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Zsa Zsa Gabor Rushed to Hospital

2/2/2011 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE Feb. 2, 2011: Zsa Zsa has been upgraded to stable ... and we're told it's unclear when she'll be released from the hospital.

Zsa Zsa Gabor started spitting up blood moments ago ... and she's being rushed by ambulance to a local hospital ... TMZ has learned.


Gabor's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt tells TMZ ... Zsa Zsa is on her way to UCLA Medical Center.

Anhalt says there was "lots of blood coming out of her mouth" and he's worried.

UPDATE: The Prince tells us Zsa Zsa's temperature is up and her leg is infected again. There is also blood and water in her lungs.

UPDATE 2: The Prince also tells us she has an infection in her lungs as well.



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He's right! I wouldn't want her dying in the house. It could bring down the price. It's more proper to die in a Hospital since they're equipped to deal with such a thing. An hour or so for the family and it's off to the freezer.
Love the pose at the end. Haha Take care dear! while I go search for any hidden safes and such and prepare your er,aah, my jewelery for a buyer.
I wouldn't want the smell or scent of death on my one track suit anyway also with him out of the way crying over a warmish corpse, her daughter could swoop in and secure the loot.
Very smart move prince.

1362 days ago


Zsa Zsa I hope you get to make it to your birthday. Feb 4. She has been through so much. As for the Prince he has been her right hand for a long time. She is very lucky to have him. I know he will miss her a lot if she dies. She has been his whole life for the last 25 years.

1362 days ago


#8 Pneumonia and blood clots unfortunately. Also she has a massive infection and is not healing.

1362 days ago


#73, SENSIBLE SENSE, EXCELLENT!!! I was unaware of Zsa Zsa's intense personal history. It seems to explain why her daughter has remained in the background. I sincerely wish Francesca would be permitted to visit her mother before she passes. At this stage in ZsaZsa's life, nothing or, anything, should have priority over one last visit between mother and daughter. I admire Francesca for not speaking, publicly, about hurtful family matters but, for her own emotional health, I hope she, at least, initiates the first move. If she fails a reunion, she can continue her life without guilt and without looking back. Good Luck, Francesca! Hope all goes well!

1362 days ago


I think everyone gives her husband such a hard time. Who cares if he let's TMZ know what is going on. He has been married to her for current husband longer than any of the other half dozen or more men she's married throughout her life... 25yrs. I would guess that ANY spouse who loved their wife and didn't want to see her die would approve the very same operation. It's try it or die, everyone who says they'd pick death simply because of age is a heartless fool who's never actually had to make a decision like that for someone you love. And her being back in the hospital is all over every other news agency, not like the tabloids aren't watching this whole thing unfold from the day of the surgery. At least her husband speaks up and makes sure the truth gets published.

1362 days ago


The coffin thing was disgusting. I hope for the best for Zsa Zsa. Any human deserves respect. God bless her.

1362 days ago


...her organs are beginning to shut down. death is near for her. Bless your soul Zsa Zsa... go be with God. Thank u for giving us your gift!

1362 days ago


Did Charlie Sheen wanted to commit suicide ?
Details here:

1362 days ago


No way does she see March....

1362 days ago

Politico Pablo    

When you start coughing up blood that's not good. He might want to call that casket company back and put their offer on standby.

1362 days ago

Y do he got    

Should have would have but didn`t leave her leg alone DUMBASS money gropping governator`ss doctors.Non radical treatments at that age are a given the body could never live though all that just like La`lanne`s open heart and knees at 94..set down and enjoy your ;ast d[ys as best you can NO one lives after the hacks cut them up at 90 plus.Put in a drain tube and some anti bodys and send the knife crew home

1362 days ago


Sensible Sense, where did you get that bio? (I haven't heard the term zaftig for a long time, love it:) Zaftig girls are my type;) The Gabors, however, not so much. Blonds with attitude probs are a double turn off.

1362 days ago


CUT OFF the hacks LEG that cut off her leg a eye for a eye 99999999 and all @@ that.

1362 days ago


Zaa Zaa should have never left the hospital until the leg was close to beinng healed, and the infection was completly gone. Bad doctors, or bad desisions bad two old people who want ot be home and in in the hospital. You decide.

1362 days ago


For God's sake, she 93 years old and in poor health! Let her's time. I'm sure that she wouldn't want to "live" like this!

1362 days ago
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