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Ted Williams -- Back at Rehab, But Not IN Rehab

2/1/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams returned to a rehab facility this weekend -- not to check himself back in, but to visit his girlfriend.

Ted Williams Rehab

As we first reported, Ted left the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas against doctor's orders last week.

Sources close to Williams tell TMZ he went to visit his girlfriend at the Safe Harbor facility in Costa Mesa, CA on Saturday. We're told Teddy rolled up with two bodyguards and only stayed about 30 minutes.

According to our sources, Ted told his girlfriend he'd like to get married when she gets out of rehab.


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Lady S    

Well readers,

Maybe we should reserve our comments until we know all the facts. Let him without sin cast the first stone.

New York City

1266 days ago


I can't believe he's throwing it all away. What a fool. Things get too tough and he walks out: a dental procedure and now rehab. No one is just given the golden opportunities that he was given. No one. He will be back on the streets within a year. You can take a bum off the streets but you can't take the streets out of the bum. I was hoping he would really turn his life around and appreciate everything everyone was willing to do for him. I literally prayed for him to stay clean and sober so that he would appreciate the gifts he was given. I wish someone would just give me those opportunities for a better life and more money. I have never taken an illegal drug in my life. I've never even smoked pot. I am not an alcoholic. Does anyone want to give me a job to help make my life better? No, I have to fight just like everyone else and he just takes it all for granted. Well, everything can all be taken away as freely as it was all given.

1266 days ago


Lots of misplaced anger here. From the git-go Ted just wanted what every crackhead wants. Cash for crack. You could see he wasn't into rehab. He was just hoping for a quick large score and maybe a bigger tent. The whole detox thing was not on his agenda.

1266 days ago


We don't know if at this time he's picked up or not. If you have never been addicted to alcohol or drugs , it's VERY hard to understand. I too am disapointed that he left rehab. I say don't kick him down any lower. Just keep on praying for him. I have a strange feeling his girlfriend may come out of this stronger due to the program at SAFE HARBOR. I read what they do there and it sounds wonderful. (if her ears & eyes are open)

1266 days ago

Ted Turner    

He must have 10 more minutes because its "15 minutes" of fame, not 5 dumbsh*ts (Bryan and Paul)

1265 days ago


Another liar and loser. Bottom line is he is NOT talented, does NOT deserve anything handed to him and most of all does NOT want the help!! He just wants the money and freebies. Forget about him and lets focus on people who really WANT and need the help.

1265 days ago


Ted needs help and as long as he is hanging around the same people he will never get sober....when your trying to kick a habit you have to associate yourself with different people not the same drug addicts/alcholics...Even with his girlfriend in rehab, if she becomes clean she may not even want him and if she does and they get married they will have problems. It would be better if both of them where recovery addicts, then they could help each other cause the temptation is gonna be there.

1263 days ago


There's plenty of room in Eternal Darkness for all you sick individuals spewing your hatred over this devoted man. Your own hatred and sin will be your downfall. But continue to believe and do whatever you want. Your day of Judgment is coming sooner than you think!!!!

1262 days ago

Lisa Green    

body guards-for what? he should get together with that other addict-charlie sheen, they would have a good ole time>Losers!

1261 days ago


He's a worthless loser. He was given an opportunity that many people would kill for and he flushed it down the toilet.

1259 days ago

Patsie Crockette    

I cannot beleive that people are posting such ugly remarks about Mr Williams. I think that we should all understand that the world in which we are living, offers us the same "fate" of having to sleep under a tree. Mr Williams deserves the same second chance that we would welcome,should the same saddness befront us. I wish you well Mr Williams,and I am about to beleive that those who are"haters" are need of help.

1259 days ago


please leave this crackhead alone he is a crack always be a crackhead dont be jelous of him what he is doing let him live his life

1259 days ago

Simply Blessed    

To All you judging people out there dont be so high and mighty you to my friend could fall tomorrow. Look at all the people whose homes are foreclosed they never thought it could happen to them but it did People can change with Gods help and that is what alot of you need. Judge not least you be judged and dont think you cant fall tomorrow because you can..

1252 days ago

John Taylor    

Poor Dr. Phil, now he can't make more money off Ted, he did a perfect job on tearing his family more apart. Dr. Phil gets an A-PLUS .

1250 days ago

Alwin James Mangio    

Truth: We are not that much better than Mr. Williams, if at all. As long as he is alive, he has at least a chance to do better, every day, no matter how bad it looks. Miracles do happen, but not to people who doubt and condemn. When we have a choice to think something good or something bad, it never helps either us or the other person to choose the bad, and always helps to show mercy and compassion. He knows he has messed up in life, and probably feels powerless at times to change. People usually don't set out in life to be a failure. As for me, I wish him the best, and hope and pray that he will prove all the scorners and haters wrong. I do agree that something inside him will have to change, or he will end up right where he started. I believe his victory would be my victory, and God forbid, his defeat would be my defeat.

1239 days ago
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