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Lindsay Lohan

Accused of Burning

Tanning Company

2/8/2011 6:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by a mobile tanning company that claims they bronzed the actress up from 2007 to 2009 ... but she stiffed them on the $40k bill.

Lorit Simon claims Lohan hired her Nevada-based company, Tanning Vegas -- and the job required interstate travel when Lohan was craving a color change.

In the lawsuit filed last week in Nevada, Simon claims Lohan racked up $41,031.60 in unpaid charges -- and even now, she refuses to settle her debt.

Simon wants Lohan to fork over the money -- plus attorney's fees and interest.

Simon has sued Lindsay before -- accusing the actress of stealing her secret formula for a spray tanning product and selling it under her own Sevin Nyne label.


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This is so unfair! Everyone knows Jamie Lee Curtis is the one who is causing all of these problems! Jamie Lee Curtis has been in Lindsay Lohan's body since one pretty freaky Friday back in 2003. Jamie Lee Curtis is the one who does all of this.

Isn’t it funny that as soon as Lindsay got out of rehab she met with Jamie Lee Curtis in a hotel lobby? That’s because she was actually meeting with the real Lindsay Lohan in an attempt to gain her body back.

Unfortunately the only thing that can reverse the curse is a glass of grape juice drunken by someone who has had no cocaine or Activia yogurt in their system for at least 30 days.

Needless to say neither Lindsay or Jamie Lee Curtis have been able to achieve this.

1355 days ago


The judge needs to freeze her assets; if she has any which I'm sure she has plenty. Then throw her ass in jail.

After that, TMZ needs to stay away from the Blohans. Don't give them press time. Just let them fade into obscurity.

1355 days ago


I want her to toss my salad with not jelly....not syrup.....wait for it......mayo!!! And a big(ass) set of tongs.

1355 days ago



Guessing there is no blood left in that turnip.


1355 days ago


Does this troll purposely not pay bills,steal jewelry,commit other crimes just to stay revelant to prolong her non-existant career.It seems trouble follows this former child star wherever she goes.Who in their right mind would want anything to do with her.Oh I get it-for the free publicity and then you get burnt later.Her new career seems to be continuously getting into trouble,(what a loser);and that she's great at! A+

1355 days ago


I wish her all the luck in the world concerning her sobriety, but if it were you or I that did these things we would have been in jail long ago. In my opinion, this is the second part of her recovery. Putting a stop to all the crap she pulls, with help her with her sobriety in the long run

1355 days ago


She's owed 40k for two years and the tanning company is just filing suit now?

1355 days ago


Party with Lindsay tonight at Chateau Marmont! Put on the mink, get into the pink and smell the stink!!!!

1355 days ago


This just gets ``` better and better!! What a scam artist Klepto`han
really is. KARMA BABY!!!!!!!!!!! come get you some!!! ☺

1355 days ago


..........and the house of cards has fallen..........

Congrats on the self-implosion. Your Twit "fans" have been waiting a long time for this.....and now we all have front-row seats. If you think for one minute all these people follow you because they like you, you are sadly mistaken. We simply have tickets to a modern-day circus

Have fun in jail, Lohan.

1355 days ago


LMFAO @ Jay & Dann!!!

Where is Lindsay's Chrissy Crocker?

Oh, wait...that'd be her enabler parents & lawyers....

1355 days ago


jail will do her the world of good and she needs a better team.

1355 days ago


how much more trouble can some one find on this young lady? Is she really that bad of a person?

1355 days ago


When you're assigned the task of "bronzing" or "tanning" a natural redhead on a regular basis, . . . well, you're kind of set toward a losing venture, anyway. Just sayin' . . .

1355 days ago

Bob the Builder3000    

Dann, you are a fine poet ; )

1355 days ago
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