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Gabriel Aubry Is a 'Borderline Racist' ... Says Ex-GF

2/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Gabriel Aubry's ex-girlfriends tells TMZ Aubry used to spew anti-black racial slurs so often ... she couldn't believe it when he hooked up with Halle Berry.


The woman -- who dated Aubry from 2003 to 2005 -- tells TMZ he was "very disrespectful to women" for the entirety of their two-year relationship.

In fact, the woman also claims Gabriel "has always been a borderline racist."

As TMZ previously reported -- sources connected to Halle tell us Gabriel routinely demeaned her with vulgarities ... including the N-word.

However, the woman claims Gabriel never once laid a hand on her during their relationship.

We're told the ex plans on reaching out to Halle through mutual friends in the near future to offer support.

Calls to Gabriel's camp have not been returned.

Halle Berry


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Racists have sex with those that they feel superior to all the time... why else are there so many generationally-mixed race people descended from Black African slaves and Caucasians? How that fact is such an unfathomable concept is beyond me considering that history has shown otherwise. Gabriel also benefits from getting custody of his daughter... a racist may be ignorant, but they're not going to walk away from a pay day even if it means using Blacks to do so. FYI -- Kim Kardashian is no different. She uses Black men because she can't get White men who are in those Black men's same income bracket and social profile. Makes sense that her and Gabriel started hanging out...

1356 days ago


you need to remember this guy is from Quebec, where racism is ingrained. You should hear the casual talk about Jews and the Chinese. it's part of their "separate and distinct" culture.

Obviously, I'm Canadian from outside Quebec!

1356 days ago


This woman is beyond NEEDY. She has to control all her men. This man certainly is not a racists as he married her. There should be 50/50 custody. Maybe she thinks because she is a big star she can keep the father from seeing his child. She should still be in therapy.

1356 days ago


TMZ You guys are so friggin one sided in this. . . You suck.

1356 days ago


It cracks me how some of of you geniuses are saying how Aubrey can't be a racist, like it's an impossibility. When it comes to status, money, and sex, for some people, despite their bigotry or dislike for another race, will make exception.

There are plenty of White men who date Black women but hate Black men, and vice versa. Saying it's nearly impossible or impossible for him to be a racist is incredibly stupid. It's like saying it's impossible for a pastor or priest to commit sin and for a police officer to break laws. Just because his kid is half or 1/4 Black doesn't mean he can't be a racist.

Also, it's just ridiculous how most you will take other stuff said by TMZ and other tabloids for face value but immediately question this story. Out of all the messed up relationships this women has had, everyone would rather demonized the Black men and not question her mental state. I guess when your in Hollywood and pretty, I guess your not flawed.

1356 days ago


'Racist' isn't going to mean anything anymore if we keep throwing it out there like it's nothing. Many of you here are probably too young to remember what it was really like. That word should be reserved for actual acts of racism so it retains it's true, vile meaning and not some off-the-cuff comment everytime somebody farts.

1356 days ago

normal person    

127 Do you understand French enough to have actually heard this or are you just making it up as fact. I live in Quebec and have only heard them speak badly about English with attitude not Chinese or Jewish. Some English Canadian think that French Canadians should be assimilated. The French have been here since 1630"s and you are probably a first or second generation Canadian. But using the N word is not part of their culture.

1356 days ago


The White French Canadian mother of someone who I dated was very ignorant, uneducated, and racist!

Halle has a history of dating horrible men. This isn't a secret. Yes, she is the common denominator. That doesn't mean she's lying or is the crazy women people want to make her out to be. It actually should further convince people that Gabriel is also a ****ty, shifty and abusive (verbally, this time) man. Think about it: Why would Halle suddenly date a stellar human being after all these years? She needs psychological counseling to figure out why she's attracted to men who treat women badly. She probably has daddy issues. A beautiful woman wasting her glorious years on losers and abusers. Beauty doesn't buy happiness, self-esteem, or intelligence. I would almost feel sorry for her if she wasn't so rich simply because of her looks. lol

1356 days ago


I'm not buying this. If he's racist, why would he date her knowing she's half black? Why would he then have a child w/her? If he's racist & thinks those things, then he also thinks those things about his daughter. I'm just not buying it.

1356 days ago


Halle is going to Lose this one big time.

Who brought these exes out of the wood work?

Why now are they coming forward and/or getting paid for their info?
Why didn't they do it when Aubry first started dating Halle or when they had a child together or at least when they first broke up? Why now? Maybe Aubry is right that Halle hired a PI and they are digging up old flames of his and enticing them with $$ for any type of dirt.

All Aubry really wanted was SHARED Custody of their daughter but it was all based on Halle's Control. She started losing it as he started claiming his LEGAL rights.
If she keeps this up She is going to blow this big time. Mark my words!!!

1356 days ago


Responding: nice try but no one believes your bull**** either. tell your employer, halle, that we all think she is a pathetic, delusional bitch!

1356 days ago


Gee, I wonder how much Halle paid this chick??? Halle has stooped to the pathetic and clearly has a team of idiots advising her.

FYI, one of the daytime talk shows announced that they already sent investigators to Toronto last week to look into Gabriel's past and they couldn't find one person who had a bad word to say about him. They said he was beyond reproach and as squeaky clean as they come.

1356 days ago


@134 Trish slave masters slept with slaves, Strohm Thurman has a black daughter. Can u explain that?

1356 days ago


Well if he is only "kind of a racist" and she is only "kind of black" then shouldnt they cancel each other out??? What's the problem???

1356 days ago


All these people are lying about Gabriel. It's called defamation of character. He should sue them all. If he were a racist, then he never would've dated Halle in the first place & he certainly wouldn't have had a child with her. Halle Berry IS a f***ing b*tch. She has a high opinion of herself. She ain't pretty. She looks like a Pakistani boy. She's a lousy actress. She won an Academy Award for the same reason Kathryn Bigelow did-- affirmative action. Lisa Bonet is a lot prettier than Halle & she's a much better actress.

1356 days ago
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