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'Basketball' Wife -- Bouncing Herself Off the Show

2/7/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suzie Ketcham – one of the stars of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” – won’t be returning for a third season … because TMZ has learned, she just couldn’t handle life in the spotlight.

According to a source close to the production, shooting the show was draining and Suzie “couldn’t take the heat" as a reality star anymore -- so Season 2 will be her last.

And the random people constantly trash-talking her on Twitter didn't help either -- we're told by the end of the last season, all the cyber-hate was beginning to take its toll.

Welcome to Hollywood.

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I truly disliked Shaunie. Who did she really think she is. Susie was my favorite. She may be one of the producers but she is a b----?

1340 days ago

Lynn Jones    

Suzie!!!!C Ya!!!!you have diareaha @ that ugly mouth!!!!Jennifer!!!Woman up!!!!!Evelyn!!!!You need your ass whipped!!!hopefully Tami will do it!!!Tami u need counseling before you really hurt someone!!!not saying you shouldnt!!!cause the bopsie twins eve and Jen!!!!need a reality check!!!!Weak following the Winch!!!!!Shaunie,Much love and respect!!!Royce!!!kuttos!!!!!and congrats!!!!!Keep the show going

1338 days ago


I Really Like You. You Will Be Missed. Don;t Worry About What People Say, U Still Have a Lot Of Fans. You Will BE Missed.
I Wonder Who Evelyn Will Pick On Next, Look-Out Royce!!

1331 days ago


These were some of the most ignorant, immature, ghetto, grown women I have ever seen on TV. Ochocino I can't believe you slept with Evelyn. I thought you only dated women with class. Shaunie is a SNAKE. Tami, stop letting them make you look like a clown. You look better than Shaunie and Evelyn. They look hard and burned-out. Jennifer, don't be surprised when you find ot later, Evelyn slept with your husband too.

1324 days ago


I liked Susy and felt sorry for her being bullied by those low class coozes and she really needs to move out of town get some diction lessons and fix her teeth and do whatever she wants to do but she needs voice lessons if she wants to work as a reporter...a little makeover will help....and Evelyn OMG she is a poor excuse for a lady..

1324 days ago


I feel for you, To have to deal with Loud mouth, Evelyn and Jennifer, come on I would leave too. Evelyn is not a friend, she uses people to get what she wants. Evelyn like to throws things back in a persons face. Good Luck Susie in whatever you do.

1319 days ago

mary wooten    

You can say what you want to about these women, I love this show and watch it over and over again. The only one I wish they would leave off next season is Royce. She's got all that mouth and can't even mention her baby or the baller she had it with.I wish Susie would come back, I love seeing those three women coming in to places, looking good. They seem to have fun and live life. If Evelyn does what she wants and with who she wants she should have told Susie I know you were just talking but next time let's just keep it between us.

1272 days ago


BYEEE ! & takee Royce w. youu !

1241 days ago


I think this show is STUPID!!!! STUPID!!! All they do is set around, drink and gossip about each other. Oh Yeah this is really high school drama. This show should air on Nick or Cartoon Network.
The producers need to add a little more maturity; reality etc. It's starting to appear a little more scripted.
Get it together or you will lose some viewers. It's spring/summer and the high schoolers are out having fun...not setting around watching this show.

1233 days ago


Well she should learn to keep her mouth shut. or don't deal with a group of women.she should run from Royce, who is so below her, that it's not even funny.the only level Royce can get on is the floors level.Royce is such a goodwill shopper,she buys all her clothes from there.So if anybody has any old clothes they don't want anymore please give them to Royce cause she really needs them.

1201 days ago


I like Suzie,she is SOOOO far from weak ! I like all the current woman, but I can't stand Tami.. She the BIGGEST troublemaker..

1199 days ago

Chicca S.    

I am really glad she is leaving the show, as she brings nothing to the show. The only role I can see that she plays is taking gossip back and forth between the women. This show is about back stabbing and drama going on constantly. It's just alot of juvenile nonsense and hating going on, and these are suppose to be grown women. As far as Suzie she commented that Meeka needed to "shut the #%@& up", which I agree with because she came wrong from the very beginning, playing all sides. But now Suzie, who runs their mouth anymore than her and is always caught up in the middle of some drama with her mouth? Again she brings nothing to the show except spilling out of her mouth constantly and taking gossip back and forth between everyone. In the end I say, if you are not a present "Basketball Wife, then you should not be on the show. No dancers, no ex-wives, no girlfriends, just "WIVES".

1172 days ago


I am so glad susie wont be on there is it is a third season!! She was the messy one from day one!! She is so scarey but yet she talk too much! Royce tried to maintain her friendship with susie whn evelyn was about to put her foot in her ass, but susie so happy to be "in the circle" that she forgot who her real friend was!! I can really careless bout susie because her charater in the show is boring as hell anyway!! The only interesting part that susie was in was last season when the girls ran in the resturant after gloria and even gloria was bolder than susie cause she ran her ass right out there! I like royce cause she speaks her mind! I even like evelyn this season! So please someone replace susie and meeka wit her messy, ugly,half man ass! Shaunie would have done so much better without meeka joining the circle! They figured her out from day one!

1163 days ago
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