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MJ Producer Dropped From Wrongful Death Suit

2/1/2011 3:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's producer of the "This Is It" tour just got a break in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson -- he's been dropped as a defendant ... TMZ has learned.

Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Suit
Kenny Ortega was sued by Katherine, who claimed he was part of AEG's alleged plan to give Michael anything he needed in order for him to perform.

Katherine's lawyer, Kevin Boyle, tells TMZ, "Based on recently discovered information, the Jackson family has determined that Mr. Ortega should not be a defendant," adding, "The Jackson Family apologizes for any discomfort or inconvenience this may have caused Mr. Ortega."

It's always a discomfort to be sued for wrongful death.



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Ortega was dropped from KJ's suit after he testified at Murray's prelim that AEG WAS giving Murray a hard time for not controlling Michael. Ortega told Michael to go home from a rehearsal when MJ wasn't feeling well, and AEG, Phillips AND Murray read Ortega the famous "riot act" for doing so. Michael was forced to rehearse by AEG, Phillips and Murray when he clearly did not want to nor did he need to. Now that Katherine has Ortega confirming what she has stated in her law suit she doesn't need to keep him as a defendant.

Now I want to see them bring in Tohme Tohme and his attorney Dennis Hawk, who drew up that one sided contract with AEG where Michael had NO attorney of his own.

AEG wants to build a football stadium in LA and has told the City of LA that it won't cost the taxpayers a dime for this billion dollar stadium; sure, AEG has lotsa money stolen off the back of Michael Jackson. I lived in LA, LA does not want nor will it support a football franchise, no matter how much $ AEG puts up.

1349 days ago


@Cherwood #348 - you are one of the few who have posted re that evil contract where Tohme signed Michael's name and had notices for Michael go only to his lawyer Hawk, but I'll take it one step further - one of those signatures "for" Michael was actually a rubber stamp signature, Tohme had access to all MJ's personal business; hope the insurer picks up on that, if we can, why can't they? Tohme needs to be part of KJ's lawsuit against AEG. Why don't they wake up?

Your other comment re not buying that Michael had propofol for six weeks, correct again! Just that gigantic dose enough to anesthetize a whale. Nurse Lee, do you know she has a top PR person as her contact? Google Cherilyn Lee, go to her website and at the bottom is the name; she's a top Hollywood PR person for contact info? What a setup. That's why Murray had Alvarez pick up all the bottles and put them in a bag in the closet, but he forgot one, now they are trying to say Michael drank it. Murray was treating Michael for insomnia with the benzos, etc., and for dehydration; hence the catheter and bottle of urine (sorry). Why can't the DA seem to see what all the fans can see? Keep the faith.

1349 days ago


-#367: Hey Juney! EXCELLENT POST! I just happened to come back here and I'm so glad I did. Everytime I look at those signatures I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach...not soon as I saw them, I KNEW they had been forged or something because they are TOTALLY different. Thing is, Tohme probably figured noone would ever really pay attention to them. Even if they planned to get rid of Michael earlier on, I'm sure they didn't consider the fact that anyone would figure out the whole drug addict/Propofol LIE....they probably thought the Media had done such a number on Michael's rep, that there was NO WAY anyone would think his death was anything other than OD. I'm hoping that Lloyd's of London will get an expert opinion on those signatures. If they do, they'll be able to realize Tohme used that rubber stamp, and then they won't pay off the Premium to AEG....let's hope--they've already stated that they won't pay if Murray is convicted, so we need to pray for that in spite of the INADEQUATE sentence...
As for Nurse Cherilyn, I know about the PR firm. Thing is, when the news came out about Michael's death, she immediately Lawyered up, hired a PR firm, then went on every news program in town. Only AFTER she made the Media rounds, did she speak to the LAPD, but they came looking for HER. This is why I don't trust her. Noone was even thinking about Propofol at first, but the Murderers needed something they could easily attach to Michael. Propofol was perfect because it was unregulated, and there had been rumors that his Doctor--Neil Ratner gave him something every night to "Take him down, then bring him up in the morning". However, none of this was ever confirmed, sure, Ratner was Michael's doctor on the HIStory Tour, but Michael had him there for his problems with Dehydration and for Pain Mgmt. I highly doubt that Michael could've been taking Propofol that whole time and continue to look as healthy as he did during that Tour.....
Bottom line, I agree that many others need to go down with Murray, but Tohme is the main one. He must really have some major connections to be overlooked the way he has been. There was a point right after Michael passed that the Media were on his trail, but then suddenly they stopped and turned all of their attention on Murray--not that he didn't deserve it, but now that we have him on Trial, I'm ready to see Tohme and the others go down. Not sure why the family's not going after him....then again, they need to tread lightly themselves as many people suspect that Jermy may have been involved in the conspiracy too at some point.....think about it, most of the key players--Tohme, Barrack, Philips all came through Jermy.....
-#368: aq, there you go believing everything you read. You have NO PROOF that he demanded Propofol or anything else.....
Hey Mymjj5! Thanks so much for the laughs! We need it to get through this TRAVESTY of a case....
No Peace till Justice!

1349 days ago


Hey Mymjj5! Thanks so much for the laughs! We need it to get through this TRAVESTY of a case....
Amen to that!!!! I wonder what stupid fool behind excuse Murray and his defence bandits will come up with next?

1348 days ago


Hello Board,
@Cherwood, do you have a website where all this
information is put together in one place? It is hard
to read in disconnected posts, but you seem to be
on top of things.
I think the thing that just tears everyone up in this
tragedy, is that there wasn't ONE HERO. ONE
person that stepped up to the plate and risked everything..their career, their ego, MONEY, just
to scream out to the authorities, the public, or
someone..that there was trouble.
Michael tried in the video to tell the small group of
fans what they were trying to do with the 50 concerts, and was when I saw that, that
something was up. Michael never complained

1348 days ago


hi pegasus
Got it! LOL! Thanks!

1347 days ago


Hey Becca!
No, I don't have a website. Most of what I post comes from research done by myself and other posters here such as Della, Chico, T-storm, MiMi, Pia, Yelena, Nan, and a few others I may have overlooked (sorry)....
I also connected with several blogs: Campaign for Liberty, Justice 4 Some, It's a Small World after all, MJJ Timeline, as well as the articles: "Deep Pockets behind Michael Jackson"-LA Times, "What happened to the Fortune Michael Jackson made?"-NY Times, "Death by 1000 Papercuts"...and so on. Of course not everything in the Blogs can be taken as HARD fact, same as on these boards. Often, it's just one person's opinion, but I've learned to sift through the fluff in order to discover something of value....
Thing is, I've had a HEALTHY suspicion that there had been FOUL PLAY, way before it began to unfold. I guess my instincts told me something was up, it's not like it was hard to see with all of the CONTRADICTIONS in Murray's story. And the way so many of the key players kept dsappearing,only to reappear again....and all the while, Sony, AEG and others have been making money hand over fist...UGH...
I really wish I did have a blog, or had access to one that combines all of the info I've posted here in an organized fashion....maybe someday..........
Bottom line, we have to do all we can to get Justice for Michael!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1347 days ago

marie watson    

Kenny Ortega knew Michael was sick thats why he sent him home
early that night. Dr Conrad was nasty to Kenny for doing that and told kenny, dont worry about Michael's health and he should
not have been sent home from rehearsal. What a loser, I cant wait until the trial, I hope he loses his medical license forever. mw

1342 days ago


Katherine was only doing what she felt was best by her son, even if Ortega was sued I reckon it was not done in malice. Ortega having worked with MJ over the years should have known MJ best.
If MJ agreed to 10 concerts then they should not have put the numbers up to 50 just because they sold out 10 concerts. Well as they say, only the fittest will survives.

1270 days ago


This is a nice picture of Michael. I pray the family will resolve these issues and everything works out.
Love You More

1236 days ago
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