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NYC Celeb Gym

Ordered to Vacate Over Fire Hazards

2/11/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise, Kelly Ripa and Gwyneth Paltrow could have been spinning in their graves ...  because TMZ has learned, the locker room in their NYC gym just got shut down over safety concerns.

City inspectors issued a vacate order this afternoon for the basement of the SoulCycle spinning gym in Union Square due to "hazardous conditions."

According to the order, the cellar has no functioning secondary means of exit ... and also fails to meet the building's fire code -- two serious violations.

The City also tells us, SoulCycle has been operating without several required permits -- including operating as a gym without proper City approval.


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TMZ dont like me    

Probably somebody not washing their ass or clothes after they workout, spreading MRSA all over the place. Nasty mofos....

1349 days ago

fioo hoos    

thats just about like the LAfitness at GPA in palm beach Florida where they used a old store to build in.they have NOT air filter system at all and the air vents are clogged shut with dirt and human slof`offs.I never do cards there as I would be found with a dirt pile of cancer stickin out my mouth and nose.How clean is the air where you workout at? is it going to give you cancer from a sick building with bad air and no filters or plugged up ones?.GOOD job on this story ZB`s

1349 days ago

eggshells los gogo    

Cancer from dirty air at the gym is a Huge problem CBS owns La`fitnett at PGA in palm beach Florida which is also a SICK BUILDING due the the air handlers being out of CODE inforce our human rights clean up the system Oh~SHA! and city code inforcement also take out the webbie`ss used to kill hughes`s with

1349 days ago

Christina G.    

If they don't find another celebrity gym soon, they'll get fat and ugly. Heaven forbid they should go to a non-celebrity gym.

1349 days ago

eggshells los gogo    

LA`fitneSS is owned by warner CBS and they have tons of sick buildings that people are doing cards in sucking up all kinds of sick building cancers.How fit is your gym and ho safe and clean is the AIR your doing your rappy beathin in?.Indoor dirty AIR from sick buildings kills more people than any other places.And at the gym you think your safe but if they never clean the filters or if the air handlers are not to code too small or not they right filters for rappid beathing Cards than you are sucking in the cancer faster than anyone in a building that is sick.Code inforcement means no webbie for CBS`ss pod casters for hughes`s kills

1349 days ago


Poor Kelly Ripa she might have to go home early and take care of her family!! Isn't she think enough? Never home girl. let all of them find a better place to workout!

1349 days ago


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1349 days ago


i have been to this place. It is sooooo nasty.......They charge $35 a class, the place smells of BO sooooo bad. I do not understand why anybody would workout there. It is absolutely a fire hazard.

1349 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...omg...I have not been sleepin well worrying about the mess in Egypt..just when it seems to b on the mend..NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...oh brother!

1348 days ago


SoulCycle @ 117 W 72nd is GROSS! crowds overflow all day long into busy 8 story office building lobby...undressing, socializing and stinking it up! Cycle studio is tiny and overcrowded and they leave their front door wide open all day so sweat smell and steam fills it up. Nice way to greet employees and visitors of the business offices going to the upper floors. SO GROSS and probably a MAJOR FIRE HAZARD too!

1348 days ago


Love it! Billionaire Limousine Liberals working out in a French Laundry Cess-Pool. Schadenfreude my celebrity scientologists.

1348 days ago


Endangering our celebrities while they try to work on their fitness!!! For shame!

1348 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Please send All Points Bulletin to Lindsay, Britney, Pink, Avril, Charlie, Paris, all the Kardashians, & basically most of the people you've featured on this site: Grand Opening! Beautiful New Gym open in the Union Sq area of Manhattan! Free membership to anyone in the entertainment or sports industries! Especially if you're famous!

1348 days ago

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