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Zuckerberg Stalker's Plea -- 'SAVE MY MOTHER'

2/8/2011 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of stalking Mark Zuckerberg claims he was only trying to reach the Facebook honcho in a last ditch effort to acquire financial assistance for his dying mother.


In a letter Pradeep Manukonda sent Mark this past January -- and obtained by TMZ -- the 31-year-old depicts himself as "a son to my mother who has become helpless in supporting his kin."

Pradeep claims his mother is suffering from a serious illness with little time to live -- though he doesn't disclose the nature of her illness.

Pradeep is also unclear about how much cash he wants from Zuckerberg -- only that he promises to "repay the entire amount incurred for her treatment."

As we previously reported, Zuck obtained a restraining order against Pradeep -- claiming he  posed a threat after he showed up at the Facebook offices and Mark's home. 

Pradeep has said he will not try to contact Mark again.


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I am outside your house...

Yeah that won't scare him.

1354 days ago


I would like to formally request that Mark Zuckerberg lend me money. I am calling it the "Help a fellow Jew who's out of work" fund. So, I'm asking he give me whatever he wants because I'm jewish,have used Facebook and I could use the money. Forget those scam charities where 85% of the money donated goes to "admin and operation" costs. Give the money to a fellow jew down on his luck, not skill. I'm a sales representative who worked primarily in the software industry.

Oh, and if Harvey needs someone to do voice characterization, voice over etc.. please let me know.

1354 days ago

Roger Ball    

Having too much money is like being too good-looking or having too much fun - it's just not possible, is it...? And to say that Mr. Zuckerberg should help this guy out is not realistic. Any responsible advice given to him would outline how if he helps this individual out, he, and other high-profile types believed to be rich, would immediately be innundated with requests and threats from mental patients, welfare cases and fraudsters from all over the world, which would vastly outnumber any legit requests for help that people would make. He would never be able to go outdoors again.

1354 days ago


hmm for some reason i remember Zuckerberg saying he was going to donate his money to charities... sounds good for the media.. maybe for the groups that are getting the money... but this guy has a desire to save someones life... and approached Zuckerberg, perhaps not prudent or wise but to tell you the truth maybe these high profile people that want to be philanthropists should get in touch with reality.. its people that need help not corporations... and thats all these charities are...

1354 days ago


Hindu begger with slave mentality

1354 days ago


this is useless information, this isnt new's, this happens everyday, just because you dont read about it online doesnt meant it doesnt happen, a rich person can walk down the street and people can approach and ask for money, Let this billionair dude do whatever he wants with his money, if he wants to help go for it mark, if not its his choice.

money is like Lay Chips, you give this guy a chip, and take the risk of him asking for more, or others with the same cause will apprach him asking him, its a vicious cycle

1354 days ago



How about more money than any human being could ever spend in his entire lifetime?
Our friend Mark could spend a quarter of a million dollars every day for the rest of his life (assuming he only lives to be 100) and barely spend half of what he has today. That's not to say you or I deserve it more, just that it is "way too much" for one man, plain and simple.

1354 days ago

Johnny Anon    

Sad as it is to say this guy is a con artist. Hospitals do not turn away people from lack of funds. Get real.

1354 days ago


are you guys serious?

Mark shouldnt do a damn thing. This guy is harmless? how about you buy me a new car? no?

How about i follow you to work and ask you there? no?

How about i follow you home and ask you there? no?

thats a bit psychotic

even if it were real, to actualy go after someone else like that is BS. There are many other avenues to go about asking for help that does not include stalking someone

as for teh rest of you who think he has too much money. BS. He has earned that money. I may not like him, or facebook for that matter, but there is not a damn reason why he should feel obligated to give it away.

And yet he has. Hes donated a **** tonne. More than most anyone that posts here will make in a lifetime probably.

And finaly, where do you draw the line?
give him money, what about the next million free loaders with bleeding hearts and a problem ask him for money?

no way.

he did the right thing, and you cant fault him for that

1354 days ago


Look the guy has not asked for money he has asked for help. if mark felt the guy was after money MARK Z could've just put the mom in the hospital and have the bills sent to him. But we know this guy does not do charity the only charity he's done was after the movie about him came out and he was trying to act like a good guy.

1354 days ago


Zuckerberg is a Jewish name, and Jews will never help or pay even to save their own mother's, let alone an indian guy which they assume are the s*** of the earth.

1354 days ago


@Johnny Anon
What planet do you live on? Hospitals do turn people away. In fact if you want to see some examples of what happens to people who can't pay check out skid row. You would be surprised. If you have no insurance you are pushed to the end and sometimes you don't get seen. I did my internship in a hospital in a smaller town. You would be sick to see how many people die in the the waiting room alone because they have no insurance.

1354 days ago


For any one man to have a million is to much because its all stolen from the people. And why would this poor guy think that the white man who stole everything by gun point, look at history, so he could send his spoiled rotten kids to the best universities, would want to help someone down and out. Hes the thief of the bible! Cant you yuts see it!!!!

1354 days ago


Aw geez, Pradip, I hope that your mother is all right. Its tough in America right now.

As for facebook, its such a fraught empire. But I'm not too worried about it these days. I know the resistance is coming! :)

1354 days ago


How much money does that ******* have? Hear him out, you prick!

1354 days ago
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