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Kim Richards

May Not Return

to 'Housewives'

2/1/2011 10:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards may not return to the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... so her sister said during a taping of "Ellen" today.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ .... her substance abuse problem has been an issue dogging her and her family for years ... and when Ellen asked Kyle Richards if Kim was returning to the show, Kyle said, "I don't know yet."

T0201_kim_richards_video_smallMZ obtained a video which we ran Friday ... showing Kim drunk at an airport last summer.

The "Ellen" episode airs tomorrow.


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I think Kyle and Kim need to forget where they came from and what they did to get here. They need to focus on today.

I really cannot stand it when it comes down to tit for tat and who did what just makes it seem ingenuine.

1358 days ago


Wasn't this woman doing TV interviews during Paris Hilton's supposed sex tap scandal? She should be ashamed of herself for her pathological need for attention. It's difficult to discern who's the most screwed up in that family, but you'd think they could at least afford some decent therapy.

1358 days ago


She's cute, I'd take a dump on her chest

1358 days ago


She should at least do another season. People like her and want to know how she is doing. Her sister doesn't want her on the show because she brings out the worst in her.

1358 days ago


Makes you wonder why these two OLD women still insist on popping out it a race to see who can be pregnant..

and by the way...any woman who has a kid graduating college and a TWO YEAR OLD at the same time...PLUS trying to talk her husband into ANOTHER kid?...(KYLE)...has NUTBAG written all over her.

and Kyle? you have a little something on your nose...

1358 days ago


What I would really like to know is if the family matriarch really gave all of the wealth that Kim earned for the family when she was a minor to Kyle when she died. Do your job, TMZ, and give us the real truth about this family. Kyle is vile, and so is duck-lip Taylor. Probably won't watch this show next season.

1358 days ago


What's wrong with you people???

Why some post are against Kyle and huuuuhhh.. how bad sister she is... Are u kidding? Kyle's husband supported her and her children economically. Kyle supported her in many ways also. So, it's Kyle a "bad sister" or is Kim?

I think it's Kim. She didn't move a finger to change her life and be a better person. All people who are alcoholics and prescription drugs addicts they are VERY MANIPULATIVE. And clearly she is one of them. The "poor me" attitude won a lot of fans.

In top of this, she didn't do ANYTHING to be a good example for her 4 (F-O-U-R) children who they grow up having an alcoholic mother.

Instead of pointing the finger on Kyle, think about Kim's children. They are the real victims in this whole story.

1358 days ago

Jocko Frobisher    

Kyle is Vile and full of bile. Poor Kim! We're pulling for you.

1358 days ago

Tonya P    

I LOVE KYLE!!! Kim acts really strange on that show and now I know why. She has a problem and I hope she handles it. Its really sad. This is my fav Houswives series. They r sooo rich and funny except for........camile. ughh

1358 days ago


@Nicole..I mean one's buying your b.s. anymore take it back to the gutter you slithered out of. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD GO AWAY and if you feel the need to help someone try your neice Paris and leave Kim alone you fug ugly bully!

1358 days ago

keeping it real    

KIM MUST RETURN! I guess Kyle thinks this is her time to shine? So she pushed her sister out! KYLE your a SNAKE! People liked you at first. Then your true Colors came out. The WORST SISTER ALIVE! UNGRATEFUL BIAOTCH! UGLY OLD WITCH! JEALOUS SKANK!
MEDIA WHORE, I feel so sorry for you. No wonder the Hiltons don't show up for you. They know what your really about. You ride the coat tails of your family members. But now your a typical stab you in the back hollywood FAKE. You've never really done anything with your life. A real Lifetime movie.


1358 days ago


LOL!!! MAdison.. You are delusional.. sorry to say this. I'm so shock to read your comment that I'm laughing hard.

You are a good example of what people think about somebody WITHOUT any common sense.

Thank you for made my previous comment even more valid.

1358 days ago

Lori post in a way that's WAAYYYY too personal...either your one of KYLE'S numerous children...or you're Kyle...or you are some site troll who THINKS she knows these ho bags because she watches the T.V. show...either way? You sound nutty.

1358 days ago


wow nicole/'ve NEVER called ANYONE delusional that wasn't ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about what a bully, vindictive, phony you are, right! THANKS FOR MAKING MY POINT ABOUT WHAT A FUG UGLY BULLY YOU ARE...TELL PARIS WE ALL SAY HEY NEXT TIME YOU TWO ARE OUT DRINKING. I HEAR THE GUTTER CALLING YOU HOME! ps-people are onto your 'delusional' remark, better come up with a new one

1358 days ago


Anyone else notice that Kyle is starting to show her speed/alcohol addiction in her face? She has that druggie look to her.

1358 days ago
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