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Steven Tyler -- Aloha, Mr. Crazy Man

2/12/2011 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler made a funny face -- or, perhaps, just a regular face -- at a photographer who spotted the "American Idol" judge shopping in Hawaii on Friday.

Soon, this man will be on live television every week. 



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Does he ALWAYS wear women clothes? Look at those PANTS! I swear if you went on Victoria's Secret? You could buy the very same pants!.

1349 days ago


I love Steven Tyler. I saw the disclaimer AI put on before it aired last week, apologizing for his behavior. I thought that was crap. He has a great personality. And he's not dead, so he is going to notice an attractive female. I felt like they treated him like a dirty old man. His playful personality comes across and honestly he seems like someone we would all enjoy hanging out with. And not because he's a musical legend, because he's fun and genuine. Nothing wrong with that. I look forward to seeing him every week.

1349 days ago


That grill is enough to give anyone nightmares.

1348 days ago


I love crazy

1348 days ago


He has beautiful real teeth and they have always looked like that. Has porcelain overlays to make them white.

1348 days ago


He doesnt wear dentures, thats his smile, just look at any picture of him in the 80's, his teeth look exactly the same
or look at a picture of Liv, sometimes her gums look like that too, i dont think she wears dentures....

1348 days ago

Kevin Henderson    


Lake Suanpee is garding the Mansion. And the Towns people say
(don't Know Em)

1348 days ago

Kevin Henderson    


Lake Suanpee is garding the Mansion. And the Towns people say
(don't Know Em)

1348 days ago


Love Steven Tyler. It's refreshing when someone enjoys a good laugh at themself. I think that it's refreshing the honesty. It's why I work and subscribe to DISH Network. I get what I pay for, a lot more in fact than the low prices. I don't care for high priced Shena****ns like the Comcast/Xfinity stuff. Nope! Keep it fun, keep it priced right, keep it DISH Network at

1347 days ago


Steven Tyler by no means looks like a girl haha and he is loving, nice, compassionate, caring, and not to mention HOT HOT HOT and Talented...Man alive what is wrong with some people, they just cant see a true man who has lived a long rocker life and turned out to be as good of a person as he is..I see the love Steven and I love you right back baby, always and forever...

1347 days ago


cut the guy some slack!!!! even at his age- he's still fighting off the chicks of ALL AGES!!! nobody is perfect.... he's been thru a lot....I would bet he still knows what to do with that tongue.....rock-kiss on.....!!!

1335 days ago



1332 days ago


Seems to me, it is what's on the inside that counts and he apears to be very caring and compassionate. He cares and unlike some of what i am reading here, he is not putting others down. Teeth don't always hold up, we don't all have beautiful teeth all our life. We don't all have a perfect life. But when our imperfect life changes us to be loving and compassionate to others that is what matters. If he wants to dress or look a certain way so what???? If only we would look at ourselves so close....

1331 days ago


Steven is Hott. I don't think he has dentures and even if he does so what? He is one of the very best rock singers of all time! Gum me baby!

1329 days ago


I don't see any dentures there. He has always had a toothy smile, much like Julia Roberts. Big teeth look better on a man than they do on a woman. Steven Tyler is cool. Not only for his terrific talent and contributions to rock music, but also for his unique, irrepressible spirit, his disarming sweetness, his cheery joie de vivre, and his colorful eccentricities. More power to him, I hope he enjoys his vacation, and I wish Aerosmith a long and successful future making great rock music.

1323 days ago
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