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Halle's Race War with Gabriel:

Our Daughter IS Black

2/8/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry says it point blank ... her daughter is Black -- a direct message to her ex Gabriel Aubry who, according to sources, "went nuts" anytime someone called Nahla Black.

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, "I feel she's Black. I'm Black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory." The one-drop rule was used during segregation to describe anyone who wasn't 100% Caucasian.

As TMZ first reported, sources connected with the former couple say Gabriel insists Nahla is White.

Truth is, they're both sorta right ... and both sorta wrong.

So, we gotta ask ...         

Halle Berry


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Halle can agree with any theory she wants. It does not change the fact that to be black, both of your parents have to be black and to be white, both of them have to be white. If they are not both the same colour, you are not one or the other, you are BOTH. I'm sure Halle's mother is white.
I am mixed race, half black and half white, and I will not choose between the two. I am both.. Get a grip woman!

Posted at 5:08 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by EmJay

To be perfect frank, the vast majority of African Americans are mixed racially to some degree. Why do you think our skin tones, hair types and eye colors encompasses a wide spectrum. We don't have to procreate exclusively with a Caucasian to have mixed features. There's certainly enough variations in our own gene pool along with "albino" related genes to accomplish a "biracial" appearance in some of our children. People are certainly entitled to classify themselves however they wish and if Halle Berry prefers to consider herself "Black", that's her business. She has the responsibility to raise her child in a manner in which she deems fit -- NOT THE PUBLIC!!!

1361 days ago


He's right...don't call her black. Call her Nahla!

1361 days ago


Whatever color Halle is doesn't matter. What does matter is that she is using the media for this smear campaign against her daughter's father. She (Halle) is the one looking incredibly immature and schizo now. She was fine with him until he filed for partial custody and a defined time with THEIR child without her calling the shots or interfering. I wouldn't have gone to her movie shoot either. It was her way of controlling. The child is not HER child as was run on People magazine. Her true colors have shown and I don't mean black or white. I don't applaud any "parent" who uses their child to do to her father what she is doing. It isn't about white or black, it is about that little girl.

Applause to him for keeping his mouth shut and not going public with this.

1361 days ago


She's always been racist. The NY Post called her out on the antisemitic remarks she made on Leno.

1361 days ago


Maybe this has been posted already in the thread, but isn't Halle's mother white?

1361 days ago


Ummmm ok so even if dude is a little racist, their daughter is mostly white. She should be able to claim it if she likes. Even if she was 1/2 N 1/2 why couldn't she claim white if she wanted too.

1361 days ago


LOL at all of the white people commenting about one drop, YOU CREATED THE RULE !

Posted at 5:19 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by TiredofthisCrap

Halle Berry is racist against whites because she was taught to hate blacks, that's your argument. You believe two wrongs make a right. You don't view anything she does in a negative light because you believe she is the product of racial hatred.

You're going to excuse Halle Berry's racism by rationalizing the hatred she has toward a white man due to one injustice done to her. I can't do that. I can't excuse racial bigotry for anyone, we must all find the courage to be proper human beings.

If we cannot interact with each other civilly then we should leave or be forced to leave.

Halle Berry is a bigot and the magazine that published her hatred is racist piece of trash. Halle Berry and Ebony magazine are bigots.


1361 days ago

Mz Laydee11    

Notice Gabriel released one reply comment and has been quiet ever since- for his daughter.. Halle is trying to provoke him. I'm black but to say that her child in black is not just her way of "claiming" this child while denying the father. You're child is more white that black and quite frankly i'm about tired of you playing us black folks when it suits you..... Why are you stating this now.......

Gabriel--She's trying her best to "bait" you..and get you pissed off or whatever. DON"T FALL FOR IT. Keep taking the high road and think of your baby girl-- somebody has to.

1361 days ago


Halle, you're a racist.

1361 days ago

Mason H    

Way to battle racism with... more racism! Good job elevating the human race Halle!

1361 days ago


Afrikans in America should stop calling our ancestors 'slaves' because they were kidnapped free people who were made slaves. Our children think we were brought to this country as slaves, that we were already slaves when we got here. But we weren't slaves in Africa and then just transferred to America. We were captured and then enslaved here. There is a real difference.

True afrikans were free when they were other afrikians on the most part as part of the tribiel warfare that was continiously going on in the african continent at that time. They were captured and sold to the arab traders for the most part till the western hemisphere began to be settled and they took their slave business to that market.....They attacked smaller villages and kill all the ones to old or two young to work and carried the rest off as slave or trade goods. The ones that where sold into slavery were the lucky ones cause they were at least alive....cause if you were not considered strong enough you were killed....
They were already in chains when they got onto the slave ships. they were not free as you call it...... get you facts staight ...

Slavery has been around as long as humans, the slave period in american history is only a short little chapter when put up against other races and cultures a lot still going strong today.....Chinese, Arab, etc every dame color of human beings..
so get off your bandbox cause your slave arguement died 150 yrs ago when lincoln freed the slaves...
In another time , and place and different mindset of peoples..

I am only responible for my actions today and tomorrow not for the actions of 150 years in the past...

1361 days ago


Medically what ever the moms race the baby is that race, so baby is black if mom is black.

1361 days ago


This whole row has moved the evolution of the human species back 50 years. Who cares if she's black or white? What kind of thing is this for them to argue over? The child must already be feeling like an outcast.
Berry and Aubry should be ashamed of themselves. Someone should take all their money away for a few weeks so that they can get a grip on reality and actually have to go through REAL problems. When you can't pay your mortgage the roof is leaking and you don't have enough money for dinner, all of a sudden, the colour of your daughter's skin doesn't matter, only her health. Then and only then, would they start to appreciate how good they have it.

1361 days ago


Technically, the child is the same race as the mother. Therefore, since Halle's own mother is white - English from England - it would make Halle a white woman. Therefore, Nahla is white. Period.

1361 days ago


It's clear just who is the biggoted racist here and it's not Gabriel.
What a role model she is. She's pathetic.

1361 days ago
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