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Gayle King -- It Doesn't Pay to Be Oprah's Half-Sister

2/10/2011 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey isn't going to cut a huge check to her newly discovered half-sister Patricia just because they're related ... at least not yet ... because Gayle King says "that isn't how Oprah operates."

Gayle was out in New York City last night, where she told us Oprah and Patricia were off to "a really good start ... and they're both taking it very slow."

Gayle says Patricia earned serious points by not exploiting the fact that she was Oprah's half-sister -- despite knowing about the relationship since 2007.


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Truth is    

@ Dr. Bob...I am black but your comments are funny as hell

@ do you pronounce your give black ppl a bad name...if oprah was white, will you defend her...I think you are on her payroll...Does she pay you?!? Why would I give an eff about someone who dont give an eff about me??

1351 days ago


I wouldn't comment on O and her new sis. Sounds like risky business. Kind of nervy to discuss Oprah's next move with the press about FAMILY. Gayle Gayle, troubled sibling issues?? I let my husband make is family decisions, I make family decisions respectful of each others PRIVATE choices.

1351 days ago


Isn't it AMAZING that BILLIONAIRES are so TIGHT with their BILLIONS?

Really comes down to their egos....they want to "pull the puppet strings" not have the "puppet strings" pulled on them!

Hey Oprah, remember the good old days when you were "poor" and the days when you were "one of us"?.....when YOU opened your own doors, PAID for food YOU bought, pumped your own gas?

The rest of us, until our last breaths, will deal with that reality. You missing us yet?

1351 days ago


Oprah is known far and wide for her open-handedness with associates, ahead of the needs of family members.

1351 days ago


I wish I were Oprah's half white sis then I'd be rich b i t c h e s s s s s s s

1351 days ago


"Gayle says Patricia earned serious points by not exploiting the fact that she was Oprah's half-sister"

Huh? Oprah is a fake! SHE exploited Patricia for ratings!

1351 days ago


Say's You Missy Gayle, I Don't Believe It!
And Anyway You Should Keep Your Big Fat Nose Out Of Oprah's Family Matters!

Oprah WILL Help Her SiS Out BIG Time, You'll See Soon Enough!!!!!!!

1351 days ago


I Don't Believe Gayle.
Oprah Will help Her SiS Out Big Time, You'll See Soon Enough!!!!!!!

1351 days ago

Some of these comments are so negative. There's no reason to pass judgment. Gayle has been a good friend to Oprah and Oprah the same to Gayle, I don't see why people continue to attempt to paint their friendship for anything more than what it is - a beautiful friendship. It's obvious that some of you are lacking the love and support that Oprah and Gayle have in their friendship.

1350 days ago


The Big O used her sister for ratings, She lost a lot of points there. Oprah Is a strange one like most actors, When will the public stop looking up to these people. I have more respect for the sister than Oprah.

1350 days ago


the funy thing about man human being they always have something negative to say about people those people open they life to you she din't have to do that but she did gow up people she is smart she do a lot for some people so let her be she's is in a good place right now find your own if you can oprah rich smart and have a lot of people who love her like it or not so grow up

1350 days ago

Bernadette Wood    

I am a white Canadian woman and I am confused at how angry and bitter so many people are against a wonderful, kind and self made lady. Oprah has for the past 25 years done nothing but help and provided expertise to those in need. I cannot believe the jealously I am reading won't bother Oprah, she is very comfortable in her own skin, it won't both Gail, she knows how her and Oprah have blessed each others life and it won't bother Steadman as he knows the love shared between him and Oprah. These statements only shows ignorance and that is so very sad.

1350 days ago


I don't really understand the hate that people write on this website. How Oprah decides on spending her money is Oprah business. As for rating, I don't think she needs to bring her half-sister on the show to increase rating? People relates and stop sprending hate

1350 days ago


Seriously, the guy that said Oprah doesn't give away her money didn't say anything about her race. Not a thing. Not a racist comment.
Everyone jumping down his throat accusing him of being a racist needs to chill out for a second and re-read his comment. Just because she is an African-American woman and he had a go at her about her spending habits doesn't make him a racist any more than it makes me a racist if I choose to say that maybe North Korea should stop pouring money into weapons programs and start assisting their own.
To summarise - chill the **** out and stop being so delicate.

1350 days ago


Oprhan never fork out from her own money for the gifts that give to her audience ... it cones from her sponsors that she solicit with. So if she wants to give money to her half sister, she would solicit her sponsors to fork for it.

1350 days ago
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