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Justin Bieber Snags MVP of NBA Celeb Game

2/19/2011 11:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite losing last night's NBA celebrity All-Star game, pint-sized hoopster Justin Bieber still managed to take home the MVP trophy with eight points, two rebounds and four assists.

Never say ... he can't play.

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It's amazing the number of negative comments about JB. He's a youngster who doing more with his "15 minutes" than 99% of you will ever even hope of achieving. Furthermore, 99% of your wives and daughters would probably be more overwhelmed by him than they are with you. As sad as that fact may be, so it is. So no matter how much of a girl or wimp he may seem like he is doing much more than you "macho" guys could hope of doing. Would he be famous and rich if a large majority didn't appreciate what he was doing. We (general) made him rich and when his 15 minutes are up he would have more likely made more to survive than most of you will make in a lifetime. Kudos to him...one life to live and he's making the most of it in his "wimpy little annoying body". Only leaves us to wonder what greatness he could have done in a body like ours.

1339 days ago


At least we know with Selena he gets to shoot and score and score and shoot.

1339 days ago


you guys are all so jealous of this kid. haha. enjoy working for a living and having not having crowds screaming your name.

1339 days ago


f**kin disgrace, damn popularity contest, makes me wonder if girls deserve equality, in this case having cell phones to text for mvp votes :

1339 days ago


Ha! Look at all of you all, hatin' on a 16 year old.

1338 days ago


And your cell is ringing i can hear it, baby baby baby ohhhh !!!pick it up burning plastic its your mom ,she said your warm bath is ready lol loser!

1338 days ago


you guys are all so jealous of this kid. haha. enjoy working for a living and having not having crowds screaming your name.

Yeah people screaming out ***!!No thanks there twinkle toes

1338 days ago


hey bieb's wats up alina here
heyyyyyy amazing u plyng baskt bll goddddddddd
i lov u
u lkng gorgieous

1337 days ago


shawty got some GAME!!! :P

1337 days ago


What in the heck is Justin Bieber doing in the USA playing basketball?! If I remember correctly wasn't he just talking a little bit of crap about the USA... saying his home country Canada was so much better. So why isn't his behind up there in Canada? Matter of fact every time I see this fool, he's in the USA.


Please, he is welcome to play basketball where ever he wants. After all, CANADIANS ARE THE ONES WHO INVENTED THE SPORT.There wouldn't even be any precious American basketball if it wasn't for Canada.

1337 days ago


All these comments go to show how jealous people are of Justin and how much nicer Canadians are. Go Canada

Justin Bieber would be nothing if Americans did not want him. There obviously a demand in America for some really nice wholesome talent and young people. You know the kind that don't call women hoes and grab their crotches so passe and ugly. Yup America you desperately need someone nice like Justin and who actualy is very adorable and talented. Too bad it took a Canadian to do it but hey as long as it gets done. Too bad you are going to have to use our oil too! Its getting so the only nice real people in America are Canadians

1337 days ago


U need Canadians to clean you guys up. Look at all the crap people from other countries that you let in. pretty scary. you should be crying out for more Canada and more Canadians. America is done the power now goes to the great white north. seriously people we need each other and canadians are the least of you're worries

1337 days ago


You guys keep going after him, with negative comments. Do you actually think he puts himself in the news. Do you actually think he went and said, he I want to play basketball in the NBA celebrity game. No, the media covers him 24/7. He was probably asked to play because the NBA knew it would attract viewers. Stop giving him a hard time because he is popular. I don't understand it. Your blaming him because of the media coverage. Give him a break. I think you're afraid of liking him because it may make you less of a man. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

1337 days ago


I sense some bitterness from all the comments.....i think you people are just jealous that your kids will never ammount to anything. Wow, get a life people.

1336 days ago


hey Justin Bieber I love ya and I love ur pics too can i tag my name on ur pics plss love ya <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

1336 days ago
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