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MJ Was On the Hunt For The Perfect Anesthesiologist

2/17/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was such a hard-core drug addict ... he actually interviewed an anesthesiologist  to follow him to London to "take care of him."

Michael Jackson Doctor

Jackson -- who had a well-documented Propofol addiction for years before his death -- tried recruiting Dr. David Adams, a Las Vegas anesthesiologist, to go on tour with him in 2009.

We've learned Dr. Adams told LAPD investigators that several months before MJ's death ... Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael met with Dr. Adams and said, "We think it would be great to have an anesthesiologist go on the [This Is It] tour."

Turns out Dr. Adams had a history with Michael ... he had put MJ under with Propofol four times in two years for various procedures.

Adams thought about it and texted Murray, "I'd like to be on board.  Let's talk about it."  But MJ and Murray never contacted him again.

Murray's defense team spokesperson Miranda Sevcik says, "Dr. Murray did not know David Adams."  But Sevcik did say the defense has subpoenaed Dr. Adams for the trial.



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Master Po    

I love how these idiots are arguing with professionals and people who WHERE INVOLVED. You know this exactly how? Because some site ran by maniacs like yourself tell you? And you guys wonder why your own families laugh at you behind your backs.

And since you seem a bit slow let me explain. MJ pays the child, now the child dont remember the story. It really dont matter how many cops come knocking as you CAN NOT build a case with out a witness. And if the witness was paid to shut the hell up and does that what are the cops supposed to do? Unlike yourself and various MJ websites they cant just make stuff up to further their case if the main witness has cash shoved in his mouth and cant speak.\

1283 days ago


James are you a lawyer?

1283 days ago

Margarida Maria    

Michael Jackson IS ALIVE ! HIDDEN in some place, but ALIVE, laughing at this CIRCUS, that if became its FALSE DEATH.
The BODY of Michael Jackson nobody saw.
Somebody saw Michael Jackson DEAD ? Its CORPSE ?
If a BODY does not exist, does not have DEATH, the MURDER.
Dr Murray is HELPING MJ in its plan, in its FALSE DEATH.
Dr Murray must be earning very well, to expose themselves in this way, to play the assassin role.
It seems that we are in the HOSPICE.
What Michael Jackson is intending with everything this ?
MONEY ? It already earned sufficiently, after its DEATH.
I love Michael Jackson, but this history already is tiring.
Already it gave what it had to give.

1283 days ago


I like how James is calling others idiots yet he writes 'and people who WHERE INVOLVED.' It'd be 'were involved'. Once you learn proper english look at the actual court transcripts on the Arvizo case and shut yourself up. Of course the Chandler kid wouldnt testify, there's nothing to testify about, the money is what they wanted and they got it. If they wanted justice they were free to go and get it, but didnt. Yet people like you still side with them. Very nice.

1283 days ago


I just love the way that TMZ is fast to point out anything that is negative about Michael (whether it is true or not) but very reluctant to point out the facts about Murray.

TMZ and others are so fast to paint a picture of Michael that he was a drug addict and other things when in truth - he wasn't! And so many people buy into all that garbage and believe it! I think people had better start doing a lot more reading of the facts about Michael and not listen to what is being painted of him by the tabloids and that. Then you will see the truth!

1283 days ago

Merlin Luedtke    

Michael Jackson is really a Monkey.

1283 days ago


I think he got addicted to propofol because he couldnt sleep at night and some stupid doctor told him it was safe. If you watch that show My Strange addiction its amazing the things people get addicted to. Michael was a drug addict for many years. Hes Free At Last from the chains of addiction. RIP MJ

1283 days ago


I agree, if the "Doctor" had hired the anesthesiologist to go on tour with Michael, he would most assured be alive and well and giving arguably the best performance of his lifetime. Peace and Love everyone. long live the King.

1283 days ago


The pressure of being great weighs heavy on most people. Too bad he had no one to tell him no.

1283 days ago


"Good protection" at murray on these boards. Instead of telling truth about him they expose six-year lie about the person with which even were never personally familiar.

1283 days ago


Sad to say, but MJ was always searching for a good night's sleep, and now he's going to get an eternity's worth. Be careful what you wish for!

1283 days ago


It doesnt matter what doctor he was seeing..the fact of the matter is, murray and only murray was there on June 25, and his recklessness caused his death.

1283 days ago


If Michael did indeed fake his death (which I highly doubt he did) I could really understand why and would not blame him at all for doing so. He just can't catch a break with some people. Would love an inside peek into their perfect lives! Must be so wonderful to have never made a single mistake in your life. Wish I could say the same thing. But, hence, I am human and make mistakes a lot! And so do all of you who want to blame Michael or anyone else you happen to hate for all the worlds problems. Get over yourselves already! Michael was not perfect and never claimed to be. He had demons to deal with as do all of us. So what? What does that have to do with the fact that Conrad Murray did not care for his patient in a non-reckless way and without negligence. No doctor should have done what he did no matter who your patient was! Michael Jackson did not deserve do die and I am sick of people saying that. How would you feel if someone said all the garbage that is said about Michael about a family member of yours? You wouldn't would you.

1283 days ago


Light 2 candles today and have a happy day. Trish

1283 days ago


I agree with the statement, that if the anesthesiologist had been hired - MJ would still be here with us. And also, it is true that MJ was a work-acholic and was forever trying to get some sleep. And I can see where it is possible for him to have become dependent on the propofol to achieve some sleep. It does not excuse Murray's negligence in the least! Nor does it excuse Murray from not knowing CPR, or giving Michael too much propofol, not monitoring him as he should have been doing or lying to the paramedics or anyone, nor trying to conceal the evidence, or anything else. Murray still is guilty of Murder - period!

1283 days ago
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