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Jewelry Shop Owners 'Sad' About Lohan Prosecution

2/9/2011 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store owners who blew the whistle on Lindsay Lohan now say they feel bad Lindsay has been charged with a crime for which she could go to prison.

Kamofie & Company

Geoff Kaman, owner of Kamofie & Company -- the jewelry store where Lindsay allegedly pilfered the $2,500 necklace -- tells TMZ he and his wife "are extremely sad on how all of this has turned out."

Nonetheless, Geoff and his wife have cooperated with authorities, which led to the criminal case.


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They should have no sadness here.

LL brought this all on herself. It was her choice.

It's time to apply the law to this young woman. She's skated away far too much which has led her to this point. Enough.

1315 days ago


The reason that they are sad is that their rip off pricing has been exposed.

1315 days ago


Ya'll need to read. Mr. Kaman never said "sorry" he said they were sad how this all turned out.

If it were me, I'd be sad too. This is a horrible situation to be in as a store owner. To have to prosecute someone so high profile for theft. Ugh. I feel for them.

I applaud them for doing what's right even though there are closed minded, judgmental people out there who are condemning them for calling the cops when someone steals from them.

They did the right thing, kudos for them!

Do we live in such a celeb-centric society in LA LA Land that we can't believe that a celeb would do such a thing, it MUST be a mistake?


Have you looked at her track record people? She steals coats from clubs, clothes from closets of friends, and assaults an employee at her rehab- and you're defending her?

Yet with LL's track record... the store is making this up. Do you see your flawed logic here?

1315 days ago


Because unlike the filthy thief they can empathize with the plight of a young troubled fellow human being,This is not the type of publicity the store wanted.Anyone saying they would not shop in their store after this incident they don't want you in their store and you could not afford it anyway like many have said go get a cheap kmart knockoff.Many more clients will be drawn to the store for standing up to the blohans lying and intimidation tactics.

1315 days ago


Enough. No more feelings for this individual. This has become a straight up criminal enforcement issue. The cards will fall where they may. If guilty, and if this ends her "career", it wouldnt be the first time nor the last. Time to do the criminal enforcement job, and move on.

1315 days ago


It is normal for jewelry and clothing stores to lend products to stars and celebrities and it is normal that the stylist forgot to give it back or there was most likely a miscommunication. What is not normal is the holier then thou people in this country we live in like to destroy any young woman who is rich or famous and although there are stars like Shia LaBeouf who is worst then Lohan, we hear nothing about him nor is a prosecutor out to burn him at the stake. What Lindsay needs is to be left alone. I dare say that half of you holy rollers with the mob mentality were not perfect growing up either, perhaps drank and drove or smoked pot or whatever. PUULLLLLEEEEEEAASE. she isn't Roman Polanski, or Shia La Boeuf or Morton Downey Junior. California has a bunch of perverted cops and everyone knows that.

1315 days ago


It's really nice that they are saying they are sorry after the fact that she has been charged with a crime. It's not as if they didn't know all along that she could be charged with a crime that could result in prison time, and I have to wonder if their store has had some backlash and decreased sales because of all of this. How many celebrities do you think will want to do business with them now? In my opinion, I think that they made the whole thing up after loaning her the necklace in order to get some media attention for themselves because they thought that publicity would increase their business. I think that they tried to take advantage of her situation, didn't benefit from it the way they thought they would, and are now trying to cover themselves. I feel bad for Lindsay because I never thought for one minute that she would do something so ridiculous and irresponsible after all that she has gone through and after apparently successfully completing her rehab. She has the money to buy the necklace, she knew that there would be security cameras on her in the store, she knows that she is under a lot of scrutiny, and she knew that she could go to jail if she did something like this, so I believe that she is INNOCENT.

Posted at 12:06 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Pam
Lindsey, innocent?... BWAHAHAHA!!!

Thanks for your POV Dina!

1315 days ago


Yah... I know, I feel the same way when it comes to a washed up - doped up - thief! I'm crying tear already ;(

1315 days ago


What they are sad about is that when they left a message for Lilo (probably a couple of times) after they saw the tape and lilo walking out of their store with "their" necklacke, giving her a chance to purchase it because they were "sure it was an accident" and she refused to return their many calls leaving them no choice but to call the police.

You or I would be in jail immediately because we are "unknown." Lilo is a celeb and could have made it "right" immediately, claiming it was an accident. The girl has no survivial skills and believes lieing(sp) will get her out of everything. I still think she's back on drugs.

1315 days ago


Really *******s? Because I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have gotten anywhere unless YOU pressed charges. I would bet a million dollars the bi tch owner loaned her the necklace and said, "Oh, don't bother with the paperwork - you're a celeb!" because every jewelry store owner and their dog have tried to get Lindsay to wear one of their pieces. They're lying sacks of crap who are just releasing this B.S. because they know they've screwed themselves out of any other celebrity ever coming into their store. Good. I hope they go out of business.

1315 days ago


Does anyone here remember the Photo of her and the owner? He was ALLLL about using her for publicity with a Photo of him with her....

Your telling me he isnt going a step further for themselfs?

If any of you honestly beleive she stole something of this small of value knowing not only cameras are on her all the time for being who she is, but from recent problems YOUR the crazy one! And need locked up..and not in a prison.

The world is losing its common sense...Were doomed! DOOMED I say!

1315 days ago


How could they possibly feel bad? If someone who wasn't famous stole the necklace I am sure they would not feel bad. Why feel bad for this low life? She is nothing more then a drug addict and everyone feeds into her crap. Its ridiculous all the crap she gets away with. Oh and she is a horrible actress.

1315 days ago

normal person    

Hey haters how will you fill your days while you work . I know find someone else to pick. Like one poster said this is no fun anymore.
Haters haters haters

1315 days ago


I'm sure they are sad that this has been such a media circus and I'll bet they feel sad that Lindsay is such a screwed up mess.... but I thank them for reporting the crime and cooperating with the authorities.

They have far more courage than all of Lindsay's previous victims.

Thank you !!! Someone had to stop her at some point.....

1315 days ago


I don't condone what Lindsay did if she really did take the jewelry. I believe the store saw an opportunity to get the publicity and used Lindsay to do it,

I feel bad that Lindsay seems to be trying to get her life on track, and this will destroy the fragile Lindsay.


1315 days ago
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