Lindsay's Necklace Designer: 'I'm Flattered!'

2/10/2011 6:00 PM PST

Lindsay Lohan's Necklace Designer Pratima Sethi: 'I'm Flattered!'

The woman who designed the necklace that Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole from an L.A. jewelry store tells TMZ, "I'm flattered that she likes it!" 

Pratima Sethi, who designed the one-of-a-kind necklace that has become an albatross around  Lindsay's neck, says the whole shoplifting thing doesn't concern her.  The San Francisco designer says, "I'm a simple person.  I am so far removed from the incident.  I just sold the piece to the store."

Too bad for Lindsay ... if Sethi made crappy necklaces, it could have been a misdemeanor.