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Kim Kardashian -- Come Here Often?

2/6/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian took her boyfriend Kris Humphries out to dinner at STK in New York City last night to celebrate his birthday ... the exact same restaurant she took ex Miles Austin to celebrate his back in June 2010.

In her defense, it's a lot to keep straight.

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Celebrities Suck    

Who cares? Her new boyfriend is fugly.

Reggie was smart enough to walk away from this self centered twit....She's all about exposing herself on every magazine, thn she crys like a retard because they post the mag.. Guess what Kimmie, stop taking your clothes off for once and you wont have to fake a cry. You're all about doing whatever it takes to make it in the celeb world.... If it wasn't because of your sex tape with Ray J no one would have known who you were. Btw we only knew you as Paris Hilton's side kick....

1354 days ago


It's a nice place to get pap pictures taken so your face ends up on TMZ.

1354 days ago


so someone...let me know...this woman got her start from filming her sex life and having it go public....how disguisting...now she doesnt film her sex life...she lives it in public...

what is more sad...is that the young ladies of our society look up to this whore as a status symbol...how about she is an example of what not to be...

a loose woman with no morals who will sleep with any man who has popularity and money....

yech...i wouldnt touch that disease ridden crotch with a ten foot pole...
what a sexual disease cesspool....

1354 days ago


I didn't realize Andre the Giant had a child. And what can we get for you tonight? I'll take everything on the left side of the menu.

1354 days ago


Ok, not trying to defend, but maybe THEY took HER there?

1354 days ago


I was hoping Ms thing went a way for good, how many men has she dad, or how many teams she has had

1354 days ago


#4 She is famous because she got peed on - never forget.

1354 days ago


Who cares. She's just another porn star, credit card scammer and loser who's only claim to fame is being the daughter of a dead attorney who managed to get OJ off the hook for killing his wife and others.

Yep, nothing to see here.

1354 days ago


I've come to the conclusion that the reason this tramp isn't married is because she doesn't want to be but is because she knows if she doesn't whore around with guys her and her family won't be as famous or not even famous at all. Everyone has their time and I get theirs are ending soon, let's hope. I'm tired of hearing about her, her family and her sex-life/love-life. Get married and get the fuhk over it bit-h!

1354 days ago


Everybody is on the mark today.

If Kim has business cards it should read:

Kim Kardashian
Professional Athlete's *** Dumpster

Seriously, she's a glorified porn star.

1354 days ago


well,she can't be to damn good nobody wants that worn out **** i bet u could turn a semi truck around in that worn out puss of hers nasty and stinky and that damn voice i guess that is wht happens when u have all them big ****s run down your throat.why in the world would anybody and i mean anybody want to be seen with that ****** lovin whore.

1354 days ago


What is it with Kim Kardashian and black athletes? Kris Humphries is bi-racial/black, just like Miles Austin. He use to play for the Dallas Mavericks and he sucked.

1354 days ago


@LAWRENCE Kim deserves some criticism but what her father did is not one of them..HE WAS A DEFENSE ATT. that's what he was supposed to do. DUH! Kim I hope this one becomes ur husband it's time.

1354 days ago


How could you sit across the table from that vapid slam-pig and enjoy your meal?

Posted at 7:41 AM on Feb 6, 2011 by FlBiker

I assume the "vapid slam-pig" you are talking about is Kim?

To be fair to Kim, she was probably thinking no one would recognize her. You know? Seeing as her boyfriend is.....how do you say it?......White! And not exactly famous in any way, shape or form.

I'm just waiting at this point for her to do yet another nude photoshoot and whine and complain about that she "feels ashamed of herself for doing it", then a few weeks later say she "is extremely proud of those pictures" only after the check she was paid to do it clears. The same way she "was embarassed" about her sex tape, except for the fact that Steven Hirsch paid her a Queens ransom for the rights to distribute it.

Really, other than her being an average smoker of the pole, and a "dead fish" f**k, what dissernable talent has she ever displayed? And no, her big t**s and huge a$$ don't count as "talents" either.

1354 days ago


I just went to one of those plastic surgery websites where they show all these stars before and after surgery.They should a side picture of Kim before the butt implant and after,there is no comparison,its clear as night and day,so for her to go on Piers Morgan and claim she never had any plastic surgery,that's a bold faced lie and her sister Courtney was flat a pancake before she her breasts done as well,. I also suspect Kim has had a lot more but will always be in denial to maintain her image.So Kim,you can fool your dumb fans but you can't fool the rest of us,its all about the money for you,we know!

1354 days ago
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