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Lindsay Lohan Wants Plea Deal

2/10/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan insists she's innocent but still desperately wants to plea bargain her felony grand theft case because she's terrified of being locked up ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Court

Judge Keith Schwartz set a court hearing for February 23, so the lawyers can talk plea bargain.  We've learned Lindsay is willing to plead guilty to make the case go away, provided she doesn't get any jail or prison time.

Sources say the prosecutor wants jail time so there's an impasse.

But there's another way Lindsay can make this case go away.  When there is only one charge on the table -- as there is here -- the defendant can essentially cut a deal with the judge, cutting the D.A. out of the picture.  If Shawn Chapman Holley offers to plead guilty to felony grand theft, with the judge's assurance he won't put her behind bars, the case could go away.

And, it's common in cases like this for the judge to reduce the offense to a misdemeanor if Lindsay stays out of trouble for 12 months.


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First! Lindsay sucks!

1353 days ago


Well I saw a picture of her wearing the necklace. She was not in the store at the time. She did not pay for it. All this equals theft. Now it would be wise for her to plea bargain and not go through with a trial. At some point this girl has to grow up and if she would ditch her parents - that would be a start.

1353 days ago


All Lohan has to do is provide paperwork stating the necklace was on loan. She can not do that and do you want to know why? Its because she is GUILTY!

SCH knows this and will not embaress herself defending Lohan in court she has a better chance of getting OJ off for murder again.

1353 days ago


Can someone please lock her up and throw away the key PLEASE. Is this non-existent, non-newsworthy, has been, truly worth this much ATTENTION!! PLEASE!!!

1353 days ago


What happened to Holley looking forward to fighting these charges in court??? TMZ should have one of their employees (on tape) steal a necklace or earring and get photographed wearing it and see if you don't end up in jail. For crying out loud, she's on probation!! How many second chances is she going to have? The "attempt" at sobriety by going to rehab to avoid jail for a DIRTY drug test, while on probation, sneaks out of rehab, goes to a bar, refuses a drug test, assaults a worker and now steals! I wouldn't plea bargain AT ALL! I thought it was borrowed??

1353 days ago


She's terrified of jail?? Why? She is in solitary and gets anything she wants!! I'm sick of her crying and whining...let her do her jail time in the general population JUST like the rest of us! I don't like Holley's tactics and the weakness of the CA penal system. How can there be overcrowding if NO ONE stays more than a few hours??? Let's see...she "checked into a rehab" to AVOID jail, not to get better and the Judge bought it. While there, she refuses a drug test which is considered a dirty test, sneaks out, goes to a bar, comes back after curfew and OVER a wall, assaults a worker and then steals!! GUILTY!!

1353 days ago


Oh, please...
Did anyone REALLY think she would ever do any time in jail or prison??!!

1353 days ago


this woman hasn't made a movie in 100 years, why do we have to keep hearing about her? she is so history.
guess the way we heard about paris hilton and the way the press beat that to death. guess we have to put up with this one's non-sense a little longer. so boring to listen to.

1353 days ago

Robert McCormick    

Lock her up...she needs to learn that she is not above the law. While you are at it, lock Paris Hilton up too. I am tired of hearing about their violations of the law. They are both vile creatures and drag the reputation of the country further in the mud.

1353 days ago


The jeweler kind of lost me when they freaked out over Lindsey sending flowers. I mean what did they think the flowers were going to do, harm them? That made me think that maybe the jeweler isn't being honest about what happened or is making a big deal because Lindsey is an easy target right now. I don't know what the deal is, but this is a really strange case. How can you bring prior bad acts into a case when the person was never charged for them? That just seems wrong to me. I'm not saying that Lindsey isn't a mess, but something seems off to me about this whole thing.

1353 days ago


" And the chances that Lindsay can manage to stay out of trouble for 12 months are:

a) slim
b) none
c) non-existent
d) all of the above

I can't imagine with her history the judge agreeing to a plea deal with no jail time served. This girl needs a severe wake-up call. Wearing that outfit to court and rolling her eyes shows just how immature she really is. Her entire life is about how to avoid the consequences of her actions, as if to prove she IS different than everyone else (contrary to what the Judge said). I hope they throw the book at her."

I agree with this entire post. I'll be so disappointed (though not the least bit surprised) if they let her off from this with little to consequences. It's time they got serious with her and handed her a severe punishment. I am so sick and tired of her getting away with everything and never really having any consequences.

1353 days ago


LOL! Except Lindsay has never stayed out of trouble for more then a few WEEKS! You can't just keep piling second chances on top of each other... then it's NOT a second chance anymore. Duh.

1353 days ago


The innocent don't need plea deals. Loser Lie-ho is not innocent.

1353 days ago


And if she cuts a plea bargain, isn't that still a violation of her parole? It wouldn't be the year or so we're all hoping she goes away for, but she would be locked up for a few weeks at least. She's not avoiding jail time.

1353 days ago


To #4

It's already seen as a complete joke. Remember OJ?

1353 days ago
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