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Oksana's $15 Million Lawyer Goes After Her

2/19/2011 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ...the lawyer who negotiated the $15 million settlement with Oksana Grigorieva -- the settlement she signed and then disavowed -- is going after her for his fee.


Eric George has initiated legal action against Mel Gibson's ex, claiming he did his job in securing a settlement, and the fact that she later disavowed it does not let her off the hook in paying his fee.

According to arbitration documents -- obtained by TMZ -- George's firm is entitled to 10% of the compensation he won for Oksana.  The total sum of the settlement was $15 million, but we're told George's fee did not include a percentage of the portion that was earmarked for child support.

Oksana has refused to pay George and filed legal docs trying to dismiss his claim, but we've learned that motion was denied. 

The D.A. is now considering whether to file extortion charges against Oksana, with Mel's camp claiming she used the explosive audio tapes as leverage to make the $15 million deal -- threatening to release them if she didn't get paid.


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New Story on Ruth Houston

The Story Behind Oksana's Claim of Timothy Dalton Testifying Against Mel Gibson.

1315 days ago


The inside scoop on Oksana Grigorieva’s claim that Timothy Dalton will testify against Mel Gibson if her domestic violence case goes to court, and how Oksana once charged Dalton with domestic violence, too.
Photo: Getty Images The story behind Oksana's claim of Timothy Dalton testifying against Mel Gibson
By Ruth Houston, Celebrity Infidelity Examiner
February 22nd, 2011 2:56 pm ET
..Oksana Grigorieva has claimed that Timothy Dalton was willing to testify in her alleged domestic violence case against Mel Gibson.

But few people know story behind why Oksana Grigorieva is making this claim, and how Oksana’s (false) domestic violence claims against Mel Gibson are a repeat of the domestic violence claims she also made against Timothy Dalton at one time.

Oksana’s attempts to involve Timothy Dalton in her legal battle with Mel Gibson raises some very important questions in view of all that has transpired in the Mel Gibson - Oksana Grigorieva legal drama since Oksana first made that claim.

1.Is this true, or was this ever true – that Timothy Dalton, ( the father of Oksana’s teenage son) was willing to testify against Mel Gibson?

2.If it was true in June 2010, is it still true now, given the fact that Dalton gives the appearance of trying to distance himself from all the drama surrounding the Mel- Oksana legal battle, and Oksana’s numerous, and well-do***ented lies?
In an e-mail from Oksana Grigorieva to Eric George shown on RadarOnline’s website, Oksana outlines a long list of “evidence” she spent a couple of weeks assembling in order to build (and hopefully prove) a domestic violence case against Mel Gibson – all of which was done after the fact.

Oksana Wanted Dalton to Testify So She Could get a Better Deal

In this list of so-called "evidence," Oksana claims that Timothy Dalton, and her facialist, Mady, would testify to seeing a bruise on her eye.

But Oksana’s claim raises some additional questions:

1.First of all, is Oksana referring to the same bruise depicted in the photos shown on RadarOnline, which were deemed by experts to have been doctored or “photoshopped”?

2. Why didn’t Lucia’s pediatrician see these alleged “bruises” when Oksana took baby Lucia in for a routine exam the day after the alleged domestic violence occurred? NOTE: Dr. Nussbaum has already filed an affidavit with the court stating that she observed no injuries to Oksana, or to baby Lucia, (whom Oksana claimed was also injured in the alleged domestic violence incident) Oksana’s photos of the alleged injury to baby Lucia were also deemed by experts to be fake.

3.Why didn’t Oksana’s dentist, Dr Shelden, see this alleged bruise on Oksana’s eye when she went to him to have her damaged veneers ( do***ented and ) repaired? And why do the dentist’s photos show no evidence of such a bruise?
Oksana’s intent was to get Eric George, the attorney who negotiated her $15 million deal witl Mel Gibson, to reopen the negotiations so she could use the concocted “evidence” to hit Mel up for even more. See 15 Million Was Not Enough for Gold Digger Oksana Grigorieva

But Eric George refused to bite. He may have sensed that there was something fishy about this wealth of “evidence” against Mel Gibson, which suddenly appeared, and decided to back off. See The GENEROUS Financial Offer Oksana Reneged on in Hopes of Extorting Mel Gibson for More

Oksana’s Hastily Concocted Domestic Violence Case

During George’s negotiations on Oksana’s behalf, Oksana never mentioned anything about domestic violence at the hands of Mel Gibson (which she alleges happened in January 2010) until 6 months later when others told her that if any domestic violence had been involved, she could have gotten far more than $15 million from Mel.

So Oksana proceeded to build a domestic violence case against Mel. Oksana confided in her ex-bodyguard, Kris Herzog, that she was going after “Tiger Woods money.”

On the basis of Oksana’s newly developed (false) evidence of domestic violence from Mel Gibson, she tried to get Eric George to reopen the negotiations. But George decided to give it a pass. Oksana and Mel had already signed the $15 million deal George negotiated, so his job was done. See Oksana Grigorieva Being Sued by Her Own Lawyer in the Mel Gibson Case

It may also have occurred to George at this point, that Oksana was trying to run a scam, and he did not want to be involved. See Is Mel Gibson Guilty of Domestic Violence? Before You Say Yes, Check the Facts

This may have prompted Oksana Grigorieva to take matters into her own hands. See Oksana Grigorieva’s $10 million Extortion Plot against Mel Gibson Backfires

Oksana Accused Timothy Dalton of Domestic Violence Like She Accused Mel

Oksana once accused Timothy Dalton of the same type of domestic violence of which she is now accusing Mel Gibson.

In October 2010, TMZ reported that the L.A. County Sheriff's Departmenthad in its possession an e-mail Oksana sent Mel accusing Timothy Dalton of physically abusing her.

Oksana made these claims of domestic violence against Timothy Dalton around the same time she complained to Mel Gibson that Dalton was not her paying enough child support for their teenage son.

NOTE: Dalton pays Oksana $2500 in monthly child support for his Alexander, his 14 year old son, in contrast to the $20,000 monthly child support Oksana receives from Mel for baby Lucia. See Was It FAIR to Increase Mel Gibson’s Child Support to Oksana to $20,000 a Month? and The TRUTH about Mel Gibson’s Child Support and How Much He REALLY Pays Oksana

Obviously this was something Oksana had done before, with favorable results. So she decided to try it again.

Undoubtedly, Mel Gibson’s lawyers will not hesitate to use Oksana’s email to point out the fact that Oksana made up domestic violence claims against Timothy Dalton, when she wanted more child support money from him, the same way she suddenly came forward with domestic violence charges against Mel Gibson.

TMZ reported that as far as they could ascertain, Oksana never lodged a formal domestic violence complaint against Dalton, or presented any evidence of abuse on Dalton's part. (It’s highly possible that unlike Mel Gibson, Timothy Dalton caved in to Oksana’s demands before things reached that point. )

Dalton's Tap Dancing Around the Issue of Domestic Violence Raises Suspicions

Upon learning of the existence of Oksana’s incriminating e-mail to Mel Gibson about Timothy Dalton domestic violence, TMZ called Dalton for comment.

Dalton , who never personally made a statement, called Oksana's lawyer, Daniel Horowitz. Horowitz made the following statement, supposedly on Dalton’s behalf.

"Dalton said that he spoke with Oksana and they both agreed that anyone claiming there was abusiveness in the relationship is a liar and it is a complete fabrication."

Again several questions are raised:

1.Why was it necessary for Timothy Dalton to consult Oksana’s lawyer before making a comment? Was it because Dalton was well-acquainted with Oksana’s propensity for telling lies, and wanted to make sure his story matched hers, so as not to embarrass himself?

2.Why the particular wording in Horowitz’s statement “he spoke with Oksana, and they both agreed?” It sounds suspiciously like they all collaborated on what Dalton should (or shouldn’t) say.

3.Why would Horowitz make the above statement, given the fact that the L.A. County Sheriff's Department already had an e-mail in its possession that contradicted what he, Dalton, and Oksana said? Was Horowitz unaware of this incriminating e-mail? Did Oksana forget, or simply not bother to tell Horowitz that she’d once made these claims in an e-mail to Mel?

Horowitz really put himself, his reputation and his credibility on the line by making the following comment regarding Oksana telling Mel Gibson and his lawyers that Dalton was abusive to her.

Horowitz said,

"That is a complete lie. I challenge anyone making this claim to show their face. This is an attack on Oksana and Tim's son, because this is going to hurt him by false allegations that his father is a loser the way Mel Gibson is a loser. Tim Dalton is not Mel Gibson. He's a fine human being."

NOTE: In Horowitz’s defense, he had just signed on with Oksana as one of her ever changing roster of lawyers – she’s had 40+, so far. See Oksana is Toxic - Another Lawyer Quits at the Worst Possible Time So Horowitz may not have known yet, of his client’s reputation for riding roughshod over the truth, misrepresenting facts, and telling outright, and boldfaced lies.

Dalton, for his part, has kept a low profile throughout the whole Mel Gibson – Oksana Grigorieva legal battle – which puzzles many onlookers who feel that Dalton should step in and remove Alexander, his teenage son, from this toxic environment.

Some speculate that Dalton is probably trying stay out of Oksana’s line of fire, having seen the viciousness of her smear campaign against Mel Gibson. See Oksana More Interested in Badmouthing Mel Gibson than in Custody of Baby Lucia

Oksana is Caught in Another Lie

In a statement to TMZ Oksana said,

"Tim is a wonderful father. We have a great relationship. Any implication that he ever struck me is untrue. "

Either way you look at it, the statement above proves (once again) that Oksana is a liar. See Sifting Through Oksana Grigorieva’s Domestic Violence Lies

Either Oksana lied to TMZ when she said Timothy Dalton never struck her. Or she lied to Mel Gibson and his lawyers about Timothy Dalton, when she said he physically abused her.

Which is it? We’ll probably never know. See 11 Must-Read Articles about Mel and Oksana for those who Want to Know the TRUTH

Given the above information, how likely is it, with all that has transpired since then, that Timothy Dalton will actually testify against Mel Gibson if the domestic violence case goes to court?

If Dalton does testify, given the fact that in the past he had to consult with Oksana and her attorney before commenting so they could tell him what to say, how likely is it that any testimony from Dalton will actually be believed?


Continue reading on The story behind Oksana's claim of Timothy Dalton testifying against Mel Gibson - National celebrity infidelity |

1315 days ago

Law Lover    

What an ugly situation.

1315 days ago


your info is interesting! fingers crossed you could get hole of the docs.

1315 days ago


Dalton saw evidence of DV and didnt remove his son?


Dalton is not the only one who allegedly "saw" the abuse.... there were other "real" men around but none of them got involved or alerted the police, or tried to stop it. Now tell me if you see somebody choking a woman, beating her up and breaking her teeth while she is holding a baby in her arms, will you:
a) stay around and enjoy the show
b) run away from trouble and let the woman and her baby die
c) grab your own son and call the police
d) get involved and try to stop the abuse
The right answer for all the men allegedly witnessing the "abuse" is (d). What kind of men are they... unless they are lying.

1315 days ago


sorry - (b) all of them ran away or pretended nothing was happening ... I am guessing because nothing was happening, indeed. LIAR! Tim is a liar too. I am wondering what motivates him.

1315 days ago


sorry - (b) all of them ran away or pretended nothing was happening ... I am guessing because nothing was happening, indeed. LIAR! Tim is a liar too. I am wondering what motivates him.

Posted at 7:30 PM on Feb 23, 2011 by Janeny

What motivate's Tim?
hmmmm one can only wonder what Oksana has on him??? hmmmmm maybe he is Bi?

That is if he is willing to testify? he was probably blindsided. Probably just another of Oxtortion's lies that she has been caught out on

1315 days ago


Good!! Im so disgusted with Oksana...she deserves everything that happens to her because shes nothing but a gold digger...she hooked up with Timothy Dalton and had a kid with him and when his career and money ran did she...she latched onto a man who was married at the time...and shes just a horrible person...she needs to leave Mel alone and let him heal and get his head back on right...Im not saying hes been an angel...but I would have snapped too!! Whose to say that she didnt cause problems with his first wife!! They divorced...and it was sad...and shocking...but I think all of Hollywood needs to take a lesson...and get some mental health providers in your corner quick...because you all are falling apart right in front of our eyes...oh...and on that...stop giving charlie an outlet and maybe he will start making better choices...feeding off of these people is just terrible...there are funny and enlighting stories Im sure in Hollywood somewhere...if you spent more time looking for those and fewer on the bad would make the world a much better take some responsibility in this too!!

1291 days ago
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