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Kelsey's Wedding -- Lobster, Truffles, The WORKS

2/23/2011 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh's wedding banquet at NYC's swanky Plaza Hotel this Friday could be the most LAVISH culinary display in history -- and TMZ has obtained the full menu!!!


It's incredible -- ginger prawns, goat cheese truffles, braised beef shortribs, wild mushrooms, lobster with corn and mango relish, red snapper ceviche ... YOU GOTTA SEE IT!

The two-staged menu -- one for dinner and one for the after party -- also includes all kinds of wine and a premium open bar ... plus plenty of vegetarian options for Kayte.

As for the wedding cake -- famed cake designer Sylvia Weinstock will be working her magic.

Total cost to wine and dine each guest -- around $400.00 per person. Not too shabby ...



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So Cal Bride    

Are you serious? I'm struggling trying to figure out how to afford $26 per person. (shaking my head) Not fair :(

1302 days ago


$215 per person, at the Plaza? Cut rate prices! Congratulations for such a deal.

1302 days ago


Actually with all the child support and alimony he pays, I am surprised he can afford to marry another one.

1302 days ago


Kelsey is a pedophile. I guess in 1995 statutory rape was all the rage. After falling to convince his good friends father that he actually was in love with his 15 year old daughter who he raped Kelsey paid a large sum of money in return for the girl rescinding her chargers. Funny what fame and celebrity can do. Anyone else would be doing time for the crime. On the bright side at least it wasn't a 15 year old boy.

Welcome to the California Department of Justice's Internet web site, which lists designated registered sex offenders in California.

As a result of a new law, this site will provide you with access to information on more than 63,000 persons required to register in California as sex offenders. Specific home addresses are displayed on more than 33,500 offenders in the California communities; as to these persons, the site displays the last registered address reported by the offender. An additional 30,500 offenders are included on the site with listing by ZIP Code, city, and county. Information on approximately 22,000 other offenders is not included on this site, but is known to law enforcement personnel.

Kelsey Grammer - star of the Emmy-winning comedy "Frasier." In 1995, authorities in Arizona decided
not to prosecute Grammer for statutory rape, and a New Jersey grand jury declined to indict him on the
same charge.

1302 days ago

Wedding Planner in NYC    

Plaza weddings start at $500/person and that is with just a couple passed appetizers in the afternoon. Your $215 figure may be missing a 0 after the 5.

1302 days ago


guess she got her retirement fund...
just a few years(maybe months depending on Cal laws) and she too can get 50% of
all of his leftover assets!

1302 days ago


LMFAO<---- This is what the world is doing at you Kelsey. If this was truly about love...keep it low key and classy. But we see you took the road of geriatric and trashy. Your daughter has a talent show...months in the making...yet you couldn't reschedule your date one day later? Better get a prenup ol sees you differently won't be cashing in as you did once before. See Camille...God is watching out for you....he removed this sick ol man out of your life! Let see if I can sum up this man and his wedding in one word...GAG...that seems to be the word!

1302 days ago


This is so very sad. My heart goes out to his small children who probably wonder every night when they go to sleep why their daddy doesn't live with them anymore. And this P.O.S. bride-to-be who doesn't give a **** either! What has happened to people? Is it just extreme narcissism? Heard there is no pre-nup. Guess Kelsey didn't hear what happened to Paul McCartney!

1302 days ago


i no longer have any respect for kelsey grammer for what he did to his wife and kids.camille made him what he is after frasier,she was the brain behind the man and then to screw around on her in public and air it on TV he knew it would come out on the ''housewives serirs''having a young wife will not keep you young kelsey grow old gracefully with camille and watch ur childre grow up with resect 4 you and how u treated their mom not this way.and the new girl is just star 2 look stupid together.i give it 2 yrs unless he dies

1302 days ago


$215 per person in NYC is cheap, my friend who is a teacher paid more than that.

1302 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

they're gonna have to fit in some kind of espresso drink between the lobster and the truffles, cuz otherwise that is gonna be a scary flavor!!

1302 days ago


Kelsey< Frasier has been off the air for a decade your last two show were BOMB's no one watched.

Why to you feel it's relevant to run to the media with this. You're of no hip value.

No one under 40 knows who you are nor care. You're sure not going to get them through sex appeal.

Earth to Kelsey< Frasier has been off the air for a decade.

Your last two show's were BOMB's no one watched. Get a prenuptial cause when this one leaves you'll be living middle class like the rest of us.

You had to be an investor to get a study job on your next bomb cable show. Sadly you have to pay to get an acting role on TV.

Your soon to be ex-wife's stupid reality show had more viewers than those two failures combined.

Why do you feel it's relevant to run to the media with this? You're of no hip value. You only come off looking more like a simpleton, dim wit.

No one under 40 knows who you are nor care. You're sure not going to get them to care through sex appeal.

If the constant need to be in the media is to stay relevant well then, good last ditch effort sadly in vain.

You haven't been relevant for years. Think the Fonzie.

Time to strap them on and walk in to light with what little self pride is left.

1302 days ago


Actually $420 per person between dinner and after party.

1302 days ago


Yo! It's $215.00 per person just for the after party! It's another $205.00 per person for the reception!

1302 days ago


BFD! There must be a few more classless couples out there, but right now I can't think of any. What a couple of losers!

1302 days ago
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