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Nazi Goosestepping During Live Concert

2/16/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

N.E.R.D. frontman Pharrell Williams broke into a full-on goosestepping Nazi salute during a concert in Vegas this week ... and TMZ has obtained the footage.

Pharrell's people say to us, "You can't see it because his hand isn't in the picture, but Pharrell is throwing up the Star Trek sign, which is also the sign for his record label, Star Trak. To suggest that he is doing anything else is wrong and downright silly."

So we ask ...


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By what you are saying then Afro-Americans should get upset if a white man calls someone the "N" word. Because if you look up the word it means a lot of things but one of them is ignorant. We must never forget the 6 Million Jews who lost their lives because people said get over it.

1309 days ago


Pharrell you are a idiot for this, soon these corrupt rappers are gonna be hailing hitler in their stupid ass songs!! >:(

1309 days ago


Who cares about this douche anyway?

1309 days ago


Harvey Levine and the rest of the people commenting are ignorant. You know how many countries do the goose-step marching? Black people have gone through much more than some Jews. You can keep throwing out the holocaust but it does measure it. Blacks were in slavery for over 600 yrs been white men including Jewish men. Israel tries to control and fighting Islamic countries just because. **** JEWS!!!

1309 days ago


The "Goosestep" has a long and rich history in military tradition all over the world. It is still used, in many forms, by many countries with honor and pride. It is only the United States and the UK that insist on remembering only one horrid leader who continued to use this style of march after 100 year already in practice.

1309 days ago


Pharrell's a clown anyway...a nerd trying to be cool unsuccessfully...he does not represent black he's ghey....

1309 days ago


Double standards the person he is impressed with was the largest slave owner and killer of that era.

1309 days ago


When it comes to genocide, NO ONE gets a pass. The sooner people get it through their thick skulls that the Nazis, the Fascists, and XYZ Brotherhoods are all about HATE! NO ONE should get a pass when their objective is to rise at the expense of someone else falling. I am no better than you and you are no better than me. If you fall then the best I can do as your brother/sister is give you a hand to help you back up. Peace.

1309 days ago


Just fyi, the Nazis were NOT the only group to march in this way. Many countries around the world march in this stupid way. SERIOUSLY. Check your history. Since we can't see his hand we have no idea what he was doing and therefore no reason to jump to upsetting conclusions. You guys are really searching for all the enemies of Jews, huh?

1309 days ago


As an African American man I am offended. If a white person painted their face black or did the cake walk... If you have issues with one person deal with them, dont insult an entire group of people and their religion...Then again there are black Jews-but no matter, I doubt Pharell is a black Jew. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but when I saw the freeze I knew...

1309 days ago


stupid ******.

1309 days ago

Al Diaz    

The guy has made millions of dollars producing music for artist of all genres, he's got the Bentley's, Rolex's, Mansions etc to prove it. Morally, he's pis* poor.

1309 days ago


North Korea, China, and the Soviets all goose step. Maybe Pharell just supports brutal fascist regimes; like the poll shows "get over it"

1309 days ago


who carrrreeeessssss he wasnt even doing that people are so dramatic

1309 days ago


1308 days ago
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