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No Perp Walk For Lindsay Lohan

2/8/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not be handcuffed and paraded in front of cameras Wednesday before her arraignment on felony grand theft charges ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Our sources say there will be no "perp walk" -- which is when someone charged with a crime is arrested, cuffed and taken to the cop shop for all to see.

Instead, Lindsay, seen above leaving her probation officer this morning, will simply surrender to the court when she shows up for her arraignment tomorrow.

After Lindsay is arraigned, she will be taken to the basement of the courthouse where her booking photo will be taken ... then released after bail is posted.


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who cares    

If this was not a celebrity then their probation would have been violated and they would be waiting in jail for a month for their first court date.

Funny how the justice system works in LA. for movie stars, they might as well have their own celebrity jail and courthouse and a separate one for us regular people

1355 days ago


In KS Judges are required to offer/set bail on a probation violation warrant. They will set bail for the new felony but they could put her on pre-trial release too. It's totally ridiculous b/c then the offenders are out on the lam committing all kinds of new offenses until their revocation hearings and half the time they abscond anyway. A lot of offenders of course can't make bail and have to sit for a couple weeks or a month. Lilo will have the money so she will get out. But CA laws may be different.

1355 days ago


@ LA Me
This will be the nicest mugshot yet and she won't be in a jumpsuit and will just be bailing out.


1355 days ago


***Joe Blow EXCLUSIVE!!***

The reason our friend Nicole Enabler hasn't shown her face around here today is because she's getting that "Linnocent" sign ready for her appearance outside the courthouse tomorrow. You might remember Nicole Enabler from her previous appearance outside the courts last summer, that's if you spotted the fat, old, balding dude with the goofy hat and three sizes too small t-shirt, that was standing behind Shawn Holley during many an interview.

1355 days ago


Not even the Voodoo Queen Marie Leveau could get Lindsay out of this conviction.
But then again...

1355 days ago


Whoops, spoke too soon! Anything else to add here besides shouting "LINNOCENT", Nicole Enabler? Care to tell us how this is just all a misunderstanding again?

1355 days ago


@ 56 nicole

If she is chargred with Vop and felony theft and the judge who hears the felony case has both charges to punish she can get prison time for both.

1355 days ago



1355 days ago


Innocent until "proven" guilty

1355 days ago


That guy Jake Byrd who wears the LINNOCENT t shirt works for Jimmy Kimmel and is acting. He has also supported Paris Hilton

1355 days ago


Oh, FFS! First of all, I can't believe that pithy little gold necklace is worth $2500 - the jewelry store should be hung out to dry for peddling overpriced baubles. ****. Go to K-Mart and buy one just like it at their 70% off sale. Second, why would LL want to lift such an insignificant piece of jewelry when she can easily afford higher end tinsel? The whole thing is a publicity stunt by the greedilicious jewelry store who wants 15 minutes of fame.

1355 days ago


Another picture to add to her portfolio. How many will that make?

1355 days ago


Silly me. Yesterday I was almost buying into delmar's suggestion that Lilo is mentally ill. Until I saw all of her newest clever manipulations (and her family's) set up to have others take the fall for her lies.

And what BS is his suggestion that the family is attempting to help her privately. All they ever do is lie and manipulate, just as she does, to get her out of her end of responsibility.

And how about that friendship thing, Lindsay, how's it going for you, what with you setting your friends up to perjure themselves? Very considerate of you. Just another bunch of peons for you to step on/over in your attempt to do whatever you want without repercussions. They are truly STUPID to do this, except, of course, Eleanor will have no job as an assistant if you're locked away for a year so yeah, I guess she has a stake in this business too. Freaking lawbreaking liars. Too bad the three of them can't be locked up for lying to the court system.

1355 days ago


No, Nicole,

Can you say, Lil-ty?

1355 days ago

Alan Carver    

So she had enough money to buy the necklace, but still chose to leave with it, claiming it was on loan. Then she had her stylist return it to the police after it was discovered that she going to have her house searched after a warrant was to be issued to do so. Now we find out that she is going to be charged with a felony for grand-theft, and while she is going to be arraigned on this charge she is going to still be able to post bail! I find all of this very interesting as it seems to me that she still does not understand that her 'irrational' ways of thinking are doing her more damage than they're helping her. I find it interesting that the probation dept hasn't asked her to come in and talk about what happened and explain her side of the story. I do not think that this is going to stick, but she has rolled these dice before and lost so it is going to be interesting to see how Judge Fox handles this latest mess Lohan has found herself! What a mess!

1355 days ago
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