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Lohan's Coat Victim: I Won't Help in Necklace Case

2/9/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who sued Lindsay Lohan for allegedly stealing her $12,000 mink coat back in 2008 claims she's "not interested" in helping officials put Lindsay behind bars ... despite the fact that the D.A. wants to bring up the incident.

TMZ spoke to a rep for Masha Markova ... who tells us the two settled their case with "no admission of guilt" ... after Lindsay walked out of a NYC nightclub wearing the coat without permission.

And while Masha admits Lindsay has demonstrated a "strikingly similar pattern" of taking other people's property since the mink coat situation ... Masha says she wants nothing to do with the new case.

TMZ broke the story -- Masha's lawsuit against LiLo was a factor in filing grand theft charges against Lindsay -- because it shows an M.O. when Lindsay goes "shopping."


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Of course this person isn't going to talk. Lindsay is probably promising photos to sell . . .

1359 days ago


I understand that it is not her choice to testify if she is subpoenaed by the court, however If I remember correctly she is not an American citizen nor does she live in the US so I think then maybe it is her choice.
Posted at 9:18 AM on Feb 9, 2011 by anyjoe

I would think that if that woman is in the States she has to live by our rules, unles she has diplomatic immunity. Not sure, but wouldn't think you can go into anoher country and live by your own rules.

1359 days ago


just remember the chick during the clintons white water scandal who wouldnt testify..she did years in jail the whole time bill was it can happen.

1359 days ago

go home!    

They need to talk to Lauren Hastings, the model and ex friend who she stole $10,000 worth of clothing from her home.

1359 days ago


I'm so glad Lindsay got her lips blown up for last mugshot photo shoot...this is going to look great.

1359 days ago


@go home!
No they are two different people.Nicole Richie's best friends name is Masha Gordon.

1359 days ago


See that picture? That's dumbass lindsay wearing a coat she stole from a party the night before. So, she keeps stealing, then showing off the things that she steals. Not only is she a kleptomaniac, but she dares the world to catch her. This time, though, the world caught her.

In reality, it doesn't matter what the owner of the fur coat says or doesn't; she's already made a deposition in her lawsuit, which can be read into the record if need be, as it's testimony under oath. Bottom line - BLOWhan is going to prison for theft, and also to jail for ANOTHER PROBATION VIOLATION. God, she's dumb...

1359 days ago


Actually, Idiot! she seems to get off on it. She seems to seek situation like this out for excitement.

1359 days ago


Is she American? Does she live in this country? Can you supina someone who lives in England and force them to fly to LA to testify in a shoplifting case?

1359 days ago


You all have to remember, Lindsay's shopping habbits and other alleged theft are going to be a very very small percentage of Danette Myers case 99.5% will be about what happened in the jewlery store all myers is doing is introducing that she has been accused before that is all. Her whole case is going to be the jewlery store.

1359 days ago


TMZ is it true that Judge Fox will go ahead and revocate her probation and she will be setting in Jail waiting for this felony case to proceed?

1359 days ago


I think this Masha chick is probably working another payment out of the idiot Lowhans at this very moment. Then when and if she does get called to the stand, unwillingly of course, and tells the truth, she can afford to have a little fun on the town, courtesy of Lindsay Lowhan, the thief that stole her coat.

Revenge is a dish, best served ice COLD.....

1359 days ago


So what, she's another person that Lohan probably paid off after she sued her in the first place. Lohan thinks that money can get her out of whatever situation she's put herself in.

It won't matter how much money Lohan paid her off, or what silent contract she signed. If she gets subpoened to appear or testify, then there is nothing she can do about it.

The DA should look into how many people Lohan has paid off to drop charges against her in the past. Witness tampering was illigal too, last time I checked.

1359 days ago


Lindsays taste in clothing has much to be desired. She should have to do time in prison for wearing those 1970 disco spandex pants and a dead animal on her back.

1359 days ago


All her statement said is she's not interested in getting involved with this.

If she was,Nicole and the rest of the Lohan's would be accusing her of seeking publicity,she's a liar etc..etc..

If she's summoned to court to testify,she has to..Else she'd get into trouble.

She settled out of court with Lindsay for an undisclosed amount.

If that coat would not have been returned,Lindsay would have been charged with theft.

She got out of that one with the "so called misundrestanding excuse"..but she paid dearly out of pocket for that stunt.

Now how on Earth did Lindsay accidentally grab her coat?..Because she couldn't find hers,or she had an identicle one?

The DA could tear that case wide open again..but just can't reaveal the amount Lindsay settled for.

Harvey you should know that.

1359 days ago
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