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Lindsay Lohan

Suspected in Jewelry Theft

2/2/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has just turned a super-expensive piece of jewelry over to cops that landed her in the middle of a police investigation ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... last week the owner of an L.A. store filed a police report, claiming a $2,500 necklace was stolen from her business. We're told the store surveillance video shows Lindsay in the store, wearing the necklace before it disappeared, although it's unclear if the video actually shows Lindsay walking out of the store with the jewelry.

Cops got a warrant to search Lindsay's home, but last night -- before the warrant could be served -- one of Lindsay's associates turned the piece over to the cops.

Mind you, turning in stolen property doesn't make it right, so the owner can continue to press the case... so Lindsay -- who is still on probation -- is not out of the woods.


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It may have been an accident, we don't know. A couple times I've tried something on or had something in my hand, and I got distracted or absentmindedly walked out with it.

Posted at 5:07 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by Brooke

That is not an accident that is being a thief you are a criminal. It is people like you that make prices hire for the rest of consumers.

1359 days ago


So it may have just been a misunderstanding.

Lindsay is so close to completing probation . Only 23 days to go

Posted at 3:52 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by Nicole

Were the Manson Murders also a misunderstanding.

1359 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Trouble just follows this girl. I''m rooting for her but I have to be honest I don't have a lot of hope for her.

1359 days ago

Davey Boy    

Not sure if $2500 qualifies as "super expensive", by Hollywood standards. It will prove interesting to see how LL gets out of this one...if she does at all.

1359 days ago

Davey Boy    

I can see it would be an "accident" if you walk out of the store and "forgot" it was around her neck.

Once you get home and find the "mistake" you then RETURN the necklace that day or the day after. Weeks later and that "accident" turns into grand larceny.

Lindsay, "Oh, THAT necklace."

1359 days ago

Gilbert Gimplesnoot    


Hey I like soup sandwiches!

1359 days ago


TMZ, uh, a $2,500 necklace isnt exactly "super expensive", but a $2.5 mill necklace would fall into that category!

For a drug addict and liar, 'thief' wouldnt be much of a stretch.

1359 days ago

What could fit in that mouth?

1359 days ago


I wonder if this was the reason for Micheal's "chest pains". Stupid bitch

1359 days ago


JUST LIKE CHARLIE SHEEN- this "story" isn't going anywhere. No one DARES touch these two and they know it.

1359 days ago


This thieving spoiled rotten crybaby should just shut the #### up and disappear. Who CARES what in hell she thinks or does? She's a druggie and a thief, isn't that clear enough ? Ask her to just GO AWAY and GET LOST.

1359 days ago


such a waste of talent.....lock her a$$ up for about a year or two like they would do the rest of us and maybe just maybe she will get the message that she's not above the law as she seems to think
she is.......awww hell take another "snort" of that special vitamin powder lindsey, you deserve it......your so special that your above being held responsible for being a total fool

1359 days ago

Terry Joe    

My my Lindsay, WHEN will you ever come to grips with something we all have to deal with : R E A L I T Y ? Here I am worried if I'll get my monthly bills all paid off with a little extra spending money, and shop lifters such as yourself simply make the price of things go UP in stores. Ofcourse I'm no big mega
diva movie star ( ROFLMA$$O ) like yourself. And you have the nerve to, as I read, attempt to give Charlie Sheen advice?
You're a complete joke like the rest of your dysfuntional family!

1359 days ago


How about this one- Stolen fur coat, she got caught then as well.

1358 days ago


Lindsey, Paris, and Britany are so much like OJ Simpson. Nothing sticks. A little slap on their hand and on their way they go. Its a joke. I am so sick of these divas. Its time the judicial system treat them as equally as the rest of the world. Then maybe my faith in it will be restored. I have seen more than enough garbage when it comes to these entertainment divas. So tired.

1358 days ago
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