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Kim Kardashian -- Come Here Often?

2/6/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian took her boyfriend Kris Humphries out to dinner at STK in New York City last night to celebrate his birthday ... the exact same restaurant she took ex Miles Austin to celebrate his back in June 2010.

In her defense, it's a lot to keep straight.

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george fudge!    

The guy is fugly and has no manners to be walking in front of her. And she seems to be pretty adept at spreading her diseases among pro basketball and football players.

1293 days ago


Oh come on now, it's not fair to expect her to think of a whole 'nuther restaurant. That's a lot to ask.

BTW, I caught the three stooge sisters on the Larry King replacement show last week. No lie, I had to turn it off after about fifteen minutes. Their voices sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I thought the take-off on that they do on SNL was an exaggeration but their voices all together make you want to stick an ice pick in your ear drums.

1293 days ago


What a fugly man she's with yikes and she's no better, all that botox is seaping into her tiny brain, the whole family is no better, cannot believe her father hid evidence in the OJ trial and helped get him off, a killer, a jealous killer, her mom is a nightmare and poor Bruce is treated like one of the kids....sad sad desperate family, who are all on anti depressants and no wonder...

1292 days ago


Kim Kardashian was urinated on by a black man. This is offensive. She deserves to be punished.

1292 days ago


Can't stand this b-it-ch. She's nasty and used up. The only difference between Kim and Heidi Fleiss is that Heidi was honest about selling her ass for cash.

Someone please -- make Kim and her sisters go away. And someone slap Kris for sleeping with OJ and producing Khloe. Yeah. I said it.

1292 days ago


It's obvious to me that Kim is a high priced "celebrity" hooker. Why else, besides publicity would any celebrity go through so many men so quickly.

It's no secret that many celebrities in the past have been high priced escorts, under Hollywood Madams. Many being exposed by heist of Heidi Fleiss.
Some of these "celebrity" escorts can make between $10,000 to $60...,000 per night.

1292 days ago

WHOREtneyKardASS hian    

What's up with Kourtney? She's looking more and more like a monkey (in her face) every year and that bastard child of hers looks more and more like something that crossed south of the border. If Scott actually thinks he's the biological Father he must be sucking on Bruce's stick!

1292 days ago


Plastic Freak / Professional Habitual Liar

1292 days ago


LOL...I hope her ex and new lover like this.

1292 days ago

Mila Star    

Has anyone figured out that Khloe's tweet below was meant for Kim? Even her family knows this relationship is heading nowhere. She's desperate to have a man since all her sisters have men. "Insanity is doing the same thing in the same way and expecting a different outcome." Chinese Proverbs (This is 4 u... switch it up)

1292 days ago


She think it's cool to throw herself with random dudes. I am glad the dudes are using her. Keep spreading those legs. Real women have self respect for their bodies...in fact they are more snobby.

1292 days ago


I don't get what the big deal is ... If it is good food there why not go on a date there?

1292 days ago


All you Haters need to STFU.. I Like that whole Family!!! Stop Reading it and you wont be bothered about Her..

1292 days ago


I'm sure if Kim looks in her "little" black book, she can see who she took to dinner where and when and who she has slept with over the years! Is that rear end of hers, ALL HERS, or was in an implant? She looks deformed!

1292 days ago


Kris Jenner raised three hookers! And Kris looks like a hooker herself! Their father (Robert Kardashian) was without morals. It's all about $$$, even if the world is disgusted by them!

1292 days ago
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