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Wants Closer Contact

with Chris Brown

2/11/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna wants Chris Brown to be able to get close to her again without risking getting thrown in jail -- a major shift in their relationship two years after Brown's conviction for beating her. 

E! first reported Rihanna was interested in changing the restraining order. Her attorney, Donald Etra, tells TMZ, "Rihanna does not object" to reducing the order to a "do not annoy" -- meaning the exes could have contact as long as Chris doesn't harass or molest Rihanna.

Chris initially asked for the reduction ... but the court needed to know how Rihanna felt before ruling.

The order has not been changed yet -- so there won't be a Grammy night reunion this weekend -- but Rihanna's change of heart hints there could be one in the near future.

So we gotta ask ...



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they should get back together and beat the sh*t out of each other.

1350 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Rihanna's is a very dumb girl and I hope she gets some education as she really needs it.

1350 days ago


You are shuch sh*ts, TMZ to suggest that an expiration of this order means she would like to get with him. Sh*ts.

1350 days ago


You should have had a third option to the poll: She likes to get beaten and wants that sweet right hook once again.

1350 days ago


this is embarrassing. if rihanna gets back with chris f***ing brown theres no hope for anyone in an abusive relationship. it would be really dissapointing to see... i just hope she's not stupid. doing a few hours of community service doesn't make you a changed man chris. once a cheater always a cheater, once a beater always a beater.

1350 days ago


Chris Brown is trying clean up his ACT. But what those dumb kids [and their stupid agents] haven't figured out is this move to appear to be back to playing nice only demonstrate how unbalance both of them all. Why the hell would a level headed woman want to hook up with a person who beat the crap out of her, choked, and threatened to kill her and why would a sane guy want to bring more attention to their assault against a woman [never a man, because he's a punk and will get his azz kick, because the brother-men aren't going to tolerate hit chit]

1350 days ago


She obviously didn't learn her lesson:(

1350 days ago


So she liked it!

1350 days ago


Good God! I lost ALL respect for Chris Brown when he beat the crap out of Rhianna. There was BLOOD spatter all over the car for goodness sakes and he STILL got off. He should be doing jail time in my humble opinion. He could have killed her.

1350 days ago


And another thing - Him getting off for his crime sent a huge message out to young thugs around America that you can beat the ****t out of your girlfriends or spouses and not go to jail (of course...unless during the process of beating her she's dies!). The headline here should be Celebrity INJUSTICE!

1350 days ago


Rihanna and Chris are rich and famous, but they are still young. I am not making excuses for the incident, but does anyone remember being young? I certainly made many mistakes in my younger days. Some of those mistakes included staying in abusive relationships. I got wiser as I got older and finally left those abusive relationships behind. I hope that Rihanna and Chris have grown and learned from their past mistakes.

1350 days ago

moe l.    

Hope he beats her senseless - what an idiot.

1350 days ago


Giirrrrrrrrrl , You crazy b. if you go back with that hater , "Beat me twice, shame on me" that's what you'll be singing in your next hit single. You way too pretty to let that 'MAN" get another shot. He mad at u for putting him in lockdown plus he had to pick up garbage, dat cat crazy, he don't love , he only hurt.

1350 days ago


What ever. They will do what they want and so be it !!!

1350 days ago


It takes two to do what they did. She hit him while he was driving so he hit her back. I'm tired of her. At least Chris Brown took ownership of what he did and didn't even throw her under the bus for the witch that she is. I respect him more than her! She's always playing the victim, and then publishes half naked pictures of herself everywhere. Throw rock and run witch.

1350 days ago
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