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Halle's Race War with Gabriel:

Our Daughter IS Black

2/8/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry says it point blank ... her daughter is Black -- a direct message to her ex Gabriel Aubry who, according to sources, "went nuts" anytime someone called Nahla Black.

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, "I feel she's Black. I'm Black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory." The one-drop rule was used during segregation to describe anyone who wasn't 100% Caucasian.

As TMZ first reported, sources connected with the former couple say Gabriel insists Nahla is White.

Truth is, they're both sorta right ... and both sorta wrong.

So, we gotta ask ...         

Halle Berry


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Look Halle....Im sick of you already. Your not black and you know it. You didnt want a black daughter or you wouldnt have hand picked a beautiful white man to have your child with. NOW...since you're fighting for custody, she's black, your black and its all about race. Gotta play the black card huh? Give it up Halle, your mom is white, your ex is white and your daughter is ...mostly white. Get the hell over it.

1360 days ago


A shame two nice looking people can look so bad once they open their mouthes in public. But it does make you wonder... what did they see in each other... besides color?

1360 days ago


Halle's comment to the African American race that she is sorry that she had a child outside of her race seems like a racist comment to me. The one drop theory was a racist way to keep the African American race separate form the Caucasian race during segregation. So if you believe in it I would also call you racist. Racism is not just against African Americans, people seem to forget that sometimes.

1360 days ago


It's a child first, our mixed up race of people will decide there is no 100% race, check your me....not like she go back inside her mother and start over and make a decision to see what is best for her if you black i am sure understand.

1360 days ago


Halle Berry is part white and part black. Gabriel is 100% white. The child is malato. Why argue over this. They are her parents and she is free to be both if she wants to. What is the big deal? There is no stigma anymore to being black. We are all children of God where color doesn't matter.

1360 days ago

james reising    

Kid is more whit than black--therefor white. Halle is a bit confused about her own heritage. Nothing wrong with being WHITE AND PROUD.

1360 days ago


Halle is out of date, she still thinks 1950's and she so lives in her little world.sad.

1360 days ago


you whitefolk use race only where it is convenient for your point.As if you ****s don't know what the one drop rule people make me sick.hello whitefolk!!!! nobody told you once you mix your blood with a black person,your race becomes null and void??thats one avenue you can't control.We will **** you out of existance.You better listen to your boy David Duke.

1360 days ago


For the record...her birth cerficate would read black...Hospitals always give the babies the race of the mother.

1360 days ago


Duh... She's mixed and there is no debating it. She's a mix of black, white, and whatever else fell in there.

1360 days ago


Good Grief Halle! You are bi-racial, and so is your baby.... i'm one too so I should know. Let HER pick who she is and what she wants to be called. By giving this issue so much energy you're making it worse. I'm extremely turned off by her comments. May think twice about seeing her in another movie - for sure. UGH...

1360 days ago


Do you see what is happening? We--and yes I mean me too are keeping this issue relavant and that's what halle wants, to be in the spotlight. Moving pass halle...although there are over 900 comments on this topic, we are truly only a handful of people. And...most have a rather healthy view of this subject, but in reality if halle were walking down a street, with no celebrity status she would be considered black.

I was born in the South to a AA mother and a white father who were married for over 40 years til the day he died. I knew very little about color until i went to kindergarden and another little girl called me black...I was upset because my skin was light tan,straight hair, light eyes. I went home and told my father he said "well you are!" he explain that although I am of a mixed race, most people who pass through my life will not take the time to get to know me, they will consider my race what I appear to be--which is black. And no my father did not think I was disowning any part of him. He was very secure in who he was! What he did was equip his child born in the early 50's for the challenges that were coming her way. Bottom line, if you appear to be black the decision is already made in the minds of those that do not know you and for those that do, it should not matter. But that one conversation was a tool for me in participating in this journey called LIFE. It was not about knowing my so called PLACE, it was about rising above what strangers will consider my place. Life is a challege and it's a game and you cannot play unless you get your A@@ off the fence.

1360 days ago


by got issues. Evidently, you are hanging out with the wrong folks. Black mothers are every bit as encouraging and uplifting as you consider a white mother. As we can see by your post, racism is still alive!

1360 days ago


Really? is that why there are so many black men in jail? Is that why 70% of black children grow up without a father? Is that why they have the lowest income? Is that why a black is 39 times more likely to commit a crime against a white then vice versa? Because they have wonderful mothers? I mean, statistics do not lie. Note that I do NOT think it's bc blacks CAN'T. That is just ridiculous. But black AMERICAN culture is broken, anyone can see that, and instead of doing anything about it or talking about FACTS (like Bill Cosby) many blacks like to whine and bitch and moan and ask for handouts instead of helping themselves. I blame it largely on American culture bc we are a whiny entitled bunch of people however, the black community takes the cake on that one. And don't try to blame it on racism since the Asians and Indians do EXTREMELY well (BETTER then white people!) and they face discrimination too. The difference is they work, value education (that is far and away the big one-instead of thinking getting an education is too "white" and therefore some slight against their culture), and don't whine about their crappy lot in life.

1360 days ago


I see some of the white folk on this thread have lost your ever-loving-minds…Halle Berry have always said that she considered herself black…hell… half of you racists wouldn’t know who the f*ck she was if she had not acted in “Monsters Ball”…and Gabe is a low-down-dirty-golddigger….and best believe when Nahla gets older she’s going to identify as black because that’s how AmeriKKKa will treat her. Ain’t sh*t wrong with Halle…y’all just mad because she exposed that golddigging loser she procreated with…who just happens to be white…keep it real…because if Gabe was black…you mofos wouldn’t not give a f*ck.


1360 days ago
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