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No Perp Walk For Lindsay Lohan

2/8/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not be handcuffed and paraded in front of cameras Wednesday before her arraignment on felony grand theft charges ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Our sources say there will be no "perp walk" -- which is when someone charged with a crime is arrested, cuffed and taken to the cop shop for all to see.

Instead, Lindsay, seen above leaving her probation officer this morning, will simply surrender to the court when she shows up for her arraignment tomorrow.

After Lindsay is arraigned, she will be taken to the basement of the courthouse where her booking photo will be taken ... then released after bail is posted.


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"The Los Angeles District Attorney's office will seek a six month jail sentence for Lindsay Lohan for probation violation, has exclusively learned."

According to Radar


1321 days ago


Proof this loser is broke? She has a bail bondsman and interest rates are 1%. If she had the money to post her bail (she never has) why would she give 10% away (10k on 100) for nothing? She ghetto.

1321 days ago


Its sad Lindsey is such a baller and she's never been able to afford a house. What does she own, a bunch of clothes and a leased car? She's like a rapper or MC Hammer, make a little money spend twice as much.

Posted at 4:45 PM on Feb 8, 2011 by Soetoro

i'd like to see the receipts for those clothes.

1321 days ago


Nicole- I honestly believe you do have one log in account. Lindsay knows a crap load of people, a whole crap load, but that dont make any of them her friends.

1321 days ago



You are right I forgot about the Proactive money and that Etrade lawsuit that got thrown out.

1321 days ago


If you really want Lindsay to be concerned and shaken up about her future, just stop making comments on the articles. No comments, means nobody cares, Lindsay will lose here celebrity status very fast.

1321 days ago


well after she makes bail she can go to carvel for ice cream.

wait...scratch that. lost her damn carvel card.

1321 days ago


That E-trade lawsuit did get thrown out, but how come E-Trade can't use the name Lindsay or Lohan now? I thought I read something about that earlier when I was half asleep. What's the story with that. Guess I need to go Google....

1321 days ago


Of course she will be treated differently than most of us, she's special. She belongs in a mental institution. Maybe there is a way to salvage her, at least partially. She is obviously on a path of self destruction.

1321 days ago


God she was so close to finishing her probation. Its hard to believe she would do this. The police must have strong evidence to charge her. If she steal the necklace why in the hell would she turn it in. I know it would be the right thing to do but now she could go to prison. Shes not quilty until they can prove she had a intent to steal so let her have her day in court. I really hope it was a misunderstanding or a employee didnt do the paperwork to loan a necklace. If the store knew she stoled the necklace why didnt they call the police the day it happened. There are to many unanswered questions.

1321 days ago


some people shop to make themselves feel better.

after bail loserhan can go steal something. again.

1321 days ago


You think when her ghetto broke ass has to go get a bail bondsman to borrow the $$$ from for 10% he calls Dog the Bounty Hunter to keep and eye on her? That would be classic, the D O G grabs Beth and Leland and they set up some surveillance. I think he calls up Youngblood back for one more ride! I think A&E might give her and Dina a few bucks for that.........

1321 days ago


@ Nicole

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office will seek a six month jail sentence for Lindsay Lohan for probation violation.

Good Lord..and that don't even include the time she gets for this shoplifting charge.

I think you're going to need some help figuring out the new countdown days.

I'm sure you're telling yourself how unfair life is.I'm sorry honey :(

Hey..are you going to make it to the courthouse tomorow?

1321 days ago


She is broke. Are you saying she committed perjury under oath and misstated her financial condition to get out early? Thats delusional, and if true, a felony in and of itself. You Lohans are truly sick people.

Posted at 4:19 PM on Feb 8, 2011 by Soetoro


Realize who we are talking about and then think about what you just wrote.

1321 days ago


Oh...BOY, yet ANOTHER mug shot greeeeaaat...I'm old enough to be her mother and I don't have even ONE...gee, I'm jealous.

1321 days ago
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