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Suge Knight

Corralled by Cops

in Beverly Hills

2/15/2011 11:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight's badass black truck was impounded by cops in Beverly Hills today -- after the former rap mogul was pulled over for driving on a suspended license.

We're told Knight was cited -- but not arrested -- and after his truck was hauled away, he asked a random female onlooker for a ride to a nearby location ... and she obliged. 

The last time Suge was nailed for driving on a suspended license back in 2010 ... he failed to appear in court and was arrested after the judge issued a warrant for the guy.


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Good one 15.
And probably got the 'shoes' from ace modifier unique

1344 days ago


Slim won't fit into the cop car. He did the same crime a year ago and didn't show up to court, a warrant issued, yada yada. And guess what? The cops let him go... for the same crime he repeated a year ago. I guess he's exempt from driving with a suspended license. The only reason the cops picked him up was to get their cut.

1344 days ago


There are so many things I want to say but, I'm going to refrain tonight.

1344 days ago


Beverly Hills..taken drugs to sheen? Just asking...How much more stupid will this monster get?

1344 days ago


I'm just going to STOP getting my license renewed...or paying my for my car tags...or sending that fat check for insurance!

Apparently all of it is OPTIONAL here in the great state of CALIFORNIA! Hell,,,we don't need the money right? and I CERTAINLY won't go to EFF IT...

I'M RICH B I T C H !!!

1344 days ago


First and formost, for all you Suge haters, it is a fully customized Harley-Davidson F-150 with 26" rims. Something you haters couldn't even afford the insurance on. Secondly, celebrities need to go out to eat, to the grocery store, to run erronds, etc., like anyone else. Lots of people sneak and drive with a suspended license. He just got caught. He is a black man driving an expensive car, in a city policed by racist cops, so I am not surprised. I drove almost a year with a suspended license and was just lucky I never got pulled over. I made sure I drove normal looking vehicles without custom rims until I got my license re-instated. Suge Knight probably doesn't have any low key vehicles so some racist redneck cop saw a black man behind the wheel of an expensive ride and pulled him over without probable cause. The cop got lucky and Suge had a suspended license, so I guess this some how justifies racial profiling.

1344 days ago

Jim in Cali    

seriously I'd be scared to give him a lift home. Props to the woman though.

1344 days ago


He looks like Brian Posehn if he was black.

1344 days ago


@Brian: you're an idiot, and I'm betting some suburban white boy pissed off at the world for not handing you everything you wanted on a silver platter.

News flash for you - Mr. Knight here must have done something to be rewarded with a suspended license, just like whatever it was that you did. It's not like some people are just lucky enough to get one at random through absolutely no fault of their own. Oh, wait...let me guess - you were just driving along, minding your own business, not doing anything wrong, when some racist redneck cop decided to pull you over and give you a bunch of tickets that you didn't deserve, right? Of course, you ignored them all, but it's still that pig's fault that your license is suspended!

If this truck he has is truly "fully customized", and with insurance so expensive that none of us could afford it, perhaps he should have just taken it off the road for how ever long his license was suspended for, and used the money he saved to have his groceries delivered for a while. If I can get groceries delivered in Phoenix, I'm sure he can pull it off in Beverly Hills.

If all this getting around was so important, perhaps losers like yourself and this waste of good oxygen should have thought about this before you did whatever it was that got your license suspended in the first place?

Are you seriously going to imply that driving himself around is the _only_ way he had to get business done?

1344 days ago


If the State of California is in such bad shape that it can't afford more jails for space to accommodate all the rich law breakers, then I propose the penalty for these wealthy idiots should be house arrest, as well as having to each foot the bill for one of the regular Joe Schmo's 30 day stay in lock up. They'd be able to build more jails in no time - a win-win situation.

1344 days ago


What part of California do ALL of you folks live in , where you go to jail for driving on a suspended license.

This is what happens wether you are rich or poor ! Police cite you & tow your car.

1344 days ago


You wouldn't say a thing to Suge knight you lying punk. You would be on the pavement begging to get up with your lame behind.

1344 days ago


Is the female onlooker still alive or did he have her killed too?

1344 days ago

Moe Howard    

This is just further proof that this is cultural. A significant amount of black folk just refuse to follow the rules that the majority of our population follow. When they get popped they look for someone to blame it on. No accountability.

1344 days ago



1344 days ago
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