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D.A. Will Get Lindsay Necklace Case TODAY

2/2/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Lindsay Lohan necklace caper will go to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office TODAY ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... and Lindsay's in a heap of trouble.

Lindsay Lohan Necklace Case

We've learned the LAPD will forward the file over to the D.A.'s Office at the Airport Court sometime before the end of the business day.

Sources familiar with the LAPD investigation say the case against Lindsay is "strong."  One source says criminal charges are "likely."

As TMZ reported, a shop owner in Venice, CA filed a police report accusing Lohan of stealing a $2,500 necklace from her store ... and she has surveillance footage of Lindsay wearing the necklace in the store and a photo of her wearing the one-of-a-kind necklace a week later.



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The interesting thing to me is the almost unbelievable convenient timing of Lindsey's assistant returning the necklace as the police are executing a search warrant. Someone in the chain of command had to tip her off. That should be investigated as well!

1325 days ago


Lindsay’s enablers haven’t been online, so something must be going on in the Lohan Camp

1325 days ago


first a fur coat then a friends watch, now a necklace. how many things does she have to steal before she goes to jail?

1325 days ago


@Holly - They're trying to coming up with the official lie.

1325 days ago


@ Beltworld ... If it is not this case it will be another ...

Lohan is not immune to the long arm of the law... The time will come when she will be held accountable for all of her actions ....

She would be much better off "repentiing" now .. but there would not be enough drama in that ...

She is used to taking the "road of least resistance" which most addicts kid themselves into thinking it is the best way to go.... cause they really don't want to change so it is off to some worthless rehab like the Betty Ford Ripoff Center ... or some other waste of time and money secular rehab.

However, if nothing changes ... then nothing changes... and Lindsay Lohan is a perfect example of a person kidding themselves into thinking they have a grip on their troubles .. only to have them re-appear at another time....

How much time and money has this family thrown at LL's troubles? An unbelievable amount .... and the plot continues to thicken each and everyday.

1325 days ago


thankfully I've never been on parole, but I would imagine that if I ever were on parole I would be doing everything I could to not put myself in any kind of position where I could possibly get into any trouble whatsoever. Lindsay, do yourself a favor and just stay home and watch TV for the next year or so!

1325 days ago


If there is NO paper work Agreement that states the necklace was a loner to Lying Lindsay

Than Lying Lindsay is one cooked goose!!!

The store owner says, she STOLE it, NEVER said she loaned the necklace to lindsay.

When she saw a picture of Lying Lindsay wearing out and about, thats when she checked her video and contacted the police

Lying Lindsay is going back nto jail

Stay tuned folks, the headlines are coming soon

Grab some popcorn and wait for the show to begin

1325 days ago


@sem ... better yet ... go into a 12-month program ... like was recommended to her back in 2007 and again in 2010.

TWELVE MONTHS .... at least. And I suggest she make it "faith-based" cause they are proven to work .... just ask the thousands of graduates of Teen Challenge.

1325 days ago


another one that will just get headlines ONLY. no jail as usual, shes a celeb,

1325 days ago

cool breeze    

If she borrowed it and it was not returned in a timely fashion, why did they not call her and ask for it back? can you say FREE PUBLICITY?!?!

1325 days ago


Off to the hoosegow for stealing a necklace that looks like a butt plug. I hope it was worth it.

Posted at 10:47 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by Tellthetruth59


Hey, at least she'll have something to keep herself happily occupied with while in prison. ;-D

1325 days ago


Just wait and see. The US Courts is with Rich and Famous People.

1325 days ago

Joe Dabb Babbalucci    

It's slammer time for LiLo. She needs to go behind bars to learn another lesson in life: Thou Shalt Not Steal. I hope the law pounds on her. It's the only way to get through to her. Everyone knows what a worthless person she is!

1325 days ago


Wow I mean good GOD I cannot believe how stupid the people here commenting are. I mean to the point it frightens me the general public really is a wasteland. Lindsay didn't steal this necklace the idea that she did is absurd. Stars all over the world movie,tv,music and otherwise deal with this same ish all the time because they never deal with these people themselfs it's always assistants and the such. A breakdown of communication ALWAYS happens when there is a middleman/woman involved.

1325 days ago

Ingadee Peepchick    

I'll bet those of you who are lifetime members of The Anti-Lindsay Brigade are desperately hoping #95, Squiggy is wrong.

1325 days ago
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