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'Family Matters' Actress -- Engaged to Ricky Romance

2/6/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remember the chick who played Laura Winslow's BFF on "Family Matters???" Well, she's engaged now ... and the lucky man is none other than Chris Brown's nemesis, Ricky Romance!


Cherie Johnson -- who played Maxine on the show -- got engaged to Ricky a short while back -- but TMZ has learned the couple is now trying to pitch a reality show about their relationship.

We're told the two are pitching themselves as the "new Bobby and Whitney" -- and promise to tackle all sorts of crazy issues like pregnancy and Ricky's parole obligations.

So far, it's unclear if any networks are taking the bait.


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Why would anyone want to dub themselves the next Bobby and Whitney?!? I doubt this will be the last marriage for either of them.

1325 days ago


You guys are a bunch of haters desperately in need of lives. #1, that pimple is barely noticeable but of course, someone without any life or ambition of their own is going to look for anything bad to say rather than anything good. #2, Cherie was on Family Matters AND Punky Brewster, whoever said she wasn't is not only ignorant but also stupid. #3, Most of you broke ass bums and muff-diving half dykes WISH you could pull someone like Cherie who has had a LIFELONG career (which is STILL going strong). And she is FAR FROM BROKE. Try going to google or wikipedia before shamelessly displaying your LACK of knowledge about people??? Cherie has 2 very recent films on Netflix (Dead Tone, I Do... I Did), has recently released her first fiction novel in 2010 and I hear she is releasing her 2nd this summer.

As for her and Ricky, good girls have always liked bad boys (ala Bobby and Whitney). I just hope Ricky doesn't turn her into a broken down meth head/crack whore. I wish you guys the best. If Cherie's fine ass has been single long enough that this dude (who is only famous 'cause his brother is and because he's Chief Talk-A-Lota, Sh*t) could scoop her and lock her down, more power to him.

I will say this, though. Cherie and Shar Jackson are cousins. Maybe there's a family secret that says attractive, unsuccessful men who mooch off women in the public make better sperm donors than the average guy. Who knows???

Cherie, Ricky - if it floats your boat, grab your oars and row!!

1325 days ago


who gives a **** this really important....

1325 days ago

Ridiculously Annoyed    

This IS the same girl from Family Matters, end of story. If you didn't watch the show, then you won't know. No matter what IMDB says, they make mistakes, all the time. Sheesh...some of you people are debating over stupid stuff. Congrats to their marriage, but their reality show would flop on the first episode.

1325 days ago


"Real Chance At Love" - Even black people can't stand these 2 porch monkeys YET they had 2 whole seasons of idiocracy

"For The Love Of Ray J" - Why? Apparently Ray J's love isn't too worthwhile or else Danger would not have "Smashed The Homie" on national TV

"I Love New York" - maybe the state but please send that girl back to whatever project her AND her momma gave enough 'head and hand' jobs to move out of

Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love $$. ALL RIDICULOUSLY STUPID shows but YOU idiots watched them and that's why they continued for as long as they did.

I'd love to hear an intelligent reason why this wouldn't work??

So far EVERYBODY seems to have an opinion.... THAT creates viewers and FANS. America is nosy. We love to dig into other people's lives and watch so we can criticize and take sides. Those principles encompass 95% of successful media in our culture today

1325 days ago


BET / TVOne / Centric this is your cue.......

1325 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

S.A.M. aka Ricky, thanks for all the info, but you are mistaken. Whitney was never a good girl. That was just her public image. Here and Bobby were 2 peas in a pod. Furthermore, you are no Bobby Brown and Cherie is certainly no Whitney. I'd wish you luck with the reality show, but with all the negative energy you put into the universe I really don't see a lot of luck coming your way.

1325 days ago


i get into work to day @ the fairfield inn and his nasty drunk ass is staying here begging females to com chill and has 10 body gaurds with him but on a coupon rate for 40 bucks and i also wish he would leave me alone cause i dont want his money !and he stanks

1325 days ago


She was on Family Matters and Punky Brewster. On Family Matter she was Laura's best friend "Maxine" and "Waldo's" girlfriend. And she was Punky Brewsters best friend but I forgot her characters name

1325 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

S.A.M. aka Ricky, this story has 20-something comments. Several of the comments center around Cherie's acne, even more of them are questioning whether she was on Punky Brewster or Family Matters or both and one or two talks about you. Not one of these few comments expresses any interest in a reality show starring two people that no one knows. Any reality stars you mentioned in your example were either well known long before their shows aired or they became known during their time on a show attached to a celeb.

1325 days ago


@celeb hahaha. It's funny that you think I'm Ricky. My name is actually Sam, but ironically, my initials also spell S.A.M. (Really)

I respect your points about them not being anywhere near the level of Bobby and Whitney. And I seriously doubt they were the ones who came up with "the new Bobby and Whitney". People are always 'embellishing'.

In the same token, none of the people in those other shows were on the level of Bobby and Whitney either. They STILL got their 15 minutes of fame. All I'm saying is since there is a market for people who'd like to spy into the lives of either people, whether famous, unknown or infamous, there's NO reason that the people with access to those markets should not explore those options. From a business standpoint, it's easy to capitalize on these 2 when focused within the correct markets

And really, not trying to be ****y, but have you ever heard Ricky speak?? I watched a video on youtube. hahaha. I highly doubt that you would be having this conversation with him!! Probably can't even SPELL some of them!!

1325 days ago


@Chaka .... her name was Cherie Johnson on Punky Brewster.

1325 days ago


She was on twitter a few weeks ago talking about how she was going to date a dude to get a reality tv show.

1325 days ago

deanna stotts    

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1325 days ago


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1325 days ago
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