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Zsa Zsa -- Solid Gold Offer From the Grave

2/1/2011 7:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What does Zsa Zsa Gabor get for surviving blood clots and an amputation? A high-end funeral company is sending her a free gold-plated casket -- WORTH $40,000!!!! 

Zsa Zsa Gabor Gold Casket

TMZ obtained a letter sent from a company called The Golden Casket which was sent to Zsa Zsa last Friday. The letter states, "We would like to honor Zsa Zsa Gabor by providing an exquisite, handcrafted, pure 24k gold casket."

It's unclear if the company knows double Z is not yet casket-ready ... but the letter continues, "We believe Zsa Zsa would want to be forever remembered as she has always been in life -- beautiful, elegant, uncompromising and completely original."

Zsa Zsa's husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, tells us he is "going to take the casket and have the gold melted to get a nice ring out of it.  These are some f*cking sick people!"



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en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, like totally!! and he can use that red velvet lining as covers for his car seats. FOR A LIVE PERSON!! what's up with luxury death services??! those folks are sick!!

1360 days ago


The Prince has the right idea. It's good that in these troubling times for him he can keep a clear mind about things.

1360 days ago


For real? that guy (her husband) is stupid. The funeral company was just trying to be thoughtful. Zsa Zsa is CLEARLY about to die. Nobody lives for freaking ever, if they did the world would have ended long ago. He needs to accept that. they should take the casket away from him and make him pay. jerk.

1360 days ago


I think its very nice that the casket company would think of her in that way (Hollywood Royalty) they probaly figured that Von A-Hole would have her cremated and put in a wood box.

1359 days ago


Hey idiots, the casket company is not doing this for a good cause, it's called cheap(manufacturers suggested retail price(MSRP) doesn't mean squat) and very opportunistic PUBLICITY. How f'ing naive can you be?

1359 days ago


When Harvey gets cremated hopefully the TMZ staff remember to flush his ashes in an airplane toilet, it would be his ultimate last wish.

1359 days ago


O.K. here's the stats: the house is up for sale for $28 millions, it cost $35,000 a month to keep it up, Zsa Zsa gets to stay there until she dies. Just throw the damn thing in the basement or sell it for a month's upkeep. Besides, it is probably Micheal Jackson's decoy casket (he had two!!),

1359 days ago

Jinx Dawson    

If they do not want the casket, I will take it...The one I have had since 1969 is getting pretty shoddy...\m/

1359 days ago


Those *******s were just trying to get free publicity out of her situation. I think he should definitely have it melted down into a chain with a middle finger pendent.

1359 days ago


This story is FALSE
The family CALLED a few gold casket makers like Golden Casket and Versailles Casket

1359 days ago


It's not going to be very easy to fit that into one of those Cash4Gold envelopes.

Posted at 1:36 AM on Feb 1, 2011 by LAWRENCE

....Best comment.

1357 days ago


why a ring, she needs this soon anyway.

1357 days ago


There is a big diference between to buy a casket for your family (A lot of people do that) and to offer a casket to a super star who is alive. I call that 'Indecency'

By the way, yes, I will go with versailles caskets. They are the best .Made of bronze or stainless steel in 24k gold plated instead of white wood covered by a thin layer of gold
take a look: they have a very interesting site.They do not need any publicity...
Everybody want to know the secret of their technology...It's kind of funny

1347 days ago


Versailles casket are not vultures like other companies.
They respect the whishes of people. Versailles Casket doesn't need cheap publicity.So, do not mix a reputable company with a
"vultures company"
We wish a very long life to zsa zsa Gabor. We are so happy that she is at home.

1346 days ago


thats so mean how can he want to that to her...if i was her i would tell the company to keep the casket for right now...leave him, go get the casket and move on....just saying that what i would do. but really how are you gonna play her like that? no-wonder why she looks so sad in that picture. i would too. hold in there zsa zsa!

987 days ago
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