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Sarcastic Apology

to Lindsay

2/16/2011 10:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman is CLEARLY bent out of shape by the Lindsay Lohan debacle ... insisting he has no one to blame but himself -- which is why he just issued the most insincere apology of all time.



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WOW, sam, powerful article about Lindsay's father. Everyone here should read it, gives much insight into how crazy Michael really is, and how like him Lindsay is. Here's an extract of a bit of it:

Earlier that week, Lohan and his attorney, Dominic Barbara, had announced that, as part of the divorce battle, they would seek half the 15 percent fee Dina reportedly earns for managing Lindsay’s career. Lohan estimates that Lindsay makes as much as $40 million a year, which he believes entitles him to $3 million. Lohan explains that he is not going after Lindsay’s money, but his wife’s cut of Lindsay’s money—and he says he’s doing that only because he sees so many other people living off Lindsay’s career. He’s her father, after all.

But during our lunch it becomes clear that the alimony suit is not Lohan’s endgame. He slides a settlement proposal across the table, which goes something like this: Let’s forget the whole restraining- order thing and put the divorce on hold—just long enough to make a reality show called Living With the Lohans: Over, or Starting Over? The treatment reads, “Join the Lohans as they invite you into their home, their lives, at work, play and even through their personal trials, as they go through what could be one of this decade’s most high profile and controversial celebrity divorces.”

“We as a family have been offered a deal with one of the biggest production companies in reality TV,” Lohan says. “It’s a multi-multi-multi-million-dollar deal.” His “Term Sheet for Divorce Action As Per Living With the Lohans” boils down to an ultimatum: If Dina agrees to make the show, then at the end of shooting, she can have an uncontested divorce, assuming she still wants it, and will not pay Michael “one red cent”; Michael will keep the licensing rights for Living With the Lohans. Otherwise, prepare for a nasty court fight.

Posted at 6:07 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by lou


You are welcome and THANK YOU for posting the recap!!!

1353 days ago


@wow, Thank you.

Despite the incredible negative response he got from making those tapes public he also threatened to realease more if Dina and Ali didn't meet his terms. He's psycho.

The quote follows:

If Dina and Ali sit down with me and our lawyers, I’ll handle things in private. But if she refuses, then I’m going to go to Child Protective Services in New York and I’ll take Dina to court for other reasons.
If Dina continues to talk and say these things, I’ll release all the tapes. I’ll release every last conversation with Dina and let me tell you, they’re not good.
From the very beginning, I wanted no part of Lindsay’s finances. If anyone did it was Dina and she took her to the bank. Dina’s been taking commissions for years. I never took one red cent.
I’m not a 3-time felon. I never robbed anyone. I went to jail for criminal contempt. Dina must be talking about her brother Paul who just got out of jail for robbing a 9/11 fund for over one million dollars.”
Lindsay never had a restraining order against me. You can look it up. Dina and her family have one against me because I beat up her (relative) for smoking crack cocaine at my son’s first communion party. Our life was fine and we were a close-knit family until Dina and I broke up. It was after our divorce that Dina began to distance Lindsay and my other three children from me.
She is delusional, she needs help. All I ever wanted was to sit down with Dina and help our children together, first.
If Dina wants to persist with the lies, denials and false accusations, I WILL release every one of the over 100 tapes I have of her stating the exact opposite of what she has been saying about Me and Lindsay.
Bottom line is, this is and was about getting Lindsay help and providing Ali with a normal schooling and guidance. Dina has violated these things and more. But if Dina is willing to sit down and work with me to correct the things that need to be corrected, this all stops.
But if she doesn’t and she continues to lie about me and the situation, I will report her to Child Protective services, take her to court for everything I can and I will prove every one of her lies and her family members for what they are.”

1352 days ago


Had to laugh at this oldie but goody.

Lohan is fast earning a reputation as being spoiled, jealous, and mean. Despite the fact that she is only 18, Lohan has become a permanent fixture on the party scene and becomes angry when denied alcohol. A source at one of her favorite Los Angeles restaurants, Koi, says that the wait staff hates when the teenage drama queen and her posse descend upon the eatery. The establishment refuses to serve her alcohol and reportedly while dining there recently she screamed at a waiter, "I asked for a drink! And bring my friends drinks, too!" She reportedly made such a scene that a table of older businessmen paid her tab and left her a note that read "Use the money you just saved on dinner to buy some charm lessons. You certainly need some."

Lindsay has alienated two close friends recently with her over-inflated ego. It has been reported that she and Tara Reid, who were once as close as "sisters", are on the outs and almost came to blows in Las Vegas. Reid reportedly had enough of Lindsay badmouthing her and had it out with her. According to a source, Lindsay screamed "You're a has-been! You’re so over it's not even funny!" Yikes! She also has alienated her friend Mischa Barton of The OC fame, by telling anyone who will listen that "Mischa's TV and I'm movies. Everyone knows I'm the bigger star."

A friend of Lohan’s said, "Lindsay is getting worse as her ego gets bigger." An ex-friend disagrees, "I don’t think Lindsay has become a nasty person because she’s so successful. I think she’s always been that way." If that is true, being the new teen "it girl" can’t be good for her temperament. She had better be careful; someday she may need to cross some of those bridges she has burned. She may be "it" today but there is no guarantee for tomorrow in Hollywood.

By Buzzle Staff and Agencies
Published: 9/15/2004

1352 days ago


Noted Lohan in a recent interview, "I want my career back. I want the respect that I had when I was doing great movies. And if that takes not going out to a club at night, then so be it. It’s not fun anyway." For the records, we’re uncertain to which "great movies" Lohan is referring, nor the respect that she appears to believe she once demanded, but that is quite beside the point. The rest of Lohan’s interview transcript reads a bit like a pep rally for herself.

Noted Lohan, "I don’t care what anyone says. I know that I’m a damn good actress. And I know that in my past I was young and irresponsible, but that’s what growing up is. You learn from your mistakes." To date, Lohan appears not to have learned from any of her past mistakes, but she appears willing to at least claim that she now has. Only time will tell, of course, and reporters will anxiously await her next drug-addled Twitter posts or DUI arrest.

By Buzzle Staff and Agencies
Published: 9/2/2010

1352 days ago


This family is just beyondo. They make the MJ family look cool.

1352 days ago


le started Tuesday night as the two partied at Set in Miami. “Both their families were there, and Lindsay and Sam just started going at it,” our spy said.
Then, on New Year’s Eve, the couple went nuclear and started screaming at each other while hosting a party at Mansion. The fight spilled out into an alley behind the club, where Lohan screeched at Ronson, “When I storm off, you are supposed to follow me!”
Our spy said, “It was a really gross alley. There was a bum eating a sandwich watching the whole thing. Lindsay was really unstable and flipping out.”
After Lohan and Ronson went back to the hotel, several sources heard crashing sounds and screaming coming from their room until the fight spilled out into the hallways at about 11 a.m.
“They were punching each other – it was bad,” a spy said. “And they were doing this in front of all of us. It was scary.”
At one point, Lohan dropped to her knees and cried, “Why are you doing this to me?” And Sam just said, “I don’t know you.”
Eventually hotel security was called and photos were taken of the girls’ “trashed” room. “Mirrors were broken and it was a complete mess,” another spy said.

1352 days ago


They are aren't they. You would think you couldn't make this stuff up.

1352 days ago


Michaels great, he is the bean in a petri dish, proving Hollywood should stop illegal immigration from Long Island!

1352 days ago


Just watched 15 minutes of the Parent Trap.

Lindsay was not that good, just above average. The original was sooooooo much better.

1352 days ago


David Letterman is becoming an even larger A--hole than he has been in the past. Think he has an extremely over-rated ego...

1352 days ago


Lindsay and her family are an embarrassment in show host Letterman and all of them could never say anything that would embarrass the family more than they do on their own!!

Her behavior encourages bad publicity and late show jokes about her..

If she and her disfuntional mom and dad want respect, then she should take full ownership in her behavior and the parent's should stop enabling this young woman..Making ridiculous excuses for her..Lindsey has created her own problems, Lindsey makes her own choices and therefore she should be held accountable for those very choices..

1351 days ago


I can't believe how Dave's joke flew over the heads of so many of the commenters on this website! Good luck Harvey and the Crew!

1341 days ago
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