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Harlem Globetrotters Trick Out Justin Bieber

2/14/2011 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's 5'5" ... 110 pounds ... and white -- but Justin Bieber proved he's got what it takes to hang with the Harlem Globetrotters ... including a mastery of that whole ball-spin-on-the-finger trick!


Bieber was kickin' it with the Globetrotters backstage at "Lopez Tonight" last week ... when the professional ballers broke out some of their best moves -- and Bieber managed to keep up.

JB's set to appear on "Lopez" tomorrow night -- wonder if Justin's parents will let him stay up late enough to watch??

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No Avatar


pretty cool

1345 days ago


he's a cutie pie!

1345 days ago

sloppy seconds    

5'5? BAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! poor chump! he's gonna HATE this when he's over 19 and a short little f'er.

tff! what a fail!

1345 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

really, i won't be impressed until i finally get to see woody allen drop kick mike tyson. cuz i know it is gonna happen. already bet my bottom dollar on the winner.

1345 days ago


hes 2 cute. its sad so many ppl r jealous haters just cas hes a male singer and he smiles 4 pictures instead of mean mugs. seriously... would u say u wished sum 7 yr old boy singer died in a fire or called a 3 yr old boy a ***got? yall would all feel a whole lot better about urselves if u complimented ppl instead of saying you wish theyd get raped n die n stuff.

1345 days ago


Does his hair ever move. How much hair spray does he use.

1345 days ago


go away bieber.

1345 days ago


Geezzz.........he's still loading his pants. How old is this kid?

1345 days ago


I noticed Bieber hasn't told his fans to leave alone the winner of the Best New Artist award. They are trying to crash her website and harass her over the internet. He has to know about it. Not saying anything shows a real lack of class on his part.

1345 days ago


LOL at 5-5. Hes no taller than 5-2. He wishes he was 5-5

1345 days ago


Okay as a fellow Canadian to Justin... Dude! Pull up your pants!!!!! We are proud of you kiddo but PULL UP YOUR DANG PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1345 days ago


better watch out if that ball breaks his nail his fans will do hate tweets to the globe trotters.look what they did to the lady who won the grammy against him last night.sent her evil tweets because he lost to her.

1345 days ago


This was written:
He's 5'5" ... 110 pounds ... and white -- but Justin Bieber

If this was about Jaden Smith and it read:
He's 5'5" ... 110 pounds ... and black -- but Jaden Smith...

That would be considered total racist and someone at TMZ would have to apologize, beg for forgiveness, and without a doubt get fired.


1345 days ago


He's becoming annoying. Is his 15 minutes of fame over yet?

1345 days ago


The *** is still trying to be one of the brothers. No amount of low-riding pants and trying to act black will give him any rhythm. Face it punk... you were born uncoordinated like the rest of us.
I lMFAO when I read he's almost 17 and only 5'5"! My baby brother is 13 and he's 5'11".
My sister is 15 and she's even taller than the shim.
And I also think it's funny that *** got the Full Monty Press in the media because of his crappy movie. He was everywhere and his competition last weekend was weak, but he still got beat.
A 3D movie cost from 1/3 to 1/2 more to see than a standard 2D movie. But the people in the media who are trying to make money off of this clown, will have you believe his movie was a hit because it came in 2nd place. They are playing with the numbers to pump-up his cred so they can make money. They know he has no talent but right now they are capitalizing off of his "gag" marketability.
I'm happy the Grammys stuck to giving out awards for talent and artistry, and not popularity like the AMA's or MTV awards, or even People's Choice Awards. "Beaver", shouldn't even have been nominated! I think his 15 minutes has gone 14 minutes too long.
Why don't you scoot on back to Canada... eh.

1344 days ago
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