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Howard Stern

CRUSHES Jay Leno ...

on Letterman

2/4/2011 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern has decided he's finally "ready" to weigh in on the late night wars -- and last night, The King of All Media went on "Letterman" to SHRED Jay Leno ... saying he's "horrible" and has "no talent."


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george clooney    

oh....and how could I forget David Letterman. This guy has NO TALENT....he stands there and makes faces at America while telling jokes that are not funny but you all think he is FUNNY???? He puts people down all the time; especially conservatives and tells all America how rotten someone is but is a newly wed and at the same time screwing half the office workers....ohhhhhh real good Letterman and the sad thing; you WOMEN, once again, GAVE HIM A FREE PASS.....GAVE HIM A FREE PASS AND DID NOT EVEN BRING IT UP....NOW YOU TELL ME WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN CHEATING AS A GOLFER AND CHEATING AS A COMIC? HIPPOCRIT!

1323 days ago


I've been a Howard fan a long time and would agree with what he said even if I wasn't. Jay Leno's an old fart and so are his viewers. Johnny Carson (RIP) screwed Letterman by giving Jay the Tonight show and Dave's been taking the high road ever since. WTF has Leno done except screw Conan? Talk about a no-talent.

1323 days ago


You people are all wrong, Howard is an absolute GENIUS!! Anyone who is a true fan knows this. There is no one more talented in radio and he is right that Leno has ripped him off for years!!! Viva La Stern!!!

1323 days ago


Look Who's Talking

1323 days ago

george clooney    

#17 Betsy....

We know all about you Betsy and why you love Stern....we have heard it over and over. You are a pre-op and because of Stern, he inspired you and now you are scheduled to go all the way. Though your back will still be hairy, you will feel like a woman. OK, well good for you Betsy. You are a PERVERT TOO!

1323 days ago

Joe Camel    

Jay got 50% of his show material by stealing it from Howard's show.

1323 days ago

Diane Choptiany    

Howard Stern is such a looser 20 plus million people pay to listen to him as apposed to you winners.... he gets a 100 million a year because he is SO irrelevant...he is such a horrible immoral man ..he speaks out for gay faithful in his marriage..has raised 3 good kids..looks after his to charity..rescues animals..loves his country...yes isn't he a bastard.

1323 days ago


Can't beleive people pay to listen to Stern.

1323 days ago


I guarantee 3/4 of the people who bash Stern are viewers who have made Charlie Sheen and 2 1/2 Men the #1 show on TV. What has Howard done, talk about strippers, porn, makes fun of people on the air. What controversy has he been involved in off the air? He is single handedly keeping SiruisXM on the air. He was Pierce Morgan's second show after Oprah. Even his producer who know one would care about writes a book and its a NY Times Best Seller for several weeks. If you hate Stern it's because you don't listen.

1323 days ago


howard and dave...both azzholes.

1323 days ago

Jerry Springer    

Wow...the ugly ass tiny p-e-n-i-s Jew is so bitter at never even having a shot at a late night TV show. Jay has the one thing fing Stern will never ever have....a real show. Add to that a real wife and the respect of his peers.

Howard Stern is the reason there are still bullies. He does however have the perfect look for radio, heard but not seen.

1323 days ago


Howard Stern is so freaking entertaining. I never get tired of his appearances on The Late Show. He totally trashed Jay, but he also fired up Dave. He's totally motivating them to crush Jay in the ratings and I hope Dave takes his advice. Complacency is killing programming!

1323 days ago


Stern is a pig, but he is right about Leno, a no talent, deformed freak. That chin is grotesque.

1323 days ago


I like howard but his obsession with Leno got old, a few years ago. He talks about Leno almost every single day on the radio. He really needs to find a new shrink.

1323 days ago


Didn't Howard steal Win Freds money from Win Ben Steins money?

1323 days ago
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