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Kim Richards

May Not Return

to 'Housewives'

2/1/2011 10:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards may not return to the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... so her sister said during a taping of "Ellen" today.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ .... her substance abuse problem has been an issue dogging her and her family for years ... and when Ellen asked Kyle Richards if Kim was returning to the show, Kyle said, "I don't know yet."

T0201_kim_richards_video_smallMZ obtained a video which we ran Friday ... showing Kim drunk at an airport last summer.

The "Ellen" episode airs tomorrow.


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And TMZ I would love to see the Headline "Kyle and Taylor not coming back to RHOBH because they have thrown everyone under the bus and there is no one left in town that will associate with these twits"..yeah, it'll never happen...just saying...:)

1328 days ago


@loloagogo, darling, you were accusing me of something, or posting something, I don' t know or care who you are. Post your own crap and let others do whatever. You are whatever...

1328 days ago


Taylor Armstrong - Drunk, High, or both? (She can't even stand up)

1328 days ago


If anyone should leave it should be that joker mouth old lady Taylor , what a sneaky troublemaker witch. Kyle too she should trust and treat her sister better. People like Kim so I hope she stays or I won't watch it anymore.

1328 days ago


Oddly, the two least successful are also the two least likable. That's Kyle and Taylor.

Adrienne - Very successful
Lisa - Very successful
Camille - Rich - successful producing?
Kim - Troubled now but very successful child star
Taylor - Well to do, married well I guess
Kyle - Well to do, minor success as child actor

I think Kyle was always jealous of Kim's success as a child and has messed with her head ever since. Also, Kim has a photographic memory (helped her as a child actor). People with a photographic memory suffer when they get older because their brains take too much in.

1328 days ago


I will not tune in next season if KYLE returns. I agree with other posters that she has serious anger management issues and that is not what I feel like tuning into. Also, I as women we should seriously think what kind of message it sends regarding who women are and the kinds of relationships that they have with each other.I think it's very sad that the RH franchise is what is now considered to be entertainment.

1328 days ago


@Disturbed-I guess it's only okay to get drunk if you have money or can do something to help Kyle climb up that high social ladder. That guy in the video is Paris' publicist I think, I've seen him with her many times. So, Paris drunk, doing cocaine, sex tapes, perfectly fine with Kyle who even DEFENDS Paris on these issues...Kim can't help Kyle anymore EXCEPT in the role of drunk sister who Kyle has to take care of..yeah, that angle will work, let's do it Bravo, make me the star I always knew I was!!! She is a pathetic old lady who again, really really needs an updated haircut! ps Kyle-I bet Taylor and old russell have no money they are hoping you'd gain them entry into that golden world you all desire so much you'll throw loved ones away like garbage just to be in it.

1328 days ago


Ugh! I tried to watch the Reunion show part 1, but Barf - needed a doggie bag - couldn't make it all the way through. Reunion show part 2 - these are not real women that I have ever had the misfortune to run into, thank God. Vapid, mindless, airheads. I turned it off. They all need to be in therapy and on much stronger meds. It figures we have a woman hating psycho like "Mr. Andy" producing this show - he has it set up for these over the hill rubber blow up dolls to carp on each other all night long, while he laughs his a-- off, then goes home to Palm Springs and shows the re-runs all night long at his special pajama parties! Kyle is a douche and so much in denial...Eeeewww!

1328 days ago


@85 Madison, his comment was about Taylor, not Kim, darling. Are YOU on something?

1328 days ago

michael Bigmoney get 25.00 bucks added to your paypal when its connected to the e-mail you signed up with!!!!!!!!!!!!

1328 days ago


@demi-did I comment on anything he said? NO, I said he is Paris' publicist. I understand that it must be hard for you to read but but there is a program called hooked on phonics that might just help you out...if YOUR not on something!!

1328 days ago


No, your comment is confusing and malstructured, maybe I need to be on something to understand you.

1328 days ago



@85 Madison, his comment was about Taylor, not Kim, darling. Are YOU on something?

Posted at 10:39 PM on Feb 1, 2011 by Demi

O.k. KYLE has returned...not as NICOLE...but as're STILL busted twit...and put the bottle/straw down...go to bed, don't you have like... TEN KIDS?

1328 days ago


"How Profound" as your buddy Kyle would say...yeah, I'm gonna lose sleep cause you can't read or understand plain english! HAHAHA. and funny how you throw out insults, just like your buddy Kyle does when someone says something you don't like. that you? HAHAHA

1328 days ago


Kim will be back, why not? She will get a hefty paycheck and her hateful little sister will not be able to control her finances anymore.

I can't wait until Kyle's coke problem becomes an episode. Yes, that is ratings.

1328 days ago
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