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Britney Spears -- Fry Me

2/19/2011 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a day after Britney Spears released her video for "Hold It Against Me," the 29-year-old mother of two hit up a drive-thru in Kentwood, Louisiana to celebrate -- and the rest ... well, it's a real mouthful.



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Can you blame her? Sonic is delicious!

1343 days ago



1343 days ago


Truth, Hime, Mystery, and Rack are all JEALOUS, UN-EDUCATED, IGNORANT, PATHETIC, and STUPID! Not only are they not wanted by society, their own families will not even claim them! I agree with depecheaholic. Instead of calling people fat while hiding behind the free computer in the lobby of the food stamp office, post a picture of your ugly asses with your comments and use your real names! Britney's got her body in perfect shape and she looks H-O-T HOT! YOU ALL NEED 2 GET OFF OF YOUR MOTHERS SO SHE CAN REST HER LEGS A LITTLE BIT AND GO DO SOME RESEARCH SO YOU DON'T SOUND SO IGNORANT! IF YOU DON'T LIKE HER, DON'T WATCH HER! JUST LIKE WHEN YOUR MOTHERS COME HOME IN THE MORNING AFTER WORKING THE CORNER ALL NIGHT, HER COOTER REAKS WITH THE ODOR OF 26 MEN SO YOU GO TO ANOTHER ROOM IN YOUR TRAILER TO STAY AWAY FROM HER! Britney really pissed all over gaga with this video!

1343 days ago


I wish she would stop trying to be sexy and cut off those HORRIBLE extensions!!!!

1343 days ago


Sue, First of all Britney does not have to try to be sexy, she is sexy and in the video she's H-O-T HOT!!! I can't believe that you actually got up off your back to type this when you could have made more money if you just would have layed there with your legs up in the air! Do you and your mother have a lot of clients/customers in the trailer park you live in? It's almost dark outside, shouldn't you be in the bathroom cleaning yourself out real good down there before you start working the trailer park? You need to stop worrying about the beautiful Ms. Spears and start worrying about which one of your uncles is really your father! I bet some of your customers throw in a few x-tra bucks because they feel sorry for you (BEING FAT AND UGLY)! IT'S BRITNEY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1343 days ago


Sue, Did you have 2 pull your house over to the side of the road to type that stupid comment? First of all, Britney does not have to try to be sexy because she already is! Where does this jealousy come from? Is it because your 1. FAT, 2. UGLY, or 3. both? I pick #3-FAT AND UGLY! Oh, before I forget, your mom is hanging with us at our house today and she says hi. Your mom is such a NASTY B*$CH, she has already pleased me and 9 of my buddies and she just asked if any more were coming over! I bet you and your mother are very popular in your trailer park! Let me guess, I've already pissed you off for saying these things about your trailer park ass and that semen guzzler of a mother you have! If you didn't like me saying these horrible things about you, maybe you'll think twice before writing it about someone else! IT'S BRITNEY BITCH!!!

1343 days ago


I think she looks great, i dont know why people call her fat, she has 2 children and still looks amazing, most mothers cant do that, and her new video is SMASHING. And people act like if you eat french fries you're gonna gain weight immediatly, please, leave the girl alone, gosh...

1343 days ago


Wow. This is news. Britney Spears eats a french fry.
What CRAZY thing will she do next?
Clip her toe nails?
Walk her dogs?

1342 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

Actually, this photo is not from Kentucky it's from Kentwood LA. Sonic and Jam Fried Chicken are located at 727 and 729 Ave G in Kentwood LA.

Aside from that, I agree it's alarming and newsworthy to see a celebrity eating lunch.

1342 days ago


the Sonic photo is NOT in Kentucky, it's in Kentwood, I know. . . I live there.

1342 days ago


Hey, it's good sh*t, I don't blame her.

1342 days ago


I couldn't agree more with you Sara, but it's the idiots on here who keep saying negative stuff about celebrities that takes away from what should be priority. Why can't people just say nice things about people rather than pointing out every flaw. People who b***h about her eating fast food might as well get over it becuase Jesus!, every one in America eats fast food. We're all fat and you can ask any foreigner that, except foreigners accept her for who she is. She's God damn Britney Spears!!! Get over it you negative feeding junkies.

1341 days ago


Seriously??? Why is it such a big deal that this woman is eating fast food??? How many of the people who are making comments on here eat at fast food restaurants. Who friggin' cares what she eats!! Leave her alone! She has ten times the amount of money and success than any of us do. So if she wants to eat a damn french fry, let her eat the damn french fry!!!

1340 days ago


Britney Spears is so not fat. What are you freaks saying? OMG

1336 days ago
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