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Lindsay Lohan Tweets -- 'I Would Never Steal'

2/10/2011 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is finally lashing out about her court case -- and her skin-tight court attire -- in a mini-rant on Twitter ... stating, "I would never steal, in case people are wondering."

Lindsay added, "In case people are wondering, I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal."

Just a reminder -- she was raised by Michael Lohan.

Anyway, Lindsay concluded, "Also, what i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it's just absurd. god bless xox L"



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#91 Lindsay looks great and people are jealous of her glamorous lifestyle and her fame and modeling and acting career.

Yeah she looks great, for someone who looks about 15 or more years older than she actually is, and wears a white dress with no stockings (the better to emulate sharon stone in basic instinct???). I'm so jealous of her glamourous lifestyle, I so want to be coked out in Cannes, have my ass dragged into court and forced to have jail and rehab, and not to mention the fame!!!! Wow, famous for being a lying, theiving, coke-head who is can't get a decent acting job anymore! (the awesomeness of that), and the modeling career where she has to keep modeling for people she hasn't worked with before, because she is not usually asked back, because of her theiving ways or not being there on time (so unpredictable she is, and lastly, do you really think the acting "career" (think the past 5 years or more) has been a career or a death spiral. I think it's a death spiral.

1318 days ago


"In the last five years, 2006-2011 Lindsay has had parts in 8 films, she did 4 episodes of Ugly Betty and has done at least 20 modeling jobs for magazines. She has three films currently in pre- production. You can look at her credits on ........
films including Bobby, and Georgia Rules,"

Ugly Betty was cancelled due to low ratings.

Georgia Rules producer publicly blasted her for her B.S.

I wouldn't count the other chickens before they hatch. Look what happened with Machete. That producer is also relieved to be rid of her.

Is this the best you can do? She's not exactly a big name star. Do not confuse "household name" with actress who has serious chops. We don't disagree she's a household name - known for all the wrong things.

1318 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Stop feeling sorry for this morally bankrupt, lazy, apathetic lifesuck and start putting her in jail for long periods of time. Anyone else in the world who had pulled the same crap in the same order would have been fitted for an orange jumpsuit LONG ago.

1318 days ago


Lohan is troubled and spoiled, and we hope that she'll be treated in a manner appropriate to her actions, even if that means she has to go back to jail.

Last sentence of the LA Times editorial. Spot on!

1318 days ago


(I meant to say "Inferno", not "Machete)

1318 days ago



You're exactly right. Heck, Charles Manson is a household name too.

1318 days ago


Lindsay added, "In case people are wondering, I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal."


i'm surprised lightning didn't strike loserhan when she said that.

1318 days ago


This girl is so deluded (I never took a lude in my life) its ridiculous.If she was raised so proper why si she always in court?At least her lawyer has job security.

1318 days ago


I wish ppl would just leave her alone...It seems like every1 is jus hating on her cuz she does everything everybody else can only dream bout doing? She's 24 yrs old doing what half of the 24 yr olds in this country are doing............Going clubbin everyday getting pissy drunk nd sniffing mad coke.........She didnt steal the necklace c'mon she spend more money on coke a day then the necklace is even worth..............Leave her alone nd let her enjoy ur 20's cuz she'll b 30 soon wen all of this is def a no no

1318 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    


1318 days ago


Soon enough she will be in jail.

1318 days ago


This is directed to Lyndsey's Agent, Publicity Manager and all others that are SUPPOSE to represent her. WHY ARE YOU LETTING HER DIG HER HOLE DEEPER????????? You should have her on lock down. Tweets should be run through you first!!!!!! It is called DAMAGE CONTROL!!!!!! Lyndsey, since no one has taken the time to explain this to you. When you are are in the Sh*T you don't keep digging. Please shut your mouth and let your lawyer and so called People do their job. I say because I am afraid you lack any true understanding of the depth of your situation. Take the cue of the great actors that have gone through what you are going through and lay low and let the smoke clear. You won't be able to reenter your career until the mob forgets about this. That will not happen until you go away and stop stirring the pot. The mobs memory is short but not that short. Lay low let the smoke clear, take some acting courses maybe go to college and then make a grand r-enterence back into the Hollywood spotlight. It worked for Robert Downey Jr, Wynon Ryder, Johnny Depp, etc.... This is your only hope at having any career in Hollywood. I hope you take my advice. Don't let these Gossip Junky Voltures continue to feed on your rotting career.

1318 days ago


Did someone say she models? Dear god, she looks 40. I mean, lets be honest she has more miles on her than the Avis rental fleet. Stop with the modeling bs.

1318 days ago

Chris - Austin TX    

She's an idiot. She did not say she doesn't lie, cheat or steal she said she was not raised to do those thing. Practically an admission of guilt. A little Freudian slip anyone. I was not raised to Drink but there you have it. I'm guessing she was not raised to use the English language properly either. I wonder what her convict, fame whore of a Father and partying mother did raise her to do?

1318 days ago


why dont we have an updated mug shot yet ?

1318 days ago
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