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Wants Closer Contact

with Chris Brown

2/11/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna wants Chris Brown to be able to get close to her again without risking getting thrown in jail -- a major shift in their relationship two years after Brown's conviction for beating her. 

E! first reported Rihanna was interested in changing the restraining order. Her attorney, Donald Etra, tells TMZ, "Rihanna does not object" to reducing the order to a "do not annoy" -- meaning the exes could have contact as long as Chris doesn't harass or molest Rihanna.

Chris initially asked for the reduction ... but the court needed to know how Rihanna felt before ruling.

The order has not been changed yet -- so there won't be a Grammy night reunion this weekend -- but Rihanna's change of heart hints there could be one in the near future.

So we gotta ask ...



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Rihanna misses Chris for sure. It has nothing to do with learning a lesson especially when she started the whole altercation and set him up. She's trying to be nice because she wants the fans that left her back in her good graces. Too late b i t ch.

1319 days ago


GROW UP PEOPLE, Seriously are you condoning the fact that Chris Brown beat the **** out of Rihanna just because she may or may have not deserved it. No one deserves to get beat up so be mature and grow the hell up because the next one that could be in a domestic violence situation could be you or a friend or family member I bet you wont be so child like when that happens. Rihanna is obviously trying to be nice so be mature adults and grow up.

1319 days ago

who dat    

She wants the stimulation that being around Chris provides. When a woman gets beat up like Rihanna, she leaned this from her own family. She is aroused by the though of Chris being rough with her, as sick as that sounds. She definitely needs therapy.

1319 days ago


Okay um...seriously! Why are people on here commenting as if they're back together? She just reduced the restraining order. Calm down people, seriously! LOL!!! And if reducing the restraining is what she wants to do then so be it. Just because its reduced doesn't mean they are back together or making plans to be. You people really need to get a damn life....a bunch of f*%cking retards jumping to conclusions!

1319 days ago


If some of you negative thinking people would look up to the Lord the way you look up to celebrities you wouldn't post negative comments. And what do you mean, "there would be no hope for others in abusive relationships. If a person is in an abusive relationship it is their choice. IMO (Chris/Rihanna) relationship was not the first nor would it be the last abusive relationship that you all have heard about. Instead of blogging about celebrities sweep around your own front door or your neighborhood. Reach out to lives that you and touch.

1319 days ago


Only an idiot would agree to reduce that restraining order and only an unchnaged guy would think he deserves for it to be reduced in the first place. Enough said.

1319 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

If you replace the word "Rhianna" in this story with the words "one dozen eggs", it reads as a recipe. In about two weeks you will have scrambled eggs prepared by Chef Chris Brown.

1319 days ago


The Good Book says: to err is human to forgive divine. The last time I checked, I wasn't divine. So, I don't have to forgive this nasty woman beater's sorry a_$_$!!

1319 days ago


PLEASE... I doubt if Chris and Rihanna are getting back together or even want to, everyone knows that Chris Brown wants to attend that Grammy's and he can't if the restraining order is not lifted. In my Antoine Dodson voice "You people are so DUMB" TMZ can make the retarded and weak believe anything...

1319 days ago


It's nice of her to do that. Too nice. Why do nice things for someone who could do what he did to her? There is no reason that she should help him in any way. He is the one who did wrong and he should suffer the consequences--ALL of them, including this one.

1319 days ago


I agree with simpleeme, nothing was said about them getting back together. If they get back together or not it is CHRIS AND RIHANNA'S choice. I guess no of you have made bad decisions, and for those who have, at some point you wanted to be forgiven. None of us knows what happened in that car, but a lot of you all act as if you were there. Tammy how would you know if someone has changed if you have never personally encountered them. Only an idiot would think the way you do.

1319 days ago


Some people never learn

1319 days ago

Jessica Witmer    

She's an idiot.

1319 days ago


Rhianna just wants to use Chris to farther her career. Chris has made two good albums since he dumped her ass (or whatever), and hers haven't been as successful so she's probably looking for a collaboration.

Plus, both of them do work with a lot of the same people; it's a small world in the entertainment biz for two African-Americans. Also, I'm sure it is difficult for them to adher to the restrictions of the restraning order since both of them are young and moderately successful; they would probably like to attend some of the same award shows.

Chris has done very well since getting away from her. I hope he realizes this and stays away. Nothing wrong with being friends or collaborating on a song or two, but the relationship wasn't good for him. Work with her, but leave her alone...if you know what's good for you. Don't be stupid. There are plenty of women out there and you are a young man. Don't look back, look forward.

1319 days ago


She's become masochistic sure as there's a Hell.
Just listen to her lyrics.

1319 days ago
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