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Keith Olbermann Takes Gig With Al Gore's TV Network

2/8/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keith Olbermann has a brand new home -- Al Gore's Current TV ... where he'll take the position of "Chief News Officer" and host a new 1-hour nightly show.


The show is set to debut in the spring -- it'll be the first time Keith will host a show since he abruptly parted ways with MSNBC last month.

Gore -- who serves as Chairman of Current TV -- says he's "extremely honored and delighted" about Keith ... calling him a "great fit with Current in every way."

Gore also said Olbermann will be able to make political donations in his new job -- explaining, "We believe at Current that every citizen has freedom of speech, and that freedom of speech includes the ability to donate to candidates of your choice."


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Science Teacher    

Re: Global Warming
To those without a 6th graders' knowledge of science and logic:

First of all it's not global warming, its global climate change. Global warming is a pejorative term given by those, who have an agenda.
Children, let us look at the city of Buffalo. If Lake Erie is frozen over, Buffalo gets less snow. If the lake is not frozen, guess what? Snow and lots of it.
Now what do you think happens when the arctic is not frozen over? Johnny? Why that right! More snow, especially when an Arctic Clipper is blowing.
Please children learn science from science books, not political or religious sites.

Your Teacher

1351 days ago


I love how Fox News is in the heads of all the libtard wackos. Notice how they are the only ones even mentioning Fox on this blog to begin with. They are so obsessed over the sheer dominance and success of Fox that it literally ruins their already pointless and meaningless lives.

It has to suck having a President you cannot praise or brag about and are stuck coasting through a miserable existence hating a news outlet that you have insanely convinced yourself is the root of all the evil in the world. Talk about psychotic.

Personally I find the libtard brain diease over Fox to be most refreshing and entertaining. Seeing a pitiful, weak, uninformed, ignorant libtard sheep questioning why they even bother with life and blaming a news station for all of their shortcomings and failures is high quality entertainment.

Thank you Fox News. If for no other reason than for driving the anti-American/Pro-Communist d-bag lefties even crazier than they already are.

1351 days ago


You want to talk about "losers", just read the blogs. At least both Al and Kieth work for a living, and give back to others. Good luck Kieth.

1351 days ago

Freddie K    

Maybe they can release each others shakra's. Gawd knows KO needs it, he is wrapped too tight.

1351 days ago

ur boss    


1351 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I literally HATE these two yokums, but today???

I honestly feel sorry for both of them.

1351 days ago


So, the far left nutjobs have a TV channel. I'll make sure to delete that channel from my lineup should it rear it's ugly head.

There is no room for far left and far right radicalism. Those of us in the middle wish all of them would go to some Middle Eastern country where extremism is all the rage.

1351 days ago


Liberals have to be dumber than dirt. Here they are running to the defense of a propagandist madman that is the very definition of a hypocrite.

He made millions upon millions by attacking and lying about the wealthy when he himself made more money than the very people he targeted and labeled "greedy blood suckers" in the first place.

Yet there are still idiotic sheep that defend him that are too stupid to realize the obvious. Only a Democrat!!

1351 days ago


LOL, current TV??? never heard of it!

1351 days ago


I hope I dont have that network. All they need is Michael Moore and it could be a great LIAR FEST!!!

1351 days ago


Why OH Why does Gore keep making a ars of himself. Now we all know why the Tipper got rid of him.

1351 days ago

Jacob Current show.

I think I'm starting to detect an arc to Keith's career?

1351 days ago


that is fitting, will never have to worry about seeing his dumb a** again.

1351 days ago


I am always surprised when I read"comments" because the people
making impolite statements always use incorrect informatiom....
like the cold winter in the Norteast and midwest show that there
is no gobal warming...little brains and a lack of techniical
information just quoteing made up uninformed to another and then to another and they become convinced they have
facts. The above comments are from the Palin Bachman releases.

1351 days ago


What's the matter? No room at HDNet with Dan Rather?

How about a guest spot on Sesame Street?

1351 days ago
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