith instead. Good choice, San Fran.

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Picking Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers is like picking Adam Lambert over Jackie Wilson.

1360 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Mike Nolan(49ers coach at the time) said Alex Smith had the greatest workout EVER before the draft. What a genius.

1360 days ago


Hard-hitting reporting right here. Aaron's been telling everyone for years that he grew up a huge Niners fan, idolizing Montana and Young, etc.

1359 days ago


I grew up in Chico and I am 10 years older than Aaron... This area your either a 49'ers fan or a Die hard Raiders fan... Myself I am a Raiders fan...

Both the 49'ers and Raiders f'd up not picking Aaron up. Oh well I am proud to see a local make it and I am glad he stuck by his dream during that whole Farve deal and saw the light at the end of the tunnel...

I can tell you that he has made a lot of GB fans in Nor Cal.. Might be the only outside team you can flaunt right now and not get stabbed lol

1359 days ago


Big deal. If picking a QB was an exact science, Tom Brady would have went #1 overall instead of being passed over by every NFL team numerous times until finally being picked in the irrelevant 6th round. Even Joe Montana was picked in the 3rd round. Dan Marino went towards the end of the 1st round. Also, Ryan Leaf and Joey Harrington would never have been picked in the top five (Can you actually believe at one point it was a legitimate toss up between whether to pick Ryan Leaf or Payton Manning? I'm sure the Colts wake up thanking their lucky stars every day for making the correct choice). Donovan McNabb would have been picked before Tim Couch. The Eagles also found out the hard way about foolishly picking players based on an unbelievable combine. They picked Mike freaking Mamula 7th overall, based on his workout. He had no business playing DE in the NFL. In the end, he left the Eagles with one count of indecent exposure (he pulled a Favre on a waitress while in training camp) and the league's all-time record for "missed it by that much" near-sacks.

1359 days ago


I to live here in Chico, and I am a true 49er fan. Rodgers went to the high school where my oldest son graduated last year.
I honestly think this town is going a little over board. I mean I think it is great that he has made it to the big time, but every where I look I see green and yellow.
There are more pressing issues in this town that need to be dealt with.

1359 days ago


TMZ: BREAKING NEWS: Someone from Chico, CA did not in fact grow up as a Green Bay Packers fan. He instead rooted for the San Francisco 49ers. STOP THE PRESSES! DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

1359 days ago


I'm also from Chico, Most people are either 49er or Raider fans, I only know a couple people who are actually real Packer fans. While I agree that it might be getting overboard (as one poster has said) it is really nice to see Chico in the spotlight about something positive than for our infamous party reputation and fraternities from Chico State. Which has been almost like a plague to Chico for years....

1359 days ago


Seriously TMZ...It must be a slow day for all the coke heads in hollywood, if this is breaking news...What's up next EXCLUSIVE: The Sky is blue! ... And let's not take away from the fact that he got to be a backup for 3 years before even seeing the field...Alex Smith was thrown into the fire of a really bad coaching staff and system...He never had a chance...I am sure the 49ers, if they had taken Rodgers, would have cut his career short as well.

1359 days ago



1359 days ago


Who cares?? Lol, dude was banging Erin Andrews, I'd rather hear about that than see some pics of some athlete from their high school days!

1359 days ago



1359 days ago

tired of hearing about them    

I too am from Chico and I am very proud of Aaron. As for #6 it is nice to to take a break from thinking round abouts.

1359 days ago


Aaron Rodgers bring that trophy back to Titletown ! ! ! GO Green Bay Packers ! ! !

1359 days ago


??? a celebrity???

1357 days ago

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