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Naked Cowboy Sues

CBS Ripped Off My Schtick!

2/14/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The famous Naked Cowboy is suing CBS for the shirt off their back ... claiming they violated his trademark by having a naked guy playing a guitar featured on one of their soaps.

In a lawsuit filed today in New York, the Naked Cowboy claims the CBS show "The Bold and the Beautiful" featured a character dressed as a cowboy, wearing only underwear, and playing a guitar -- which he claims is his thing.

According to the suit, CBS promoted that clip on their website and on YouTube with the name "Naked Cowboy" attached to it. The NC also claims CBS purchased advertising on search engines for the term "naked cowboy."

He's suing for trademark infringement, among other things, and asking for $1.5 million in damages.


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them sobs

1348 days ago


1348 days ago


Aww!!..Another new Mr media whore. Get a real job and stop craving for attention.

1348 days ago


get a real job so you don't have to sue people to make a living. Another pathetic example of someone who adds absolutely nothing to this country, a waste of space.

1348 days ago


Sorry naked moron, you're a joke. This is like the third entity he's sued for supposedly "defaming" him. What you're the only idiot allowed to play a guitar while wearing his underwear? I like to chew gum while I walk so people better stop doing it now.

Seriously, you're a clown. How about you an actual skill besides playing a guitar in your underpants and then you can trademark it.

1348 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

This man is a fame whore. Sooner or later he'll be suing anyone that walks around the city of NY (Manhattan) wearing a cowboy hat... and he'll say that's his trademark also... Get a real JOB loser!

1348 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

this man is a fame whore..... Soon or later he'll be suing anyone that uses a cowboy hat while walking the streets of Manhattan NY..

He makes his living by suing people so it seems.

1348 days ago


CBS should counter sue for whatever they have to spend defending against this loser.

There CAN be more than ONE nude cowboy! There are 17 in Texas alone. DUDE, get a life.

1348 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

they should sue him for using the word time square on his web site or did he trademark the word time square also? He needs to get sued himself. Why is it ok for this pervert to walk the city of NY naked? He calls it(naked cowboy) This isn't normal at all! Why is it ok that this D-Bag could walk literally naked in a city where people of all ages walk through, but if another person/man pulls his pants down he'll be changed due to exposing his privates?

1348 days ago

West Vasquez    

Haha, I'm laughing at all the haters on this board.

Let him sue because they are ripping off his idea. One day you may have an idea that is making you money and I'm sure you will want to sue when someone rips off your idea.

He has a trademark for a reason; he makes money with it. Probably more money than you make.

1348 days ago


He might just have a case. He's been labeling himself as the "naked cowboy" for years. Ask anyone in NY who the naked cowboy is and they'll point to him. Therefore HE is THE naked cowboy. CBS didn't just do a parody of him.. they did use "naked cowboy" as a search word... therefore he might just have a case.

He has a right to protect his persona as stupid and useless as you may think it is... he's the one that has the investment of time and energy creating that character.

Try being a major vehicle like CBS and do a "mickey mouse" character and see how fast Disney doesn't send a cease and desist letter.. Seriously. He may be a fame whore, but he just might be a rich one soon.

1348 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

11. West Vasquez he's still a loser that makes money by suing people.... He needs a real J.O.B!!!! He might make more money thn most of us that work real jobs by exposing himself to young children out in Manhattan now that's a real case. He's a pervert!

1348 days ago


Dude is wearing a human skin, that's my thing too dawg!!

1348 days ago


So according to this jackass, he invented doing things while only in your underwear? I was walking around the house in only my boxers after working out today. Can he sue me for that?

1348 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

14. boobymanz ...... lol watch out you might just get sued by this idiot that thinks that he's the only one that can walk in his/her undies...

1348 days ago
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