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'Pretty Wild' Star -- I'm Done With Rehab

2/18/2011 3:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pretty Wild” star Tess Taylor has checked herself out of rehab after 30 days of treatment for a major opiate addiction… TMZ has learned.

Tess Taylor Rehab

As we previously reported, Taylor voluntarily entered a treatment center last month after family members urged the 21-year-old to seek help. 

Sources close to Taylor tell TMZ ... Tess is telling friends she's clean and sober ... and intends to stay that way.


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Look at those eyes. STONED.

1321 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

Not so fast Tessy, read below.

comercial break here at TMZ;


Lindsay Lohan's Sevin Nyne, has taken self tanning to an easy on the go solution. Designed in collaboration with famed Inglewoods own chemist Dr. Ice. You now can get the self tanner in a snort-able powder. Dr. Ice via text messaging said the following regarding Sevin Nynes new Snort N Glo self tanner,

(I ah worked exclivisly with Mizz Lohan between her Scram dayz to comma upa wit a solution tobe abal to take the bitches self tanner in a powder form toa whole level of hallywood exclivisly in direct ways to neva be ****tected on any peski drug test and allow her to look like a diva at tha same leval of her own world shebe now ok wit tha law from now and then.)

Not fully understanding what Dr. Ice was texting me regarding the Sevin Nyne "Snort N Glo" discreption. I did take the sample he provided me and tried it. WOW! Did I ever get a rush of energy from that product. Imediately I notice the glow coming over my face although not so much on my body. It does say you must use 2 grams or more for the blood to pump faster to create the glow of a tan. I will say that for some reason I am wanting to do more of it and that was only 20 minutes after the initial use. Kudos Lindsay and Dr. Ice! I think you have a winner judging by the testimonials of your Celebrity endoresements like;

Charlie Sheen~ this is some good $hiz!

Tess Taylor~ Better than Adderal and it makes you feel like your numb at times. I love the glow I get! I like it!

Alexis Neiers~ I love the fact that it don't mess with my pee tests! About time someone did something like this. Snort n Glow is my new bestes friend! Kisses.

Paris Hilton~ ahh what? Oh, that's not my purse! Oh, Oh, yeah. Snort N Glow makes me pretty.

Although initially welcomed with nothing but sneers from the folks at TMZ, especially since Lohan is no stranger to streaked, orange fake tans, tweaked jitterly delusinal decisions. The product is now garnering raving reviews by Bikers, Celebrity bottle rats, and porn stars. The Hollywood d-listed elite are hailing it the new must have nite life product.

Snort N Glow by Sevin Nyne!

1321 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

This girls is the west coasts version on LiLo. Mommy said she was special and above everyone else while she was growing up and now the rest of us have to deal with her.

Go away you no talent,drug abusing, thief.

1321 days ago


Knew she wouldn't last. FAIL.

1321 days ago


you can take the girl away from the trailor park but you can't take the hillbillie out of her. Someone say Brittany Spears, Brat Farve anyone?

1321 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

How do you get hooked heroin (or whatever opiate) so young???

1321 days ago


She'll OD the first time she tries to shoot up or smoke again - watch. She's too stupid to realize she won't be able to handle the amount she was doing before.

1321 days ago



1321 days ago


30 whole days, huh? And, does she also have some advice for Charlie Sheen? I assume she's an expert now, like Lindsay.

1321 days ago


I like how they class up drugs for "celebs" calling them cocaine and opiates instead of crack and heroin! Or was she on that hillbilly heroin, oxycontin? Ew.

1321 days ago

Michael Whitmire

1321 days ago


Epic Fail

1321 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

Ummm... Cocaine is not necessarily crack. And I believe they are referring to "opiates" because that's what they admitted to when she checked in. Heroin is not the only opiate, you know... and saying she's addicted to heroin would be irresponsible.

1321 days ago


Ummm... Cocaine is not necessarily crack. And I believe they are referring to "opiates" because that's what they admitted to when she checked in. Heroin is not the only opiate, you know... and saying she's addicted to heroin would be irresponsible.

Posted at 11:43 AM on Feb 18, 2011 by Inouno Nyx

Ummm, Charlie Sheen is a crack head.

1321 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Before entering rehab, she looked like a walking zombie, and didn't even resemble the girl in Playboy.

Smoking herion is a tough addiction to break. A lot of people relapse and start using again. I wish her the best.

1321 days ago
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