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Lindsay Lohan -- I Need My Mama

2/19/2011 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been begging her mom to come see her ever since she got out of rehab last month -- and finally ... TMZ has learned ... Dina is flying West for a visit.


According to sources close to LiLo, Dina's flying out to L.A. on Monday to give her daughter some much needed support -- a little over a week after Linds was charged with felony grand theft.

As we previously reported, Lindsay can't leave California because of her probation restrictions -- and we're told, not seeing her family has been the most difficult part.

Sources tell us Dina and Lindsay plan to keep things simple during the visit -- hanging out at Lindsay's new place in Venice, working out together, and catching up.

Dare we say it ... just regular mother-daughter stuff.


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1341 days ago


liho needs a re up on coke/xanax or mamma needs a lil more than GMA gave her for some 8 balls.

1341 days ago


Of course Dina is coming, someone has to be around to pack up Lindsay's stuff when she goes to prison. If Dina doesn't do it, Michael will just put everything on Ebay.

Posted at 10:13 AM on Feb 19, 2011 by grandma cracker

LOL..... good one Grandma Cracker !!!!

1341 days ago


wonder how much TMZ will pay for the "photo op" cause everyone knows the skank is broke and needs to pay SCH somehow!

1341 days ago


Thinking that as much as Dina is Linds enabler because of her girl's (at least formerly) star earning power, maybe Linds is so ef'd up from her family that she thinks she can't live without her enabler around her. People rarely see what is really happening when they're on the inside of a situation, until it goes to extremes for the individual involved. So far, probably Lindsay has never experienced her "extreme" discomfort from her behaviors and the behaviors of the people around her, because she keeps going back to them.
I wonder what's up with Dina, that Dina rarely, if ever, has ever called Lindsay "an adult" or "grown up". Instead all she spins is how Lindsay is learning as she grows, that Lindsay didn't go to college, and she's just experiencing what all young people do in their late teens and twenties, especially college students. Dina almost invariably refers to Lindsay as "a young girl". Dina - your daughter is 24 years old, she is an adult and has been for 6 years, she looks to you for guidance and you continually put out in the press how she is "learning", "growing", and "maturing" from her rehab experiences. Proper parenting, in my mind, is usually completed - in order to have your child or children socially responsible adults - by about age 18. Proper parenting prepares children to be adults, and handle most situations by themselves. The term "young girl" is used to describe females from about age 6 to 15, with some leeway on the upper side, and in many cases, used in excusing behavior that teens from age 14 to about 17 or so get into when they think they can handle life before they are ready to, really.
Do Lindsay a favor, start calling her a woman, start treating her as a grown woman, and let her know that as much as you love her, if she won't act in a socially acceptable manner, then she, as a grown woman, needs to accept that she will have consequences, which can include punishment for misdeeds. Very simple concept overall, and probably the majority of people raised in the U.S. actually do get the idea.

1341 days ago


She isn't going to prison.
If she can't get a plea deal worked out or the charges reduced to a misdemanor then she will take it to trial and WIN.
As for violating probation then she will just have to sevre the 1 or 2 months for the charges. If she gets sentenced to how much probation she has remaining then she will only serve 24 days os its all good.

Good to see her family will be in town supporting her.

1341 days ago


1341 days ago


Lindsay Lohan shun by Hollywood?

Lindsay Lohan should start worrying about her image right about now. There are only so many ways you can **** yourself up but when your bread and butter is involved, ie. acting, then you've got a hell of a problem. Hollywood stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are apparently refusing to work with Lindsay Lohan, with the troubled actress becoming even more unpopular.

Now The Sun reports veterans Nicholson and Freeman have instructed their agents there is no way they would even consider working with Lohan.

Maybe its time for Lindsay to do some nudity. Instead of teen shows. And feel good movies. That make people feel like their wasting their time. For example: Herbie.

1341 days ago


LOL Yea, just what she needs.. a visit from the person who helped shape her life.

1341 days ago

Good riddance!    

So Dina's getting on her broomstick, gathering up her flying monkeys, and heading off to California to get some new family portraits of her daughter that she can be proud of. These portraits are referred to as mug shots by non-Lohans.

1341 days ago


Rich people HATE a thief!


Darn straight they hate a thief! Many rich people are very aware of what they've spent on things they enjoy, and they enjoy the idea of HAVING those things. When they know there's someone who will easily steal anything they come across if they choose to, then those same rich people will cut those people out of their lives faster than anything. That is why when clothes and jewelry kept disappearing when Lindsay was on shoots, etc. and they couldn't nail her for it, they just "blacklisted" her from working for them again. That's ok with a commercial operation (larger company/enterprise) but when you are known or strongly suspected to have sticky fingers, the same rich people and their associates don't want you around socially. Life's a bummer for thieves that way.

1341 days ago


I hope her plane crashes

1341 days ago


Dina wants to be here so she has access to Lindsays jewelry so she can steal it all when they haul her ass off to prison.

Michael Jr. is coming with a U-Haul for the rest of her belongings.
Dina is planning a big yard sale for Merrick.
Ice Cream Cakes will be sold ½ price

1341 days ago


Yeah she needs a boozing buddy. You will here about Lindsay past out in the back seat of the car. AGAIN

1341 days ago


wonder how much TMZ will pay for the "photo op" cause everyone knows the skank is broke and needs to pay SCH somehow!


My guess is that Lindsay will not pay SCH and at some point in the future, SCH will be suing LL for the money. Harder part for LL is that when SCH finally is able to be free of her drama, LL will have a much harder time getting an attorney that will work on "credit"/"billing". It will all have to be up front and pre-paid itemized, with the attorney being the one responsible to refund any amount she is entitled to at the end of it. Or she will have to be appointed a court appointed lawyer at some point, and she will find out what all the rest of people who can't afford to pay private lawyers end up finding out....that its a poor (in more ways than one) position to be in. NO SCH coming to visit for hours upon hours in jail, and no dropping whatever else they're doing to run to you.

1341 days ago
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