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'Teen Mom' Maci -- I Don't BEER BONG Anymore!

2/3/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

19-year-old "Teen Mom" star Maci Bookout insists she's "grown up" since her infamous beer-bonging photos were taken ... way back when she was 18.

Maci was out with her best friend in NY last night -- and explained, "I was on vacation and Bentley wasn't with me and I was having a beer."

She adds, "It's obviously something I don't do anymore because I've grown up since then."

For the record, Will Ferrell hit the beer-bong in "Old School" when he was 35 ... and he has 3 kids!


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Steelers suck    

Wow! Must be nice. What is a "vacation"? I had two kids and didn't have anyone to pawn them off on so I could take a vacation. Hell, my kids are grown now and I still can't afford to take a vacation. I'm too busy working a real job for my money. AND, going back to school so maybe sometime I might make enough to take a vacation. MTV, you teach our youth so much! Thanks. *rolls eyes*

1357 days ago


Stupid stupid stupid

1357 days ago

snooki is an UGLY azz MAN    

SEX TAPE TIME!!! ha ha ha i gurantee this dumb azz will be putting ut a sex tape within the next 6 months! Especially since her album is expected to FLOP! her new single was leaked and it is friggin TERRIBLE! she is awful! listen to the song here>><<... even the beat is crappy. And i believe Ke$ha produced the track. What a crock of crapp! lol snooki is a man. Damn THE MAN!

1357 days ago


From what I've seen Maci has been one of the more responsible moms. I don't see the big deal of her having a drink on vacation not only that but she says she's over it for the most part. I don't get why people think that everyone else has to be miserable as they are. If she has a family that loves and supports her and makes raising her child easier then GOOD! That only helps make it more likely that her child will grow up to be a positive member of society.

1357 days ago


Why the hell is she even bothering to defend herself? What did she do that was so massively wrong? Drinking underage? Drinking after she became a mother? She's even being criticized for going on vacation. Glass houses people.
And poster #1 if you didn't get an education before you had kids and raised them in poverty then perhaps you didn't make the best decisions when you were a kid either.

1357 days ago

Steelers suck    

And poster #1 if you didn't get an education before you had kids and raised them in poverty then perhaps you didn't make the best decisions when you were a kid either.

Posted at 8:04 AM on Feb 3, 2011 by karlew

Sorry, there but this is my third degree and my kids didn't grow up in poverty. They also didn't grow up with a mom that is making her money being a "reality" star. I work for a living, I don't party for a living and I stayed home and raised my kids. I didn't rely on someone else. Remember what you houses. This is a comment board, if you don't like my comment, don't read it!

1357 days ago


From what all we have seen on the show Teen Mom, she is one of the more responsible ones. She wasn't pawning her kid off on everyone so she could go out every weekend. The father of her son has visitation, so for all you people know the child could have been with the father for one of their visitation times. That isn't pawning your kid off on anyone, that is making sure the father gets his time in there. If she chooses to take a small vacation with some friends while the father has visitation time, then so be it. What would you rather do? Sit at home and watch tv while your child is with his father, or go have fun with some friends on the beach. I think she deserves a time or two to herself/with friends. She's been a solid mom for her son. As for the drinking.. a little stupid knowing you are underage and that you are sort of in the spotlight and people already rag on you for being a teen mom, but who didn't have a drink or two before turning 21? Come on.

1357 days ago


@Steelers suck

No glass houses for me my friend. I said you should have got an education before you had kids. I did that. And if you can't afford a vacation now without the kids at home, how bad off were you when you were supporting them? I raised kids too and now that we have an empty nest we have much more disposable income for vacations etc. I'm not bitter this kid probably makes more than I do. We all have different opportunities in life. How can she be criticized for making the most of a less than ideal situation? Are you honestly saying you would have turned down the money if you were in her shoes?
Oh and PS what you said about not reading your comment if I don't like it. It's a two way street. I personally don't care that you didn't like my comment, reply away if you like. Like I said glass houses.

1357 days ago


Leave her alone! She is by far the best teen mom we have yet seen from MTV. The fact that she gets a vacation is great because she deserves it unlike some other teen moms that have had recent run-ins with the law. Maci has always been all about Bentley in my eyes so give her a break.

1357 days ago


Another unwed, uneducated teenage mom:( Just what our country needs:( NOT!

1357 days ago


Underage drinking is illegal. I can't stand people who defend that by saying, "everyone did it." That's not true. I didn't drink underage and I know other people who didn't either. If drinking is the only way you can have a good time then perhaps there is something missing from your life.

Did any of you click on those pictures? That was a "ho"rrific Halloween costume. She is a mom. She should act like a role model.

1357 days ago

Steelers suck    

Feel better karlew???? ROFLMAO

1357 days ago



Please quit idolizing idiots

1357 days ago


First of all everyone needs to stop. She is a young woman who made a mistake and from what I can see has made the best of a horrible situation. Secondly the "Steelers Suck" person sounds very bitter. Ive actually seen the show and she has been a very responsible mother. She is fortunate enough that she has family support and is able to have some "me time." What the heck is wrong with that? If you are not as fortunate, then I feel very sorry for you and wish you the best. And I agree with Karlew....if your children are grown, what the heck are you doing with your money? Smoking it? You SHOULD be able to afford a vacation. As for the underage drinking...c'mon folks. Who here didnt? Teens are stupid.

1357 days ago

Jennifer L    

I can see both sides to this story. If your a single mom with zero support for my family, its nearly impossible to go to NYC with friends or even plan a vacation with friends. I'm a young mom, not a teen mom but a young one, and I have family support. I am still able to go with my friends once or twice a month or pretty much whenever I feel like it. I too have sitters willing to watch my young one. I also couldn't see myself going on vacation with out my child though. Even with sitters available I wouldn't be able to be away from my child more then one night. That's the only irresponsible thing that this girl is doing. She shouldn't want to go on vacations without her child. She might be one of the more responsible moms on this show, but she hasn't been filmed in sometime. Things might have changed.. She should go out with and have fun, live her youth. I just can't understand the vacation. That a lengthy period of her living it her ex. Even if they share custody its still to long for her little one to be without her. Doubt she spent just one night away from her munchkin or even a weekend.

1357 days ago
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