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Lindsay Lohan: Bad Jewelry = Good Defense to Felony

2/12/2011 10:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's bad taste in jewelry could be the key to her defense, because according to TMZ's research, the necklace in question may not have enough value to constitute felony grand theft.


In order to charge a defendant with a felony, the item in question must have a fair market value of more than $950.

Kamofie & Company was selling the necklace for $2,500.  But we checked with three prominent jewelers in L.A., and they claim the price tag is grossly inflated.

The jewelers asked us not to identify their stores by name, but here's their assessment of the item.  We gave them information from the necklace designer, who told TMZ it was comprised of 8.84 carats of natural, untreated yellow diamonds.

-- A Santa Monica jeweler told us the necklace is "a dime a dozen," and he wouldn't think of selling it for more than $1,000.

-- A downtown L.A. jeweler says if the item is retailing for $2,500, it means "the stone is cheap," adding, "It's most likely an industrial-type diamond, not gem quality."  He says the necklace is worth no more than $900.

-- A San Fernando Valley jeweler says, "I don't believe this necklace has 8 carats of diamonds.  It's so thin."  She says the chain would sell in the jewelry district of downtown L.A. for $800 tops -- and probably less. 

Under California law, if the necklace is worth $950 or less, Lindsay could only be charged with petty theft, a misdemeanor.  The maximum penalty is 6 months in L.A. County Jail -- and with jail overcrowding she's looking at a short stint.

If Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley can convince the judge that the necklace is cheap, Lindsay could dodge the biggest bullet yet.


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Can Lindsay go away now with Spencer and Heidi so we dont have to hear any more of this garbage?
ALL SO CALLED CELEBRITIES CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING AS LONG AS THEY HAVE A GOOD ATTORNEY AND LOTS OF CASH. So why do you even post about all the court stuff when the outcome is always the same? They get off with little to nothing in jail time and fines!

1357 days ago


I'm sure the Lohans post here. They give their lame-o interviews to TMZ and Radar all the time, so surely they post in the comment section too. I reckon Susan = Dinah, marknyc = Michael, Nicole is possibly Lindsay herself or maybe just some deranged fan and Normal Person = Ali.

1357 days ago


This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. What if she stole a $5000 designer handbag? Would it not be a felony because the cost of materials was only $300? How about some $1500 Louboutins? I could go elsewhere an pay $100 for shoes that look similar. $2500 is the fair market value for the piece of jewelry she stole.

1357 days ago


Go Shawn get this knocked down to do a misdemanor. Lindsay could refuse probation and do 24 days and not risk being a felon.

1357 days ago


The mark up is huge, but since she offered a tad less for one of their rings and the store told her to pound sand tells a reasonable person the prices are what they are. It was a 2500 necklace and she was well aware of what it cost when she stole it. Lindsay and her trash can family have a long history of theft, conspiracy, kidnapping, drugs, dui's, and general idiotic behavior. Jail time once again for the Lohans, nothing to see here. Its like Derek jeter playing in a playoff game, been there done that.

1357 days ago


Oh ****ing A already. **** you, TMZ, **** Lilo, **** all these breaks no one else would ever gtet in a million years, **** your desperate reaching for anything to get her off.

1357 days ago



Please explain to me how Rudolph and Taylor caused her to drive drunk, do cocaine and steal a BUNCH of stuff over the last few years. How did these two individuals do that?

He and Dina are such enabler's, this is all her fault!

I thought he wasn't speaking to the press ... oh yeah HE LIES!!

As for attacking the value of the jewelry, dangerous precedent. There are plenty of overpriced items in area boutiques.

Let's get some experts to tell us HOW MUCH LINDSAY'S LEGGINGS and 6126 ITEMS ARE WORTH, yes let's do that and get it ALL OVER THE PRESS.

The lohan's smear campaign against the jeweler won't work. Just because Neiman's charges $5000 for a ring you can buy elsewhere for $900 doesn't mean that is not the PRICE.

WINONA NEEDS TO APPEAL HER CASE THEN BECAUSE ALL THOSE THINGS MADE OF CLOTH she stole couldn't have been worth $500 if made in the USA and $200 if made in China.

Team Lohan is crazy and these leaks to the press WILL BACKFIRE trust.

They are just panicking because the DA won't take a guilty plea with no jail time. Go Danette!!!!!!!!!!!

1357 days ago


Do you think the designer of "Lindsay's" necklace, Pratima Sethi, could create a pair of special edition handcuffs for our lil' princess? They would be stylish and beautiful(diamonds, silver, gold leaf, engraved name, etc.).

Linday could give a 15% discount to those who are willing to check a box saying they believe she is once again innocent.

Just a thought..........

1357 days ago


Did you know when someone steels something how many time a retailer has to sell that item to break even.

1357 days ago


Yeah, let's get this knocked down to a misdemeanor. Let's attack the value of the item because that proves she's innocent. What?

Thought she was innocent because they loaned it to her? Thought she was innocent because it was a mistake? Oh, yeah, and she is innocent, she just wants a deal because she's afraid of jail? Boohoo. Who wants to go to jail? I'm afraid to go to jail, but I wouldn't say I stole something if I didn't.

1357 days ago


I saw it at walmart for $8.88 blue light special

1357 days ago


That necklace now has a much higher value - likely going to cost LiLoHo MILLIONS - and no, you cant pick it up for 2500 any more at the jewelry store.

Definitely one of a kind!

1357 days ago


Quick TMZ Gary Shirly is about to steal Lindsay's thunder, come up with another useless headline. I mean, come on Lohan's just release the Sam Ron Li Lo sex tape already, we know Dina is editing it right now.

1357 days ago


@themare #90

Michael had the nerve to call Britney with her $100,000,000 plus fortune a 'One Hit Wonder'!

He's nuts, Brit Brit has a lot of fans out there and here team has done well. She's producing records had a successful tour and made lots of $$$$$$$$$$. Money the Lohan's could only dream of.

1357 days ago


This loser won't serve a bit of time, Can't you people see there is two justice systems in California, 1. for the stars and rich. 2.The ones for the poor, and those are the ones overcrowding the jails not allowing room for the other criminals.

1357 days ago
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