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Police Report: How Lindsay Walked Out with Necklace

2/10/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was trying on a slew of jewelry before walking out of the store with the $2,500 necklace ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Necklace
The report outlines Lindsay's every move -- from the time she walked into the store to the time she left -- and it's all on surveillance video.

According to the report, Lindsay walked in and removed her necklaces and placed them on the counter.  The report says, "Ms. Lohan then proceeds to try on numerous rings and three different necklaces including the missing yellow diamond necklace."

The police report then says Lindsay continued shopping while wearing the yellow necklace.

Then, at 6:12 PM, the owner locked the store but let Lindsay and her friend Patrick continue to shop.  That's when Lindsay tried negotiating a ring she had been eyeing, but she didn't like the $3,600 price tag.  Lindsay took $3,000 cash out of her purse and offered it in exchange for the ring, but the owner said no.  Lindsay then said, "Ok, we'll come back tomorrow."

When Lindsay prepared to leave the store, she put her own necklaces back on her neck, along with the yellow necklace in question ... then walked out of the store.

The owner noticed a short time after Lindsay left that the yellow necklace was missing, but figured she took it by mistake and would bring it back the next day.  Lindsay never returned to the store.


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normal person    

You know TMZ stretches the truth when they call cistrine stones yellow diamonds. It was a cheap necklace. Most of the costs were for the street address.

1359 days ago

normal person    

I agree with anyjoe. Too bad if not everyone is a hater. I am not a Lohans and I find your endless hate sickening.

1359 days ago


****ney gets away with EVERYTHING!

Britney is talented and bankable, and even with her problems, she has been managed very well since she was put under her father's control....
Unlike the person we are discussing having a felony charge against her now.

1359 days ago


~ If she took the necklace by mistake, she certainly kept it on purpose.

~ The store has no history of falsely accusing celebs or other customers, but LL's rep as a thief is common knowledge.

~The process described in this police report is classic shop lifing behavior.

~ The outright sliming of this store owner by the Trollhans is an object lesson as to why others did not prosecute her. They just shut her out and stopped doing business with her.

~Her onlt industry function is to serve as a trash talk item on Tabloids.

~Her witness, Patrick will not be so useful when Meyers quotes back to the judge that Lindsay said in the press her was a thief.

~ The store wasn't quoted as saying they were sorry about the action they took. They sad they were sad about what was happening to Lindsay. Trollhans will even insult people who have compasssion for her. That's sad too.

~ She shows up in court deressed like she's going to a nightclub circa Cancun 2007. And after having her bail revoked and being charged with a felony blithely says she'll open up her OWN jewelry store? Not a lick of understanding about what is appropriate.

1359 days ago


Britney certainly has had her problems but she was never a thief and a compulsive liar.

1359 days ago


Dina/normal person.
Did linds tell you she had it appraised and found the diamonds weren't real, that they are only "cheap" cistrine stones????
and why does it matter, the fact is it was priced at 2500.00, and if linds didn't want to buy it, she should have not worn it out of the store, apparently, because of the charges, not paying for it and not having it written up by the store for her or her stylist as a "loaner". Sorry

1359 days ago


When did Lindsay have it appraised? And WHY did she have it appraised?

1359 days ago


That store is lying

1359 days ago


If Lindsay listed her assets it would look like the following.

1. 500k worth of high end designer clothes and bags
2. 16k cash stuffed into ceiling panel of rented apt
3. IRS tax lien 1,500,000
4 600,000 credit card debt
5 No cars, leased sl63 amg
6 various loans
7 225 Herbie fully loaded DVDs
8 12 signed Speak CDs for sale on ebay
9 vibrator

1359 days ago


Thief. How very unbecoming; she has absolutely no class whatsoever.

1359 days ago


Am I the only one that has figured out this situation out yet? I do not think the store really wanted to report Lindsay or the necklace as stolen to the police, but they had to produce a copy of a police report to their insurance company. This case has more to do with the fact that the store wanted to collect the insurance money for the missing/stolen necklace. Also, I do not believe the necklace was even worth 2500.00 but this was an inflated amount that was reported into the insurance company. The store did not want to admit to their insurance company that they might have had such a lose policy on loaning jewelry to stars for fear of being dropped by their insurance company so they come up with a bunch of formal procedures they claim to use before letting a celebrity "borrow" their jewelry. I think actually they might have loaned the item to LL, but when she did not return it right away, they turned it in to get paid for it by their insurance but quickly found they had to make a police report. I think this is when this whole story began to spiral out of control. That is why there are so many stories on both sides that do not make sense. There was more to this story than meets the eye and this is it.

1359 days ago


I didn't list the drug stash because she would not list it on her balance sheet. She is a liar and likes to pretend remember.

1359 days ago


There is two side to every story and this one is no different. Was there motive for Lindsey to steal the necklace? Sure its reasonable that she might have wanted it and swiped it. Was there motive for the store to set her up? Sure they have gained a lot of exposure from all of this. I never know this store existed before now but I do now, I have been to their site, I even know who made the piece in question.

So before placing me in one camp or another understand I don’t see this as a black and white issue where I can say she did or did not do it. It’s a grey issue where I am pondering the available information and hoping for more so I can in fact make a more educated decision.

I cannot and will not agree to an opinion of she is guilty because she is Lindsey. She may or may not be the worst piece of crap in the world but that does not mean she has a monopoly on dirt bag behavior. Given the fact that she was in and out of that store all week it is completely within the realm of possibilities that this store saw an opportunity to get their name on every news site from coast to coast and took it. I’m not saying it happened, I am saying it is at least a Possibility because there is motive and opportunity.

Another thing I find interesting is if they used the video footage to determine that she took it then why would the story change from she put it in her black bag to she put it on and walked out.
There is more to this story, maybe we will get the full story at some point

1359 days ago


@286 - You really think Britney is 'talented'??? LMAO Bankable yes...talented no!

@288 - You might want to re-read post #259! Britney is just as big a klepto as Lindsay is!

Britney is a compulsive liar just like Lindsay as well!

Like her virginity lies....Britney was claiming virginity when she lost it years earlier at age 14 to Reg Jones and then was with Timberlake before cheating on him with Wade Robson. That is AT LEAST 3 guys she had sex with when still claiming to be a virgin!

Britney's lies about the paparazzi are even more hilarious. Her crying and pretending they are ruining her life. Then what does she go and do? She starts a sexual relationship with a paparazzo!

God at least Lindsay doesn't have kids that she holds hostage in the bathroom!

1359 days ago



Jewelry Stores have large deductibles on their insurance policies. That theory is absurd.

1359 days ago
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