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Lindsay's Jeweler: She Did This to Us Before

2/10/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Four days before Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole the $2,500 necklace at the center of her felony case, she tried walking out of the same store with a diamond earring ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ ... but the prior incident could actually help Lindsay's case.


According to the report, on January 18, four days before the alleged necklace incident, Lindsay went to Kamofie & Company and tried on a pair of 18 karat gold white diamond earrings. Lindsay removed one earring and left the other in her ear while she shopped.

According to the report, "Ms. Lohan gathered her things and started to leave the jewelry store without making a purchase. Ms. Lohan's hair was flipped to one side covering the diamond earring."

The report states, "[The clerk] stopped her and reminded Ms. Lohan she was still wearing the earring. Ms. Lohan laughed, admitted to her mistake and removed the earring from her ear and returned it to [the clerk]."

The scenario involving the earrings is similar to Lindsay's conduct in the store when she left with the necklace.

Ironically, the earring incident could actually help Lindsay. She had absentmindedly left her own, more expensive earrings on the counter as she began walking out of the store with the single earring. And, people who know Lindsay say she's a scatterbrain who forgets basic things all the time.

Remember, trials are all about creating reasonable doubt. So she's either a klepto or forgetful... and when in doubt, the verdict must be not guilty.



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She stole those earrings she's wearing in that picture above, from one of my co-workers.

1360 days ago


Oh, please. She must think everyone is as stupid as she is, lol.

1360 days ago


What a stretch of TMZ's imagination here. And once again, they are flipping around and supplying Shawn Chapman Holley with an idea for her defense.

Either a journalist or a lawyer but not both, Harvey. You choose and then practice being ethically charged.

1360 days ago


This matters not.

"Supposedly" her earrings were worth more. She was probably planning to send someone to pick up her own earrings some time after she left the store.

She's an addict looking for a new high.

1360 days ago


TMZ is not a court website!Trial by TMZ. Now they are Lawyers. this is not a celbrity news site it is a Trial by TMZ website. But only Lindsey Lohen. TMZ is a Lindsey Lohen court update site. who care's what else is happening in the celebrity world it's all about this has been in and out of jail not made a good movie in years. I'm about to delete this from my favorites. Boring. Don't care.

1360 days ago


Gwendolyn - don't let the door hit ya on the way out. How stupid can you be? This is exactly what this site is for.

1360 days ago


So TMZ, now she is Stevie Wonder and can't see that she is wearing stolen jewelery around her neck? Give us a break. Sure she may have forgotten to take it off at the store, but she knew it was on her neck once she got home. I'm sure there are mirrors in Blohan's house.

1360 days ago


Oh!!...She ain't yet in jail. Please lock her up.

1360 days ago

juan jacques    

how can that help her she told the police it was loaned to her when in fact it wasn't. what lilo need is a sex tape for all of this to go away :D

1360 days ago


the store should close and open a fruits & vegetables activity instead. They look incompetent and insolent after this stunt. They sell way overpriced stuff and don't even pay enough for their own clerks , who most likely are amateurs with zero experience. In order to stay in business in that area they must hire pros at least, given their prices.
The attempt to bring more false accusations is both naive and idiotic: if what the store said is true then why they let the same customer in the store again? and also why they didn't pay attention and let an item go out the door if it happened before?

incompetent to say the least: and I hope that Shawn will nail the store and make them pay for what they did (the publicity stunt) and damages to a talented star like Lindsay.

Open a vegetables store, listen to me: sooner is better. Jewelry is not your "thing" , it shows.

1360 days ago


"and when in doubt, the verdict must be not guilty."
INCORRECT. When there is REASONABLE doubt. And there is no doubt. It doesn't matter if you forgot, when you leave the premises with items that you didn't pay for, the verdict is GUILTY.

1360 days ago


Please read the complete story..."Lindsay left her own more expensive earrings on the counter"

1360 days ago


... which she would have sent her assistant to pick up later.

1360 days ago


Who said Lindsay left her own "expensive" earrings on the counter, Lindsay? Yeah, right. She wasn't absent-minded about the diamond earring, she was trying to rip it off - this is her M.O., she's a thief. She kept going to the store for theft opportunities, to see what she could get away with... and then she got the necklace & had no intention of returning it. imo

1360 days ago


@29 dimes

And what good would one earring do her or anyone else? send her assistant back to pick up her earrings later? by which time the jewelers would have realised they were missing one earring, its too absurd to comprehend! its a total mix up.

1360 days ago
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