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Al Sharpton Rejects 'Dancing w/ the Stars' -- Again!!

2/15/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rev. Al Sharpton just turned down ANOTHER offer to join "Dancing with the Stars" ... but not because he's scared of the competition -- in fact, Al insists, "I've got moves ... I'D BLOW 'EM OUT!!"


The Rev claims he just doesn't have the time due to his commitments with the National Action Network -- but wants to make one thing clear ... "There would be no chance for anybody to touch me!"

He does do a mean James Brown ... and if you haven't seen it -- CLICK THIS LINK!!!!!!!


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george clooney    

MAN! Is she going to be pissed when you come out of the closet! WOW....she is hard! You better practice that little speech a number of times cuz she will lay you flat dude. Try this...."hey hun...things are going really good for us and I need to tell you that I am going out of the closet..." and lets see what happens....make sure you let TMZ know..I want it on film!

1326 days ago

george clooney    

OK, first comment was for Derek Jeter but it would not take on his feed....but hey, this guy is light on his feet too....have you ever seen him with a MRS? Nice hair job

1326 days ago

george clooney    

I have to laugh....some of these guys have women booty's...and this guy definitely does. I still think he is America's biggest shuck and jive artist.....still waiting to find out where his church is, so I can attend one of his sermons.....probably right next door to Jessie's.

1326 days ago

John 8:32    

ABC and Disney have single-handedly ruin a wonderful TV show.

Controlling the outcome by way of a faulty judging system....

By controlling the type of minorities who are allowed on the show and their ages and who they dance with. By using obvious bias judges. Setting up minorities to be more clowns than anything else. Also by using the stereo typical contestants... the Latin lover... washed up black athlete... who's overweight and braggadocio's. They have yet to allow minorities to dance with each other... because they only want a few on the show and they don't want make it look a basis when they eliminate the minority couple because then there would be no minorities left on the show. All of this done just for ratings just to keep middle America happy... because they can only accept a certain outcome... the people behind this show as well as Disney and ABC have truly torn their panties with me. Last year when they kicked off Brandi... and cheated the hell out of Rick Fox... that was simply the last straw this show has hit an all-time low and they have single-handedly turned what was a wonderful show into the Gong Show - thank you ABC and Disney.

This has become the most predictable show on all the TV...

Here comes the contestant with the handicap. Here comes the hot Latin lover... here comes the gay that doesn't know he's gay. Here comes a black guy with no class... no hair and overweight. Let's not forget the white pretty boy's... and the Barbies...

And here comes the circus...

John 8:32

1326 days ago


miley cyrus is going to be on this next show I hear..she will dance with a bong

1325 days ago


Why would Al want to do Dancing? He makes far more money shaking down white owned businesses by running his biggoted mouth claiming they are racist. This would interfere with his schedule of speaking at churches for pay also. Not good business.

1325 days ago


If Dancing with the Stars has Al Sharpton on the show--I WILL NEVER watch it again.

1325 days ago


Sharpton is a racist pig and makes me sick!

1325 days ago


Sharpton is a racist pig and makes me sick!

1325 days ago


Of course he doesn't have time for silly TV shows; he's making way too much money strong arming corporate America into "donating" to his various "charities" and showing up to stoke the flames around any and all perceived racial incidents. He and Jesse Jackson are making a mint off of those they purport to "represent" and care about. Funny thing is, the only people making any money and being helped by the good "Reverends" are themselves ... talk about a flim flam operation.

1325 days ago


Rev Al would do OK on Dancing With The Stars!

1325 days ago


Sure, have a black civil rights leader dancing on TV for a group of white judges. Yeah, thats will work just fine.

1325 days ago


Al will only participate if Tawana Brawley is his partner. I think she got the poo poo off by now.

1325 days ago


This old fool is a total scam artist and should be shunned by all. He should star on Dancing With The S***.

1325 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

No one wants to see this clown James Brown-ing all over the dance floor... But I am sure he would be much better than Pigstol Piglin.

1325 days ago
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