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Kobe Bryant's NBA Bash -- Not All VIPs Welcome

2/18/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant is hosting an ULTRA-exclusive Hollywood party during All-Star weekend -- but TMZ has learned everyone in the VIP section must pass a "screening process" before they'll be allowed near the NBA superstar Saturday night.


The party is supposed to be INSANE -- with organizers dropping roughly $50,000 to give Boulevard 3 nightclub an Asian-themed makeover in honor of Kobe enshrining his hands and feet at Grauman's Chinese Theater earlier that day. 

But not just any schmuck with a wad of cash will be allowed to get all schmoozy with Kobe -- event producer Jeru Tillman tells us they will have a vigorous screening process for anyone who wants to purchase a VIP table near Kobe's private section.

And for the fans who can't cross the VIP rope ... we're told there will be plenty of other cool stuff at the party -- including a 15-foot custom made dragon. 

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No Avatar

Shannon Steward    

I wonder who he is going to rape after this party.

1344 days ago


Is Ben Roethlisburger invited to Kobe Bryant's party?

Just sayin'........

1344 days ago

Shannon Steward    

While i am sure Ben and Kobi could compare sex crimes, i doubt that Kobe would want competition.

1344 days ago

mark hill    

TOTALLY disrespectful to put an athlete there it's disrespectful to all the hard working actors there.

1344 days ago


Jealous Jealous and more Jealous, how pathetic some of u are while Kobe keeps going to the bank..HA HA HA

1344 days ago

Sean Newport Beach    

What's with the NAME calling???? That was 2004 and were you in the court room?? That's what I thought...KOBE 81 need I say more..

1343 days ago

Sean Newport Beach    

Hey RON STFU about Kobe it was 7 years ago and no one cares!!!!! He is still the MAN in the OC..

1343 days ago


Oh come one, she wasn't raped. She went there willingly and cried rape after just to get some money out of him. She even had sex with someone else AFTER she left Kobe--it was proven!

1342 days ago


You are the most negative ***got asses I ever heard write something in my life. Get the **** over it, he didn't rape that freaking slut, and he's great, been to finals half his career. Get a life.

1342 days ago


#10 RonBurgundy

Well said, well said. It is a sad thing that this man rapes a young woman, pays her off and then walks free. Oh, and the ONLY reason this woman dropped the charges is because she was getting death threats from wackos. The District Attorney in Boulder would NOT have charged Mr. Bryant is they did not have enough evidence to win a conviction. Why do people think the cops and the D.A. are all stupid or that the D.A. is hot to charge Kobe without evidence? If there were NO evidence, don't you think Bryant would have sued the Boulder P.D. for false arrest??

This pervert is a criminal and a rapist. End of story.

Who in their right mind would go to this rapist's party and want to be in the same room with either him or his snaggle toothed, maid abusing Latina wife? These people are ghetto trash, plain and simple. His wife sells herself to a rapist for Louis Vuitton and a Micky Mouse purple ring. What a class act both he and his uneducated high school dropout wife are.

Wonder what Kobe would do if somebody azz raped one of his daughters in about about 12 years???? Think about it Kobe and do unto others as you would want done to you.

1342 days ago


Why all the hate for Kobe? How many rings do you have? Sit on your couches and poke fun brain clot.

Posted at 9:10 AM on Feb 18, 2011 by BobA

Why all the hate for Kobe??? Because he is a rapist. He$$, even prison imates hate rapists and child rapist/killers. Kobe is lower than pond s***.

Why in the he$$ is this azzclown getting his hand and foot prints at Graumann's? He's not an actor. This thug should be in prison. If Kobe gets his footprints in cement, then we should all give honors to Polanski, Robert Blake, and O.J.

1342 days ago


Both Kobe and Vanessa are boogie A-holes...how vain are they to think people will clamour to get next to them. Guess Vanessa's forgotten she's just a Mexican from Huntington Beach.

Posted at 9:34 AM on Feb 18, 2011 by Sydney

She's from Anaheim and Garden Grove, NOT Huntington Beach!!!!!!

1342 days ago


Why all the hate for Kobe? How many rings do you have? Sit on your couches and poke fun brain clot.

Posted at 9:10 AM on Feb 18, 2011 by BobA


I will guess that not too many people on this board have an NBA championship ring but I will guess that not too many people here have been charged with azz raping a teenager either.

I also employ household help and not one of them have ever sued me for abuse. The Bryants are both class acts.

Kobe has paid off BOTH is maid and his rape victim. Ahh...money in the hands of low class, undecated ghetto trash is awesome.

Kobe has the rings AND he IS a rapist! Soon, better, younger players will come along and this thug and his loser video ho will be yesterday's trash.

1342 days ago


48. I couldn't care less about this jerk's party. What puzzles and angers me is why in the heck are his hands and feet being enshrined at Grauman's Chinese Theater? What's that all about? That honor is supposed to be for people who are and/or were stars in the movie business. Sure, he's a great basketball player, I'll give him that...but please.

Posted at 1:11 PM on Feb 18, 2011 by bob

Exactly! John Wayne, Clark Gable...Kobe Bryant???

1342 days ago


I used 2 like Kobe but once he started making cash he 4 got the true values of respect who would really want 2 sit VIP with him n his smug wife no thanxs im a fan of Boston all the way now, u lost this fan Kobe.

1341 days ago
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